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Submissions from 2017


Calibration Among Undergraduate Students: The Role of Gender and Performance Attributions, Antonio P. Gutierrez


Impacting the Life and Research of Others: A Tribute to Gregg Schraw, Antonio P. Gutierrez

“You Can Sort of Feel It:” Exploring Metacognition and the Feeling of Knowing Among Undergraduate Students, Antonio P. Gutierrez, Pamela Wells, and Jason A. Parker

The Role of a School Counselor: Action and Adventure Every Day, H. Hall, M. McDonough, K. Lee, and Richard E. Cleveland

Professional Competency and Self-Awareness: When Perception meets Reality, Jami K. Hall

Loss, Grief, and Self-Care for School Counselors: A Collective Case Study, Michael D. Hannon, R. Mohabir, Richard E. Cleveland, and Brandon Hunt

Diverse Approaches to SoTL as Exemplified by the USG SoTL Fellows, Jackie HeeYoung Kim

Professional Development Framework to Enhance Teachers’ Self-Efficacy, Jackie HeeYoung Kim

Using a Problem-solving Approach to Achieve Better Online Peer Interaction, Jackie HeeYoung Kim

Preservice Teachers in Undergraduate and Graduate Levels: Who Would Get More Benefits From Flipped Learning Approaches?, Jackie HeeYoung Kim and M. Cho

Diversity in the Classroom, P. Holt, R. Wells, and Regina Rahimi

Studying Youths’ Disciplinary Identities Over Time: A New (Evolving) Model, Lacey D. Huffling, Aerin W. Benavides, Heidi Carlone, and Catherine E. Matthews

Study Abroad Programs: Exploring Intercultural Sensitivity and Environmental Identity, Lacey D. Huffling, Allison Freed, and Aerin W. Benavides


Infusing Writing Into EE Curriculum to Increase Access, Lacey D. Huffling and Alma D. Stevenson

Placing Student Experiences at the Center to Broaden EE Participation, Lacey D. Huffling and Alma D. Stevenson


Developing Your Research and Literature Review, Lucas Jensen and Richard E. Cleveland

Mindfulness as a Trauma Informed Approach, Amanda E. Johns and Kristen Dickens

Toward inclusion of all learners through science teacher education, Sami Kahn, Michele Koomen, Christopher Atchison, Sarah Summy, Judith Lederman, Selina Bartels, Jonte’ Taylor, Catherine Koehler, Teresa Shume, Jenna Porter, Kathy Gee, Lacey D. Huffling, Terri Hebert, Lee Smith, and Jannike Seward

A Critical Literacy Approach to Children’s Literature around Disabilities and Differences, Anne Katz

A Flipped Classroom Approach to ‘Mathematizing’ Read-Alouds in the Primary Grades, Anne Katz


A School-University Partnership: Preservice Educators Collaborate with Middle School Student Leaders through I am Malala, Anne Katz

Constructing International Understanding through a Community Literacy Lens, Anne Katz

Publication and Presentation Opportunities for Educators, Anne Katz


Unmasking Mean Girls Panel, Anne Katz

Critical Literacy Grant Project, Anne Katz, Patricia Holt, Vivian Bynoe, Amanda Alai, and Candace Addison


Students as Literacy Advocates: Implementation of the "Teens for Literacy" Program in Urban and Rural Settings, Anne Katz and Cindy Igou

Community Literacy Initiatives: Pre-Service Educators and ‘Teens for Literacy’ Students Connect through Reading and Writing, Anne Katz and Lynn Roberts


An Innovative Partnership: Teacher Education Candidates and Middle School Students Collaborate through "I am Malala", Anne Katz, Lynn Roberts, Jasmin Laney, and Adrianne Moore

Crafting an Enhanced Literacy Identity: Implementing an Integrated Arts and Literacy Curriculum in the Classroom, Anne Katz, Louise Shaw, and Chris Van Dusen


Digital Badges, Community Engagement to Support Teacher Professional Growth and Certification Renewal, Thomas R. Koballa and Tracy Linderholm


Older Students and the Community College Experience, F. Kuch, H. R. Garcia, and Antonio P. Gutierrez


