The Georgia Southern University Faculty Presentations series includes works authored and edited by Georgia Southern faculty members.


Submissions from 2019

School Shootings, An Anatomy, Laura E. Agnich


Long Term Patterns of Habitat Use and Prey Use in a Dietary Specialist, R. A. Anderson and Lance D. McBrayer

Effect of Deoxidation and Pouring Practice on the Mechanical Properties of Stage-I Tempered Cr-Ni-Mo Steel, Viraj Athavale, Mingzhi Xu, and David Van Aken

Mechanical Properties and Impact Wear Resistance of 540 Brinell Hardness Mn-Si-Mo-V Steel, Viraj Athavale, Thomas Yaniak, Mingzhi Xu, and David Van Aken

Academic Health Departmental Panel Discussion, A. Barkin, A. Erickson, J. Lockwood, and William Mase


Instructional Alignment: Student, Teacher or Practitioner’s Perspective?, Mary Estelle Bester

Virtual Patient Learning (VPL): Does It Improve Student Perceived Outcomes?, Mary Estelle Bester


48th Annual Frank Church Symposium: The Best and the Worst of Us: Confronting Injustices in the World, Srobana Bhattacharya

Pro-Government Militias and Insurgency: The Maoist Conflict in India, Srobana Bhattacharya

The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar: Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing, Srobana Bhattacharya

Spain: A Society in Transition, William Biebuyck


Examining The On And Offline Correlates Of Willingness To Commit Politically Motivated Cyberattacks, Adam Bossler

The Influence of Chatbot Humor on Customer Evaluations of Services, Isabella Bunosso, Hyunju Shin, and Lindsay Larson


The Differential Effect of Medicaid Expansions under the Affordable Care Act on the Operations of U.S. Hospitals, James Cannon, Melvin Lamboy-Ruiz, and Olena Watanabe

Filtration Efficiency of Inclusions in Lightweight FeMnAl Steels, Soumava Chakraborty, Laura N. Bartlett, Ronald J. O'Malley, Mingzhi Xu, and Koushik Karthikeyan Balasubramanian


Isolation, Athletic Identity, and Social Support: An Exploration Among Injured Collegiate Student-Athletes, Ally W. Claytor, Brandonn Harris, Jody L. Langdon, and Tamerah Hunt


The Mediation of Athlete Satisfaction on the Relationship of Role Dimensions and Team Commitment, Alesondra Colbert, Brandonn Harris, Jody L. Langdon, and Charles Wilson

3D Printing of Matching Layer Used in Inspection of Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), Logan Cowan, Maggie Baechle, and Hossein Taheri

So what is integration really?, E. Creamer, Peggy Shannon-Baker, A. Onwuegbuzie, and J. Hitchcock

Special Nominees: United States Attorneys and Federal Judicial Selection, Brett W. Curry and Banks Miller

Danger Aware Vehicular Networking, T. Dessalgn and Seungmo Kim

Six Ways to Teach Creativity in Honors, Leslie A. Donovan, Steven Engel, Philip Frana, Assunta Kent, Marilyn Plotkins, and Lynn Sondag

Communication & Collaboration: Creating Stronger Office Collaborations, Lisa Dusenberry

Coding to Compose, Lisa Dusenberry and Joy Robinson

The Picture of Luxury: Millennial's Relationship with Luxury Brands, Jacqueline K. Eastman, Hyunju Shin, and Kristen Ruhland

Keynote Address, Duke Talent Identification Program, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Phi Eta Sigma Induction Ceremony, Steven Engel


Removal of Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) from Secondary Biologically Treated Wastewater Effluent Using Biofilters of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), George Yuzhu Fu and Md Azizur Rahman


Student Victimization Risk at Urban and Rural Institutions, Jonathan A. Grubb, Grayson Noggle, and Laura E. Agnich

Personality Predictors of the Decision to Actually Get Tested for HIV, Nicholas S. Holtzman, J. Steirn, and S. Smallwood

Public and Private Views: Men's Conformity to Traditional Masculine Norms, C. E. Johnson and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Beyond Repression: State-Society Relations in the Persecution of LGBTIQ Persons in Uganda, Zachary Karazsia

A School-University Partnership: Preservice Educators Collaborate with Middle School Student Leaders through a Literacy Lens, Anne Katz

