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Submissions from 2018

Obstacles and opportunities for providing HIV/AIDS and behavioral healthcare in rural settings, Fayth M. Parks

World AIDS Day 2018. Brown Bag Presentation (Webcast), Fayth M. Parks


Optimizing Rural Health Service Delivery: Examining Health Provider Self-care and Intersectionality of Gender, Poverty and HIV Status, Fayth M. Parks, Stacy Smallwood, and Cherie Mitchell


Stemming the exodus: An exploration of parental selection of their children’s urban schools, Brad Porfilio, Barbara Plough, Charles Wilson, Paula Booker Baker, and Peggy Shannon-Baker

Trauma Informed Practice, Regina Rahimi, Amee Adkins, and Delores D. Liston


Dialogic Storying: Locating the Self in a College of Education, Alexandra J. Reyes and Taylor A. Norman


Contested Curriculum Spaces in a Community-based Heritage Language Program in the New Latinx South, Alexandra J. Reyes and Jamie Schissel

Hick-Hop: “It’s a Way of Life”, William M. Reynolds

Introduction Notes to LaGarrett J. King, William M. Reynolds


Rural Place: Media, Violent Cartographies, and Chaotic Disruptions, William M. Reynolds


Hick-Hop, Dirt Roads, Camouflage, Lift-Kit Trucks and John Deere: Rural White Working Class Pride, William M. Reynolds and Brad Porfilio

Combining Bayesian Inference With Two Frequency Findings Form STEM Assessment Projects Involving Middle and Secondary Students, Kent Allan Rittschof, Robert L. Mayes, and Bryon Jason Gallant


Actively Engaging Student Visitors to Herbaria, John J. Schenk, Rachel Mowbray, Colleen Evans, and Amanda L. Glaze

Challenging Stereotypes and Misconceptions through Books, Heather C. Scott, Christine Draper, and Michelle Reidel

Citizen Science: Collaboration that authenticates scientific practice, Heather Scott and Lacey D. Huffling

Learn to use citizen science to engage students in EE, Heather Scott, Lacey D. Huffling, Melissa Weeks, J. Hayward, Britt Gantt, and Regina Collins


Enacting an anti-heteronormative praxis in teacher education, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Introducing Mixed Methods in Courses on Research Design, Peggy Shannon-Baker

“Like a stranger in my own life”: Comparing in-country and reverse culture shock to understand the ongoing impact of cross-cultural exchanges, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Teaching Mixed Methods Research, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Three Types of Mixed Methods Research: Qualitatively Oriented, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Navigating Mixed Methods Research: Connecting the Field of Mixed Methods to Your Research Practices, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Vicki Plano Clark

Unpacking Privilege Workshop, Peggy Shannon-Baker, Lisa Costello, and Stacy Smallwood

Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom: What’s the DIFF? Workshop, Peggy Shannon-Baker, Nikki DiGregorio, and Stacy Smallwood

The affordances and challenges to integrating visual methods in mixed methods research, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Cherie Edwards


Visualizing Innovation: Examining the Affordances and Challenges of Visual Approaches in Mixed Methods Research, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Cherie D. Edwards


Identifying a Theory of Critical Race Hermeneutics and Potential Applications, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Shaqueena Breonna Moore


Disrupting Heteronormativity in Early Childhood Teacher Education: Reflections From a Teacher and Student, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Ingrid Wagner

Qualitative Research Workshop, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Pamela Wells

Mindfulness with Judeo-Christian Student Populations, J. R. Simonin and Richard Cleveland

Friendly Resistance: Narratives from Preservice Teachers of Color Navigating Diversity Courses, Chelda Smith Kondo and Christian A. Bracho


Seats at the Table: Tensions of being Haitian American Consultants to International Development Work in Haiti, Chelda Smith Kondo and Charlene Desir

Contrasting Mentor and Mentee Critiques of a New Mentoring Program for Pre-Service Teachers, Lina B. Soares, Scott A. Beck, and Gregory Chamblee

