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Submissions from 2001

Latinos, Mexican Americans, and Migrants in Georgia, Scott A. Beck

Recent Language Minority Education Policy in Georgia: Appropriation, Assimilation, and Americanization, Scott A. Beck and Martha Allexsaht-Snider

Using US Census Data to Project Population Trends, Gregory Chamblee

Initial Governance Structures: Successes and Struggles, Gregory Chamblee, B. McKenna, G. Smith, D. Huddlestun, C. Lariscy, Missy M. Bennett, and R. Warkentin


Implementing Technology in Mathematics and Science Classrooms: Are There Commonalities and Differences?, Gregory Chamblee and Scott W. Slough

Determining Essential Skills for Preservice Teachers: Adapting Technology Skills to Meet the Changing Needs of Learners, Elizabeth A. Downs, Judi Repman, Randal Carlson, and K. Clark

Women’s Philosophies of Education: An Experiential Introduction, Delores D. Liston, Melissa Lickteig, and Lorraine S. Gilpin

Complexity, Education and Elements of Joy and Optimal Motivation, Delores D. Liston and Dan Rea

Derrida’s Archives: A Feverish Education, Marla B. Morris

Anti-Intellectualism and Curriculum Studies, Marla B. Morris, William F. Pinar, Nina Asher, and John A. Weaver

Vampires, Queer Theory and a Just Pedagogy, Marla B. Morris and William M. Reynolds

Student Teachers Reveal Perceptions of Homophobia in the Schools and Their Preparation to Deal With It, Jane Page and Delores D. Liston

Teachers In and Out: Avoiding the Lash of the Bible Belt, Jane Page, Delores D. Liston, and C. Bowen

Cultural Curriculum Studies: A Deleuzian Perspective, William M. Reynolds

Curriculum Dis/positions: Lines of Flight in Curriculum Studies, William M. Reynolds

Deleuze and Dracula: Philosophy and Philosophers at the Movies, William M. Reynolds

Sifting Through the Ruins: The Next Generation–AND, William M. Reynolds

Sifting through the Ruins: The Next Generation in Curriculum Studies, William M. Reynolds

Teachers In/Out in the South, William M. Reynolds

To Touch the Clouds, Standing on Top of a Maytag Refrigerator: Brand Name Post Modernity and a Deleuzian ‘in between’, William M. Reynolds


Integrating Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Goals: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Scott W. Slough, Gregory Chamblee, and Jon Aull

Interdisciplinary Team Projects in a University Middle Grades Program: Mighty 8th Air Force Museum and Cumberland Island, D. Thomas, M. Allen, K. Branch, Gregory Chamblee, C. DeLoach, A. Eckenroth, K. Frost, S. Harris, A. King, K. Ruebel, M. Schriver, M. Sikes, and T. Swanson

Benjamin and Rutsky's Blurring Vision: Technocultures and Academic Work, John A. Weaver

Grand Master (P)lato Dissin' Hip Culture: Culture Studies and Academic Work, John A. Weaver

The Disappointment Called University Life or Creating Space in a Void, John A. Weaver

Submissions from 2000

Brown Faces in Black and White Places: Mexican Americans in the Rural South, Scott A. Beck

Helping Students Visualize Geometry: A Dot Paper Experience, Gregory Chamblee


Middle Grades Pre-Service Mathematics Education: Consensus or Not?, Gregory Chamblee and D. Pugalee

In and Out in the Rural South: Avoiding the Lash of the Bible Belt, Delores D. Liston, Jane Page, William M. Reynolds, and C. Bowen

Educational History in Black and Brown: Paths of Divergence and Convergence, 1900-1990, Victoria-María McDonald and Scott A. Beck

Curriculum Theory and Cultural Studies, Marla B. Morris, Peter M. Appelbaum, Peter Pericles Trifonas, John A. Weaver, Denise Taliafero, and Warren Crichlow

Dis/illusionment: A Panel Discussion, Marla B. Morris, Peter M. Appelbaum, and John A. Weaver

Curriculum as Fictions: Sci Fi and Others, Marla B. Morris and Mary Aswell Doll

Performance Piece: Jamaca Kincaid, Marla B. Morris, Mary Aswell Doll, Celeste Snober, and Marybeth Cancoine

Difficult Memories: Talk in a (Post) Holocaust Era, Marla B. Morris, Grace Feuerverger, Mary Aswell Doll, Elijah Mirochnik, and John A. Weaver

