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Submissions from 2018

Teaching the Civil War: Finding Time for Politics, People, Passion, Elizabeth C. Barrow

An American Teacher in Korea: Teaching Politically Charged Presidential Elections, Elizabeth C. Barrow and A. Ford


It’s Not Propaganda, Filth, or Cr*p if es Verdadero y Valioso: Trumping Pancho Rabbit’s Haters, Scott A. Beck and Alma D. Stevenson

Putting an Identity Lens on a Longitudinal Look at Fieldwork, Aerin W. Benavides, Catherine E. Matthews, Lacey D. Huffling, and Heidi Carlone

Online Discussion of Diversity Cases: Patterns in Student Responses, Yasar Bodur, Zafer Unal, and Aslihan Unal

Academic Writing and APA Style, Daniel W. Calhoun

Mock Dissertation Defense Overview, Daniel W. Calhoun, Yasar Bodur, and Brent A. Stubbs


The Effects of Integrating LEGO Robotics into a Mathematics Curriculum to Promote the Development of Proportional Reasoning, Shelli L. Casler-Failing

The Effects of Integrating LEGO Robotics into a Mathematics Curriculum to Promote the Development of Proportional Reasoning, Shelli L. Casler-Failing


Integrating LEGO Robotics Into a 5th Grade Cross Curricular Unit to Promote the Development of Narrative Writing Skills, Shelli L. Casler-Failing, Mete Akcaoglu, Valerie Woodrum, Valerie Morris, and Jay McNeely

Culture Considered Approaches to Design and Develop Teacher Professional Development in Ethiopia, M. Cho, S. Lim, and Jackie HeeYoung Kim

Navigating Mixed Methods Research: Connecting the Field of Mixed Methods to Your Research Practices, Vicki Plano Clark and Peggy Shannon-Baker

The ‘Mindful’ Imitation of Christ: Mindfulness-Based Interventions Within a Judeo Christian Framework, Richard Cleveland

Making DATA Work: School Counselor Data-Driven Decision Making, Richard E. Cleveland

Making DATA Work: Taking a Road Trip with Data, Richard E. Cleveland

Professional School Counselors: More than Guidance Counselors!, Richard E. Cleveland


Mindfulness-Based Tactical Instruction, Richard E. Cleveland

Mindfulness Outdoors, Richard E. Cleveland and P. Wells

Evaluating and Infusing Participants’ Stress Levels in Dynamic Training, Richard Cleveland, Jonathan Hilpert, and P. Lorenzo


Providing access to employee handbooks: Using EBPs to build text comprehension, Stephanie M. Devine, Joshua N. Baker, K. Ryan Wennerlind, and Mona Nasir-Tucktuck

Practical application of UDL in the inclusive classroom, Stephanie M. Devine and Mona Nasir-Tucktuck

Providing Text Comprehension Supports for Young Adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities in Employment Settings, Stephanie M. Devine and K. Ryan Wennerlind

BE Panel, Kristen Dickens

Managing Dual Relationships in Counselor Education, Kristen Dickens, Amanda E. Johns, and Barbara Herlihy

Institutional Conditions That Matter to Community College Students' Success: A Multiple-Case Study, Crystal L. Edenfield and Juliann Sergi McBrayer


Queering Southern: Insurgent queer practices in the rural South Panel, Katherine Fallon, Baker Rogers, Peggy Shannon-Baker, Amanda J. Hedrick, and Sarah Rogers

Engaging Students with Autism Through Extracurricular STEM Activities, Karin Fisher

Special Education at Georgia Southern, Karin Fisher

The Relationship Between Extracurricular Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Activities and Students with Disabilities Performance on a Standardized Science Assessment, Karin Fisher

Endrew F. parent toolkit, Karin Fisher, Tanya Cooper, Angela Norris, and Jennifer Johnson

Student Perception of Special Education Field Placements, Karin Fisher, Tanya Cooper, Angela Norris, and Jennifer Johnson

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning and assistive technology, Karin Fisher, Stephanie M. Devine, and Kathryn L. Haughney