A Deeper Understanding of Metacomprehension: Development of a New Multidimensional Tool, C. Soto, Antonio P. Gutierrez, R. Asún, Matthew Jacovina, and C. Vásquez

Reading Comprehension and Metacognition: The Importance of Inferential Skills, C. Soto, Matthew Jacovina, Antonio P. Gutierrez, D. McNamara, N. Benson, and B. Riffo


Improving Reading Comprehension in Spanish using iStart-E, C. Soto, D. McNamara, K. S. McCarthy, Antonio P. Gutierrez, J. Gonzalez, J. Dai, and C. Malbran

Exploring the Metacomprehension Abilities of Students with Intellectual Disabilities, C. Soto, M. F. Rodriguez Poblete, and Antonio P. Gutierrez


“I See Part of Me in This Book": Migrant Farmworkers Appraise Migrancy-Themed Picture Storybooks, Alma D. Stevenson and Scott A. Beck

“It’s Almost as if I Wrote This”: Migrant Farmworkers Appraise Migrancy-themed Picture Storybooks, Alma D. Stevenson and Scott A. Beck

Using Creative Writing to Facilitate Science Learning, Alma D. Stevenson and Lacey D. Huffling


Using Creative Writing to Facilitate Science Learning, Alma D. Stevenson and Lacey D. Huffling

Perceptions of Faculty and Staff as Relative to Collaborative Efforts, Jennifer Syno, Juliann Sergi McBrayer, and Daniel W. Calhoun

Pursuing your doctorate in Georgia: Ed.D. or Ph.D?, Steve Tolman and Daniel W. Calhoun

An Examination of K-12 Teachers' Assessment Beliefs And Practices in Relation to Years of Teaching Experience, Aslihan Unal and Zafer Unal


Middle School Teachers' Views on the Flipped Classroom, Aslihan Unal and Zafer Unal


Tracking Preservice Teachers' Placement Diversity Data for Program Improvement and Decision Making, Aslihan Unal and Zafer Unal

Using Technology to Support Common Core-based Close Reading Strategy: Preservice Teachers' Experiences With the Use of the New Online Platform, Aslihan Unal, Zafer Unal, and Yasar Bodur

An Online Experiment Using Case Studies and Scenarios to Teach Preservice Teachers About the Code of Ethics, Zafer Unal, Aslihan Unal, and Yasar Bodur


Using Case-based Instruction Strategies in Preparing Preservice Teachers for Classroom Management Research, Zafer Unal, Aslihan Unal, and Yasar Bodur

A Case Study Tracing the Design Iteration Trajectory in a Youth Game Design Summer Camp, Keri Duncan Valentine and Lucas J. Jensen

One Life in Fucked Up USA, John A. Weaver


Action research next level: Mixed methods mayhem: Teacher AR creation: Poetry performance pedagogical praxis, Alan Wight, Allison JoAnn Lester, and Peggy Shannon-Baker

Submissions from 2017


Teaching and Learning Advanced Practice Family Psychotherapy Skills Using Family Simulation in the Online Environment, K. H. Anderson and Antonio P. Gutierrez

Middle School Madness, Elizabeth C. Barrow

Sociolinguistic Awareness: How Student-Teaching Abroad Raises Awareness About the Importance of Language, Elizabeth C. Barrow

Interactive Lessons for Independent Learners in the ESOL/EFL Classroom, Scott A. Beck

Mentor Texts for Collaborative Reading, Responding, and Writing in the ESOL/EFL Classroom, Scott A. Beck

Different Forms of Online Case Study Discussions and Their Impact on Multicultural Attitudes and Efficacy, Yasar Bodur, Zafer Unal, and Aslihan Unal


Digital Badges and Differentiated Instruction: Program Evaluation in Supporting Online Professional Development, Christopher A. Brkich, Thomas R. Koballa, and Tracy Linderholm

Career Paths for Higher Education Administrators, Daniel W. Calhoun and M. A. Strong


Integrating LEGO Robotics into a mathematics curriculum to promote understanding of the distance, rate, and time relationship, Shelli L. Casler-Failing

