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Submissions from 2020

Critical Environmental Agency: Collaborating to Envision a More Just Future, Heather C. Scott

Using Photovoice to Explore a Community Watershed, Heather C. Scott

Ain’t I a Woman?, Heather C. Scott, Christine Draper, and Michelle Reidel

Using personal watersheds to enhance environmental and science literacy, Heather Scott, Lacey D. Huffling, Elissa Blount, and Gabby Coumes

A Wynterian reading of educational research master narratives and imagining an Other-wise, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Introduction to Research Paradigms in Mixed Methods Research, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Make Philosophical Paradigms Work for You: An Interactive Workshop on Applying Paradigms in Your Inquiry, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Mixed Methods and Cultural Sensitivity, Relevancy, Sustainability, Peggy Shannon-Baker

NVivo Workshop: Discussion on Ethics of Using Qualitative Data Analysis Software, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Visualize the Process: An Interactive Workshop on Using Visuals to Envision Your Inquiry, Peggy Shannon-Baker


Language, Culture, Identity, and Power: Intercultural Learning/Teaching, Peggy Shannon-Baker, Beverly A. King Miller, and Ming Fang He

Guest Lecture given at EDUS 712: Mixed Methods Research, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Meca Williams-Johnson

Advances in STEM education, Paddy Sharma, M. Barot, Kania Greer, and Karin Fisher

Adapting Critical Pedagogy to Online Teacher Education, Chelda Smith Kondo and Katie L. Brkich


Enhancement and validation of the GAENE--Generalized Acceptance of EvolutioN Evaluation scale, Scott Snyder, Amanda L. Glaze, Mike U. Smith, and Randolph Devereaux

How Graphic Organizers and Note Taking Impact Achievement, Leen-Kiat Soh, Tiphaine Colliot, Kenneth Kiewra, Abraham E. Flanigan, J. Lu, C. Kennedy, and S. Black


Understanding Aspirational Parenting after Migrant Childhoods: Language and Values, Work and Sports, Alma D. Stevenson and Scott A. Beck


Infusing literacy and math into a socioculturally responsive summer science camp, Alma D. Stevenson and Shelli L. Casler-Failing


An Examination of the Use of Computer-Based Formative Assessments, Patrick Sullivan, Juliann Sergi McBrayer, Suzanne Miller, and Katherine E. Fallon

An Examination of Faculty And Staff Collaboration and Relationships in Higher Education, Jennifer Syno, Juliann Sergi McBrayer, and Daniel W. Calhoun


The Impact of Digital Distraction on Lecture Notes and Student Learning, Scott Titsworth


Creating a Co-Teaching Triad: A Unified Partnership between the University Supervisor, Clinical Supervisor, and Pre-Service Teacher, Courtney Toledo


How can the university and P-12 school partnership develop and sustain a program to integrate service dogs into classrooms to support students with Emotional Behavior Disorders?, Courtney Toledo

Who’s Job Is It, Anyway? The Responsibility of Teaching Supervision, Steven Tolman, Daniel W. Calhoun, and Roger Mitch Nasser Jr.

Examining the Professional Development Needs of K-12 Teachers in Georgia, Aslihan Unal


Perspectives of Teachers on Parental Involvement in Elementary Schools, Aslihan Unal and Zafer Unal

Comparing Beginning and Experienced Teachers' Self-assessment of Their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge( TPACK), Aslihan Unal, Zafer Unal, and Yasar Bodur

Examining the Professional Development Needs of K-12 Teachers in Florida, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal


Preparing Preservice Teachers for Classroom Management With the Use of Online Case-based Instruction Strategies, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal

Preparing Teachers for Diverse Schools -an Online Tool For Calculating School Diversity for Field Placements, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal

Preservice Teachers’ Placement Diversity Data for Program Improvement and Decision Making, Zafer Unal and Aslihan Unal


How a Teacher Education Institution Tracked and Used Field Placement Diversity Data for Program Improvement and Decision Making, Zafer Unal, Aslihan Unal, Yasar Bodur, and Michael Roy Sampson

Trajectories of Game Design Iteration among Youth Game Designers, Keri Duncan Valentine and Lucas J. Jensen

Online field experiences: Oxymoron or opportunity?, Amanda Wall, Elizabeth C. Barrow, Shelli L. Casler-Failing, and Taylor Norman

Creating Place-Based Integrated Curriculum, Amanda Wall and Taylor A. Norman

Caring for Self to Care for Others: Mindfulness as a Part of Teacher Wellness, P. Wells and Richard Cleveland

Mindfulness, P. Wells and Richard Cleveland

Submissions from 2019

How to Shine a Light on a Hidden Dimension of Cultural Competence: An Agenda to Promote Trauma-informed Pedagogy, Amee Adkins, Regina Rahimi, and Delores D. Liston

International Sojourns: An Investigation of Middle Grades Preservice Teachers' Development of Intercultural Competence, Elizabeth C. Barrow

Social Studies Education for the Inclusive Classroom, Elizabeth C. Barrow

Using Photovoice in Social Studies Teacher Education, Elizabeth C. Barrow

What’s Your Story?: Engaging Students in Historical Inquiry with Photoblogs and Photovoice, Elizabeth C. Barrow


How Do We Teach War in America? Examining Civil War Standards Across the South, Elizabeth C. Barrow and Michelle Reidel

From Onion Fields to Soccer Fields: Work, Language, Values, and Sports in Post-Immigrant/Migrant Parenting, Scott A. Beck and Alma Stevenson

Online Case Studies and Their Impact on Changing Conceptions of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Yasar Bodur, Zafer Unal, and Aslihan Unal

