Submissions from 2018

Mindfulness-Based Tactical Instruction, Richard E. Cleveland

Submissions from 2017

IRB Processes & Guidelines, Richard E. Cleveland

The Role of a School Counselor: Action & Adventure Every Day, H. Hall, M. McDonough, K. Lee, and Richard E. Cleveland

Loss, Grief, and Self-Care for School Counselors: A Collective Case Study, M. D. Hannon, R. Mohabir, Richard E. Cleveland, and B. Hunt

Developing Your Research and Literature Review, L. Jensen and Richard E. Cleveland

Graduate Preparatory Program Directors: Marketing and Recruitment Strategies, Steve Tolman

Submissions from 2016

Opening Doors and Changing Lives: School Counselors as Change Agents, L. Amason, R. Baxley, A. Favors, T. Garrison, A. Lovett, E. Neff, J. Stuart, K. Yancey, and Richard E. Cleveland

Benefits of Assessment Processes in Maximizing Student Learning and Informing Program Curriculum, Richard E. Cleveland

IRB Processes & Guidelines, Richard E. Cleveland

Review of Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies, Richard E. Cleveland

Using Story to Connect, Richard E. Cleveland

From Reflection to Employment: Using Digital Portfolios in School Counselor Education, Richard E. Cleveland and C. Hammond

2015-16 SoTL Fellows Panel: Approaches, Resources, and Obstacles, Richard E. Cleveland, R. L. Wilson Harris, S. Landge, and A. Unal

Presentations from 2015


Finding the connection between Game-Design and Problem-Solving: Game-Design and Learning Programs, Mete Akcaoglu Ph.D.

A Return to First Things: The Primacy of Aligning CGCP Standards, Richard E. Cleveland

Construct Measurement Using Factor Analysis: Creating & Validating Survey Protocols, Richard E. Cleveland

PBIS: Research & Current Practices, Richard E. Cleveland

Career Ready or Rushed? Developing Career Exploration in CSCPs, C. Hammond and Richard E. Cleveland


Global Perspectives: Exploring School-Based Brazilian Librarianship Through Institutional Ethnography, M. Johnston and Lucy Santos Green

Putting the “School” Back in School Counseling, A. D. Lynn, C. T. William, and Richard E. Cleveland

How to Parlay Your Phone Interview to an on Campus Interview, P. Wells and Richard E. Cleveland

Submissions from 2014


The Flipped Classroom: Flop, Fiction, Fabulous or Frightening?, Jennifer Banas, Dennis Beck, H. Lee Daniels, Bronne Dytoc, Lucy Santos Green, Ross Perkins, Drew Polly, Charles M. Reigeluth, and Monica Sulecio de Alvarez

Happiness in US Schools: Students’ Subjective Well-Being as a Part of School Improvement Planning, Richard E. Cleveland

Using the School Improvement Plan for Program Advocacy, Richard E. Cleveland