Mastering edTPA: Reflections on Student Work, Gregory Chamblee


Secondary Mathematics & edTPA: Strategies for Success, Gregory Chamblee


Assessing Impact of Two MSP Elementary Mathematics MSP Projects: Successes, Pitfalls & Recommendations, Gregory Chamblee and Georgia Cobbs


IRB Processes and Guidelines, Richard E. Cleveland


Impacting Elementary In-Service Mathematics Teachers Content Knowledge, Georgia A. Cobbs and Gregory Chamblee

Partnerships in advising: Faculty and professional staff advisors connecting with online students, Lydia Cross and Daniel W. Calhoun

The Culturally Competent School Counselor, J. Diaz, B. Gueh, Richard Cleveland, and Stewart Barre

Managing Dual Relationships in Counselor Education and Supervision, Kristen Dickens and C. Ebrahim

Multimedia: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Counselor Education, Kristen Dickens and A. James

Creating a Realistic Pre-Practicum Experience: The Use of Professional Actors as Clients, C. Ebrahim and Kristen Dickens


Relations Between Religious Belief and Learning About Evolution: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Symposium, Erich Eder, Amanda L. Glaze, Elizabeth Barnes, and Eli Gottlieb

How Small Special Education Programs Are Training Pre-Service Candidates to Use High-Leverage Practices, Karin Fisher

The Correlation Between Extracurricular STEM Activities and Students with Disabilities Performance on a Standardized Science Assessment, Karin Fisher

The Importance of STEM Extracurricular Activities for Students with Disabilities, Karin Fisher

The Importance of STEM Extracurricular Activities for Students with Disabilities, Karin Fisher

Parent panel, Karin Fisher and T. Cooper

Implementing Social/Emotional/Behavioral High Leverage Practices in a Behavior Management Course, Karin Fisher and Tanya Cooper

Engaging Students with Disabilities Through Robotics, Karin Fisher and S. Fisher


Pop Culture Praxis, Julie C. Garlen


Pop Culture Praxis: Cultural Production as Critical Pedagogy, Julie C. Garlen


Revisiting Transformative Education in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Julie C. Garlen


What You Do to Children Matters: Memory, Crisis and the Myth of Childhood Innocence, Julie C. Garlen


What You Do to Children Matters: Memory, Crisis and the Myth of Childhood Innocence, Julie C. Garlen

#ActualLivingScientistTeacher, Amanda L. Glaze


Bridging Gaps-Building Connections, Amanda L. Glaze

But They Won’t Get It! How to Step Back Your Explanations and Let Your Students Dig into STEM!, Amanda L. Glaze


Chatting with Special Guest @EvoPhD from @GeorgiaSouthern about Her Research with #Evolution Education, Amanda L. Glaze


Divided We Fall: The Evolution Controversy as a Driver for Rethinking Science Education, Amanda L. Glaze

Evolution education in the Southern classroom, Amanda L. Glaze

Expanding the Teaching and Understanding of Diverse Evolutionary Studies, Amanda L. Glaze

Someone Like Me: Using Social Media to Build Bridges for Women and URM in STEM, Amanda L. Glaze

Southern (R)evolution: Where We Are and Where We Need to Be, Amanda L. Glaze

STEMCon: Tapping Sci-Fi, Comics, and Manga for STEM Education, Amanda L. Glaze

Tapping Culture and Controversy to Enhance Science Literacy, Amanda L. Glaze


Unspeakable, Forbidden, Taboo: Conversations About Evolution in the American Southeast, Amanda L. Glaze


Unspeakable, Forbidden, Taboo: Teaching Evolution in the South with Dr. Amanda Glaze, Amanda L. Glaze


Calibration Among Undergraduate Students: The Role of Gender and Performance Attributions, Antonio P. Gutierrez


Impacting the Life and Research of Others: A Tribute to Gregg Schraw, Antonio P. Gutierrez

“You Can Sort of Feel It:” Exploring Metacognition and the Feeling of Knowing Among Undergraduate Students, Antonio P. Gutierrez, Pamela Wells, and Jason A. Parker