STEM & SWD: A look into STEM extracurricular activities, student participation and credentials of club sponsors, Kelly Brooksher, Karin Fisher, and Kania Greer

Academic advising: A change in approach for today’s college students, Daniel W. Calhoun and Steven Tolman

From pre-service to in-service: Robotics in action, Shelli L. Casler-Failing


Input and output: Using LEGO robots to understand functions, Shelli L. Casler-Failing

Teaching math with LEGO robots, Shelli L. Casler-Failing

The power of LEGO robotics to engage students, Shelli L. Casler-Failing


Using LEGO robots to understand the relationship between rate of change, unit rate, and slope, Shelli L. Casler-Failing

Google certification - It takes a village, Shelli Casler-Failing, Heather Scott, Taylor Norman, Michelle Reidel, and Lacey D. Huffling

Teaching about Phenomena using the NGSS 3-D framework, Alejandra Lara Chavez and Lacey D. Huffling

Aware I Am Alone: Intersections of Solitude and Mindfulness, Richard Cleveland

Focusing on Student Happiness: School Counselor Role Towards Fostering Students’ Subjective Well-Being, Richard Cleveland

Supervision Ethics Within the P-12 Setting, Richard Cleveland

How School Counselors Help Students, Richard E. Cleveland

School Counselor PLC: ASCA National Model Foundation, Richard E. Cleveland

School Counselor PLC: Liberty County School Counselor Superstars, Richard E. Cleveland

Citizen Science: Collaboration that authenticates scientific practice, Regina Collins, Britt Gantt, Melissa Weeks, Heather Scott, Lacey D. Huffling, and H. Johnson

So what is integration really?, E. Creamer, Peggy Shannon-Baker, A. Onwuegbuzie, and J. Hitchcock

Guest Lecture, UNLV PHD Technology course, Stephanie M. Devine


Developing an effective peer mentor program in an inclusive college setting, Stephanie M. Devine, K. Ryan Wennerlind, and Kathryn L. Haughney

Healthy Communication in Families, Kristen Dickens

Reexamining Bridges in Today’s Climate of Diversity, M. Evans, Alexandra J. Reyes, and B. Williams

Assessment in special education from a parent perspective, Karin Fisher

Autism spectrum disorders, Karin Fisher

Clinical supervision at Georgia Southern University, Karin Fisher

Collaborating with Parents, Karin Fisher


Dyslexia legislation in Georgia, Karin Fisher


Engaging Students with Disabilities Through Robotics, Karin Fisher

Introduction to TeachLivE, Karin Fisher

Lessons learned using Google teacher certification, Karin Fisher

Pre-service teacher evaluation at Georgia Southern University, Karin Fisher and A. Wall

The Impact of Student Digital Distraction on Learning and Student-Instructor Rapport, Abraham E. Flanigan


Toward Inclusion: Accessibility and Equity for All Students, Kevin Fleming, Deborah Hanuscin, Michele Koomen, Lacey D. Huffling, Sami Kahn, Judith Lederman, Dina Secchiaroli, Jonte’ Taylor, Delinda Van Garderen, and Tiffany Wild


Collaborative research for equitable access to transformational EE study abroad, Allison L. Freed, Aerin W. Benavides, and Lacey D. Huffling

Student or Learner? Engaging Desire and Collaborative Imagining in ELA Methods Courses, Emily L. Freeman and Alexandra J. Reyes

Acceptance, Understanding & Experience: Exploring Obstacles to Evolution Education among Advanced Placement Teachers, Amanda L. Glaze

Bridging the Gaps: Conversations about Evolution, Amanda L. Glaze

Engaging the Public about Human Evolution, Amanda L. Glaze

Evolution and the Public Arena, Amanda L. Glaze

Evolution in the United States as a Model for Impacting Science Literacy Worldwide, Amanda L. Glaze

Find it, Write it, Fund it: Funding for Education Research, Amanda L. Glaze

Five problems with the evolution-religion “controversy”, Amanda L. Glaze

Hands-on, Minds-on: Science in Inclusion Classrooms, Amanda L. Glaze

Mind and Soul: Intersections of Science and faith in the Push for Science Literacy, Amanda L. Glaze

Negotiating worldviews: reconciling science, community, culture and self, Amanda L. Glaze

Reflections of an Evangelical Evolutionary Biologist: Walking in a World of Science and Faith, Amanda L. Glaze

Southern (r)Evolution: All Y’all Evolved, Amanda L. Glaze

Ways of thinking influencing the teaching and learning of evolution, Katie Green, Brandon Foster, Margaret M. Lucero, Jose M. Pavez, Sandhya Krishnan, David F. Jackson, and Amanda L. Glaze


Connecting Administrative and Student Affairs Assessment and Resources with Student Success, Cynthia D. Groover, Juliann Sergi McBrayer, Richard Cleveland, and Amy Jo Riggs

Double Duty Instruction: Planning for AAC User’s Academic Generalization, Kathryn L. Haughney

AT For Students with Significant Cognitive Disability, Kathryn L. Haughney and Stephanie M. Devine

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology, Kathryn L. Haughney and Stephanie M. Devine

The effects of comprehension instruction on students with complex communication needs, Kathryn L. Haughney and Stephanie M. Devine

Learning Through Play: Board Games as Assistive Technology in the Classroom, Kathryn L. Haughney, Harley B. Kitching, Stephanie M. Devine, and Cynthia C. Massey


An Assignment Policy and Student Academic Performance: Lessons Learned from Students’ Narratives, Jackie HeeYoung Kim


A New Paradigm of College Teaching: Flipping Post-secondary Courses in Teacher Education, Jackie HeeYoung Kim