Endrew F.: Guidance for Parents, Karin Fisher and B. Ransom

Clinical supervision for special education, Karin Fisher and Barbara Serianni

Endrew F. Teacher Toolkit, Karin Fisher, C. Willis, and J. Brinkley

Intercultural sensitivity and environmental identity: Experiences with study abroad programs, Allison L. Freed, Aerin W. Benavides, and Lacey D. Huffling


Looking for Resources for your Science Classroom?, Britt Gantt, Kristen Lecomte, Zach Weaver, and Lacey D. Huffling


Connecting Science and Classrooms, Amanda L. Glaze

Crossing the Divide—building bridges between science and the public, Amanda L. Glaze

Evolution Conflict and Resolution, Amanda L. Glaze


Evolution Education Around the Globe, Amanda L. Glaze

Hands-on, Minds-on: Science in Inclusion Classrooms, Amanda L. Glaze


Knowledge, Beliefs, Understanding and Acceptance of Evolution: Goals, Roles, and Measures, Amanda L. Glaze


Laboring for Science, Laboring for Souls: Obstacles and Approaches to Teaching and Learning Evolution in the Southeastern United States, Amanda L. Glaze


STEM Partnerships in Science Ed: Challenges, Collaborations, and Lessons from the Inside, Amanda L. Glaze

Teaching evolution through anthropological lenses, Amanda L. Glaze

Spirited Science: Evolution, Amanda L. Glaze, P. Z. Garte, S. Garte, and J. Wheat


CONnected! Adolescent Art and Pop Culture as Mediums for STEM Education, Amanda L. Glaze and Kania Greer


Evolution Teaching and Learning, Amanda L. Glaze, John Mead, and Kania Greer


Be Not Afraid: You Can Learn to Talk about Evolution and Climate Change, Amanda L. Glaze and Ann Reid


Project Sense Demos, Kania Greer, Lacey D. Huffling, Lisa Michelle Stueve, and S. Bent

A Preliminary Framework: High-Quality Feedback for Higher Education, Kathryn L. Haughney

Measuring the Concurrent Ef ects of One Listening Comprehension Intervention on the Comprehension and Communication of Students with ASD and ID, Kathryn L. Haughney

Mentoring Research on Higher Education Teacher Candidate Teaching and Learning, Kathryn L. Haughney

Effects of the Self-efficacy Enhanced Design (SEED) of Professional Development, Jackie HeeYoung Kim

Flipping the Classroom Using Instructional Technology in Teacher Education, Jackie HeeYoung Kim

Improving Teachers’ Self-efficacy at High Needs Schools Through Professional Development Using Technology, Jackie HeeYoung Kim and M. Cho


So that’s what Teachers do at Pre-planning: A Pilot of a True Full Year Internship in a Classroom, Catherine Howerter, Heather Huling, April Newkirk, Courtney A. Toledo, and Kathleen M. Crawford

The Implementation of an Elementary and Special Education Dual Certification Program, Catherine Howerter, Courtney Toledo, and Lisa Davis

Adapting curriculum through UDL principles: Herpetological fieldwork with students who are deaf/hard of hearing, Lacey D. Huffling, Aerin W. Benavides, and Catherine E. Matthews

Teachers’ perspectives on citizen science: Helping students understand biodiversity, Lacey D. Huffling, Heather Scott, Regina Collins, Britt Gantt, Hayward Johnson, and Melissa Weeks

Ecological considerations: Providing access for all students, Lacey D. Huffling, Heather Scott, Hayway Johnson, Nicole McIntyre, and Britt Gantt


Using Literacy and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy to Enhance Science Content, Lacey D. Huffling and Alma D. Stevenson

Place, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and Literacy: Engaging Teachers in EE, Lacey D. Huffling, Alma D. Stevenson, Robert L. Mayes, and Kania Greer

Grief in the Middle Years: Helping Clients With Mid-life Losses, Brandon Hunt

Photovoice as a Tool for Counseling Trauma Survivors, Brandon Hunt and Pamela C. Wells

Teaching towards multiple perspectives during troubling times: Critical perspectives from women of color in the U.S. South, Sonia Janis, Ming Fang He, and Sabrina Ross

Creating Text Adventures, Branching Narratives, and Case-Based e-Learning Tools with Twine, Lucas Jensen


Building a Conceptual Framework for Youth Game Design Activities, Lucas J. Jensen