Exiting Student Teachers Reveal Perceptions of Homophobia in the Schools and Their Preparation to Deal with It, Jane Page and Delores D. Liston


Moving Beyond Rhetoric to Practice in Mathematical Discourse, D. Pugalee and Gregory Chamblee

Curriculum Dis/positions: An examination of the products of popular culture in the Schools, William M. Reynolds

Daredevil Research Dis/positions: Lines of Flight in the Quagmire of Postmodern Qualitative Research, William M. Reynolds

"Is Anyone Listening?": Supporting the Graduate Student as Critical Scholar Through Publication and Interconnectedness in Curriculum Studies Programs, William M. Reynolds

Knowledge, Texts, Desire, and Identity: Popular Culture and Pedagogy, William M. Reynolds

Let's go to the Mattresses: You've Got Mail and the Rewriting/Reconstruction of Memory in the Brand Name Corporate Order, William M. Reynolds

Traces of the Discourse of Resistance: The Internet and the International Student Activism Alliance, William M. Reynolds


Grades 4 and 5 Teachers' Perceptions of Technology Implementation in Mathematics Instruction, Scott W. Slough and Gregory Chamblee


Implementing Technology in Secondary Science and Mathematics Classrooms: A Perspective on Change, Scott W. Slough and Gregory Chamblee

Certification Implications of the Principles and Standards, L. Taylor and Gregory Chamblee

Submissions from 1999

A Developmental Approach to Teaching: The Van Hiele Model, Gregory Chamblee

Problem Solving in Geometry via the TI-92, Gregory Chamblee

Teaching Geometry via Paper Folding, Gregory Chamblee


Implementing Technology in Secondary Mathematics and Science Classrooms: Do We Have Common Goals? Barriers? Models for Change?, Gregory Chamblee, Julie Silva, Scott W. Slough, and Cynthia Louden

But Can They in the Block? Redesigning Secondary Preservice Education to Prepare High School Teachers in a Collaborative, Integrated, Field-Based Setting, M. Kostin, J. Stephens, Missy M. Bennett, Gregory Chamblee, and R. Carroll

Teaching Portfolio Use in the Absence of Institutional Support, Delores D. Liston, Catherine A. Hansman, Stephanie L. Kenney, and Cherry C. Brewton

Teachers Reflect on Neurophilosophy: A Phenomenological Approach to Brain-Compatible Learning, Delores D. Liston, Virginia M. Kasper, and LindaAnn H. McCall

Teachers Coming Out in the Rural South, Delores D. Liston, Jane Page, William M. Reynolds, and C. Bowen


Mathematical and Technological Literacy: Developing an Integrated 21st Century Model, D. Pugalee and Gregory Chamblee

Girl Gangs and Inscribing the Body, William M. Reynolds

Teachers In/Out in the South, William M. Reynolds

Uncommon Ground: A Continual Curriculum Conversation, William M. Reynolds

Yeah You Bleed Just to Know Your Alive: The Curriculum of Jerry Springer and the Goo Goo Dolls, William M. Reynolds

An Interdisciplinary Unit Based on Cumberland Island, R. Sheppard, M. Allen, D. Thomas, M. Schriver, and Gregory Chamblee

Technology in Secondary Preservice Mathematics Teacher Education Programs: A Discussion on Essential Technology Competencies, Julie Silva and Gregory Chamblee

Submissions from 1998

A Philosophical and Spiritual View of Neuroscience Research, Delores D. Liston


Quantum Metaphors and the Study of the Mind-Brain, Delores D. Liston

Critical Observations of Classrooms, Delores D. Liston, Natalie Adams, Bryan Deever, and C. M. Shea

Laboring with the Family Leave Act, Delores D. Liston, M. Griffin, and J. Hecker

Curriculum Standardization in the Era of Jihad, McWorld and Starship Troopers, William M. Reynolds

Teacher Education Standardization: Is this as Good as it Gets, William M. Reynolds

Who Do You Say I am: Discourse and Pedagogy in the Phantasmagoric Postmodern, William M. Reynolds

Submissions from 1994

Truth and Love in American Classrooms: Competing Impulses, Delores D. Liston

Searching for a Phenomenological Model for Educational Foundations, Delores D. Liston, Jane Hinson, and Thomas Peterson

Narratives and Time, Delores D. Liston and B. Mascali