Utopia as Critical Method: Paulo Freire 20 Years After His Passing, Robert L. Lake


Out of the Tragedy and Structure of White Supremacy and Into Nelson Mandela’s Dream in 2017 America, Robert L. Lake, Michael A. Baugh, and Christopher M. Pugh


Reflecting Upon Teaching Diversity-Centered Courses: From Novice to Veteran, Delores D. Liston and Nikki DiGregorio

Mothers in Academia: A Discussion of Balancing Family & SPED Careers, M. Lohmann, S. Bueno, R. Owiny, R. Keeley, and Karin Fisher

Quantitative Biology Assessing Modeling in Undergraduate Biology, Robert L. Mayes

Quantitative Reasoning in Undergraduate Biology, Robert L. Mayes

S in STEM – STEM Badging, Robert L. Mayes

STEM Badging Program, Robert L. Mayes

Interdisciplinary STEM Panel, Robert L. Mayes, G. Lyons, and C. Anderson

Becoming Scholarly Practitioners, Jenkins County School District, Juliann Sergi McBrayer McBrayer

EDLD Recruitment and Educational Leadership Program Overview, Juliann Sergi McBrayer McBrayer

EDLD Recruitment and Educational Leadership Program Preparation, Juliann Sergi McBrayer McBrayer


Evolutionary Movers and Shakers: Researching, Debating, and Ranking the “Top 20” Evolutionary Scientists of All Time - Dig Deeper with the Pioneers of Evolutionary Theory, John Mead and Amanda L. Glaze

Redesign of a CPED-Inspired Educational Leadership Doctoral Program, Teri Denlea Melton and Juliann Sergi McBrayer

Incorporating Grief and Loss Education Within Counseling Programs, Raman K. Mohabir and Brandon Hunt

Cancer, Currere and Human-Animal Relations, Marla B. Morris and Mary Aswell Doll

Closing Keynote (Webcast). Making a way out of no way: Cultural strengths, health disparities, and postpartum families, Fayth M. Parks

Discussion about the documentary film Wilhemina’s War, Fayth M. Parks


Featured interview. Culture, healing, and postpartum mental health, Fayth M. Parks

Making a way out of no way: Cultural strengths, health disparities, and postpartum families, Fayth M. Parks


Past, Present, and Future of HIV/AIDS Science and Practice in Psychology, Fayth M. Parks, Sherry C. Wang, Eugene Farber, Ramani Durvasula, Karen S. Ingersoll, Richard A. Jenkins, Stephen M. Brady, and Richard J. Wolitski

Social Justice and Transformative Practice through SoTL, Regina Rahimi and Delores D. Liston


Teaching Disney in the Age of Perpetual, Disposable Consumption, William M. Reynolds


Voluntary Subservience and Capitalist Religion in the Era of Reality Television Politics, William M. Reynolds

Discussion of “The Stubborn Persistence of Hope”, William M. Reynolds

Social Justice and Diversity Certification Programs For Educators, Sabrina N. Ross and Robert L. Lake


To Be Young, Gifted, and Black (Male): New Narratives for the 21st Century, Sabrina N. Ross and Alma D. Stevenson


Using Critical Reflection to Inform Social Justice Research and Pedagogy, Sabrina N. Ross and Alma D. Stevenson

Curriculum Retrospective: The Fierce Urgency of Now, William Schubert, Sabrina Ross, M. Morris, and B. Ayers

Sharing and Writing Poetry with Children, Heather C. Scott, Christine Draper, and Michelle Reidel

Arts-WHAT? Visualizing arts-informed and arts-based research, Peggy Shannon-Baker


21st Century Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Science Teaching and Learning, Scott W. Slough and Gregory Chamblee

Collaborative Teaching to Enhance and Innovate Teaching & Learning, Chelda Smith Kondo

Everyday activism, Chelda Smith Kondo

Front Streeting: A Dishonorable Instructional Practice in Academia, Chelda Smith Kondo

Friendly Resistance: A Case Study of Preservice Teachers of Color Traversing Multicultural Education Courses in Teacher Education Programs, Chelda Smith Kondo and Christian A. Bracho


Emergent Conscientization Among Pre-Teens Through Critical, Socioculturally Responsive Literacy Pedagogy, Alma D. Stevenson and Scott A. Beck