Accessing the Pokélayer: Augmented Reality and Fantastical Play in Pokémon Go, Lucas Jensen, Keri Duncan Valentine, and Joshua Case

Toward inclusion of all learners through science education, Sami Kahn, Michele Koomen, Terri Hebert, Lacey D. Huffling, S. Burgstahler, Judith Lederman, Jonte’ Taylor, Kevin Fleming, and Selina Bartels

Symposium – Implications of Inclusive Science Education Research for Pre-service Science Teacher Education, Sami Kahn, Michele Koomen, Lauren Madden, Lacey D. Huffling, Kevin Fleming, Bill Lindquist, Judith Lederman, Phillip A. Boda, Teresa Shume, and Elaine M. Silva Mangiante


A Teaching-Learning Grant Initiative: Developing the Critical Literacy Instructional Abilities of Pre-Service Educators, Anne Katz

Building Connections between Teacher Education Candidates and Urban Middle School Students through Social Action: A Community Literacy Partnership, Anne Katz

Constructing Arts-Based Literacy Practices through Kwame Alexander’s The Playbook: 52 Rules to Aim, Shoot, and Score in this Game Called Life , Anne Katz

Curating Online Learning Spaces for M.Ed. Students through a Visual Literacy Lens, Anne Katz


Literacy-Based Action Research: Strategies for Improving Student Achievement, Anne Katz, Deborah Jaudon, Danielle Russell, and Jennifer Formby

Student Scholar Symposium Presentation, Anne Katz, Chaienne Tucker, Amanda Alai, and Jasmin Laney

Capturing Educator Voices: Graduate Students Tackle Twenty-First Century Literacy Challenges in an Online Environment, Anne Katz and Sharryn Walker


Building Self-efficacy in Grade 6 Students Through the 4 P’s of the Science Fair Project, Beverly A. King Miller


Transformative Education and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Delores D. Liston and Regina Rahimi

Authentic Student Centered STEM: SAIL and ICARE, Robert L. Mayes

Interdisciplinary STEM Impact on Student Affect and Reasoning, Robert L. Mayes

Quantitative Modeling by Biology Undergraduate Students (QM BUGS III), Robert L. Mayes

QUBES Project: QM BUGS II, Robert L. Mayes and Joseph Dauer

Getting to Quantitative Literacy for Biology Students, Robert L. Mayes, Joseph Dauer, and Kent Allan Rittschof

QUBES Project: QM BUGS II Assessment Results, Robert L. Mayes, Joseph Dauer, and Kent Allan Rittschof

Distributed Leadership Model for Purposeful Professional Learning, Juliann Sergi McBrayer, J. Chance, and S. S. Pannell

The Impact of Time on Leadership Self-Efficacy and School Performance, Juliann Sergi McBrayer and Summer Pannell

The Relationship Between Time Spent on School Management Tasks and Instructional Leadership Tasks to Leadership Self- Efficacy, Juliann Sergi McBrayer and Summer Pannell

Full Circle Professional Development: A New Model for Supervisors, Roger Mitch Nasser Jr. and Daniel W. Calhoun

We are who we think we are…or are we?, Roger Mitch Nasser Jr. and Daniel W. Calhoun

Teacher Views on and Preferences for Meeting their Professional Development needs in STEM, David C. Owens, Troy D. Sadler, Christopher D. Murakami, and Chia-Lin Tsai

The Motivational Nature of Gameful Learning Environments, David C. Owens, Cindi Smith-Walters, E. L. Oslund, and A. T. Barlow


A New Method for Summary Evaluation on a Reading Comprehension Tool, D. Palma Sanchez, C. Soto, M. F. Rodriguez, F. Gutierrez Gomez, and Antonio P. Gutierrez

Using Multi-Rater Feedback as a Tool for Principal Evaluation, Summer Pannell and Juliann Sergi McBrayer

Challenges and Opportunities for Providing HIV/AIDS and Behavioral Healthcare in Rural Settings, Fayth M. Parks


HIV/AIDS and behavioral healthcare in rural settings, Fayth M. Parks

How does your belief system/faith/religious preference impact your mental health?, Fayth M. Parks

Invited presenter (NIH internal Webcast). Scientific Briefing: HIV/AIDS and Rural Health, Fayth M. Parks