Reaching Young, Multilingual Readers and Cultivating Their Emergent Conscientization as Authors of Their Own Stories, Alma D. Stevenson and Scott A. Beck

Developing STEM Literacy and Concept Knowledge Through Creative Narratives, Alma D. Stevenson and Lacey D. Huffling


“With Our Writing, We Had to Think Like Scientists:” Developing STEM Literacy Through Creative Narratives, Alma D. Stevenson and Lacey D. Huffling

Theoretical foundations of academic advising: Application of student development theory, Steve Tolman


Graduate Preparatory Program Directors: Marketing and Recruitment Strategies, Steven Tolman

The Impact of Years of Experience on the Assessment Approaches of Elementary School Teachers, Aslihan Unal

Application of Scenario-based Instruction in Classroom Management, Aslihan Unal and Zafer Unal

Inservice Teachers' Beliefs and Practices on Assessment, Aslihan Unal and Zafer Unal


Using Online Case Studies to Prepare Preservice Teachers Working With Parents: What Would You Do in This Situation?, Aslihan Unal and Zafer Unal


Flipped Classroom Strategy: A Study of Student Performance, Perceptions, and Teacher Satisfaction, Aslihan Unal, Zafer Unal, and Yasar Bodur

Case-based Instruction Strategies in Classroom Management, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal


Investigating and Comparing the Effectiveness of Three Different Case-Based Instruction Strategies in Classroom Management, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal

Linking Theory to Practice: Using Online Cases to Prepare Preservice Teachers to Work With Parents, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal

Tracking Internship Placement Diversity With School Diversity Index, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal

An Online Experiment Using Case Studies and Scenarios to Teach Preservice Teachers About the Code of Ethics, Zafer Unal, Aslihan Unal, and Yasar Bodur

Creativity in Counselor Education: Enhancing Your Classroom, P. Wells and Kristen Dickens

So you think you can teach? New Practitioner Teaching Tips, Ben Wentworth and Daniel W. Calhoun

Submissions from 2016

Synergizing science and literacy instruction, Melony Allen, Lacey D. Huffling, Sarah Fuller, Abbie Kemp, Misty Moore, Courtney Olgesby, Courtney Sheffield, and Rebecca Stewart


Womanish Ways: Monologues at the Intersections of Race, Gender and Curriculum Studies, Denise Taliaferro Baszile, Kirsten T. Edwards, Sabrina Ross, Vonzell Agosto, Theodorea Berry, Berlisha Morton, and Francyne Huckaby

Immigration and Justice: Historical Struggles, Contemporary Controversies, Scott A. Beck and Alma Stevenson

Novelty, Agency, Aesthetic Shifts, and Environmental Awakenings in Field Ecology, Aerin W. Benavides, Heidi B. Carlone, Catherine E. Matthews, and Lacey D. Huffling

Using Dogs in Counseling: A Qualitative Study, M. Bland and Brandon Hunt


Reflections on SoTL: A Perspective From the USG SoTL Fellows, Scott Butler, Tim Foutz, Jackie HeeYoung Kim, Courtenay G. Miller, and Laura Ng

Utilizing student development theory in university admissions, Daniel W. Calhoun and T. Jenkins


Unifying Head, Heart, and Hand Through an Out-of-School Field Ecology Partnership, Heidi Carlone, Lacey D. Huffling, Aerin W. Benavides, Catherine E. Matthews, and Terry Tomasek


Interactive Whiteboards Research and the Mathematics Classroom: A LearnTechLib Review, Gregory Chamblee


Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Content Knowledge: A Discussion of Two MSP Projects, Gregory Chamblee and Georgia A. Cobbs


Number and Operations Knowledge: A K-5 Endorsement Perspective, Gregory Chamblee and Georgia A. Cobbs

Passing edTPA Rubrics: A Mathematics Educator’s Perspective, Gregory Chamblee and Jeffery S. Hall

Benefits of Assessment Processes in Maximizing Student Learning and Informing Program Curriculum, Richard E. Cleveland


IRB Processes and Guidelines, Richard E. Cleveland


Review of Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies, Richard E. Cleveland