Family and Community Engagement, Anne Katz

Visualize, Create, Record: A Technology-Based Creative Writing Collaboration between Middle School Students and a Local Author, Anne Katz


Transforming Literacy Learning: Action Research by a Reading Specialist, Anne Katz, Mitchell Sexton, Krissy Hamilton, and Penny Griffin

Rethinking our Work as Literacy Educators: Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills among Graduate Students in an Online Learning Environment, Anne Katz and Sharryn Walker

Influencing Professional Practice through Academic Service-Learning: Pre-service Teachers Share Their Ideas, Anne Katz and Sharryn Larsen Walker

Alternative Methodologies – Imaginary Politics, Tahseen Kazi

Biopolitics of Precarity: Slavery, Capitalism and the Transmutation of Life, Tahseen Kazi


Building Cross-Cultural Relationships, Tahseen Kazi

Precarity and the Problem of Sovereignty, Tahseen Kazi


On the Reg: Understanding the Nature of Governmental Growth in Context, Joshua B. Kennedy


A Machine Learning Model and Training Dataset for Detecting Lionfish, Jason W. Kollars


Charity Care and Bad Debt Reporting by Nonprofit Hospitals: Examination of Charity Care Thresholds for Tax-Exemption., Melvin Lamboy-Ruiz, Don Lien, and Pamela Smith


A Path Analysis Study of Autonomous and Controlled Motivation and Final Course Grades, Shainaz M. Landge, Diana Sturges, Jody L. Langdon, and Jessica Orvis

Examination of novice coaches' previous experience as athletes: Examples of autonomy support and controlling behaviors as influences on future coaching practice, Jody L. Langdon, Diane Benish, and Brian Culp

Engaged Scholar Project: Personal Histories of Coaching Education Students, Jody L. Langdon and Brian Culp

Understanding previous experience as an antecedent to providing autonomy support as a coach, Jody L. Langdon and Brian Culp


Drawing Upon Previous Experience: Autonomy Support and Control in Novice Coaches, Jody L. Langdon, Brian Culp, and Diane Benish

Enhancing Coach Development through NGB/University Partnerships, Jody L. Langdon, K. Greene, and Diane Benish


Research methodology in SoTL: Choosing the right one, Jody L. Langdon and Diana Sturges

The Influence of Luxury Brands' Firm Engagement on Customer Engagement on Social Media: Structured Abstract, Xia Liu, Hyunju Shin, and Alvins Burns


CrossFit as a Pathway to the Future Self: Using Hope and Strength to Guide Girls' Self-Determination, Nancy L. Malcom, Christina Gipson, Amy S. Rundio, Sarah Olin, and Tamerah Hunt

Unifying Yet Dividing: Exploring the Pussy Hat’s Meanings Among Women’s March Participants, Addie Martindale, Nancy L. Malcom, V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery, and Alexandra Howell

Explaining Legislative Support for Transgender Bathroom Bills, Kimberly Martin


Defining Acceleration Performance During Burst Locomotion in Running Animals, Eric J. McElroy and Lance D. McBrayer


Variation in Metabolic Rate and Immune Response of Lizards From Long-Leaf and Scrub Habitats, J. Mukhalian and Lance D. McBrayer

Adverse Impacts of 5G Downlinks on Human Body, I. Nassim and Seungmo Kim

Looking for a New Research Partner? Find Your Perfect "Researcher Match", Janna M. Parker and Hyunju Shin

Missiles or Money? The Gendered Consequences of Foreign Policy Decisions on the Rise in Human Trafficking,, Kate Perry

Genre Crossing in Inglourious Basterds (2019): Tarantino’s Transatlantic Intervention in German Public Memory, Robert Pirro

Keynote Address: “The Politics of Tragedy: Encountering Hannah Arendt’s Thought and Reflecting on its Meeting.”, Robert Pirro

Better Lef Unsaid: The Connection Between Members of Congress, Presidents, and Political Ambiguity, Grace Pittman and Joshua B. Kennedy

Structure of Spheroidal Graphite Nuclei and Spheroidizing Mechanism of Graphite in Mg-Treated Ductile Iron, Jingjing Qing and Mingzhi Xu

Managing the Team to Manage the Project, Joy Robinson and Lisa Dusenberry

ASEAN’s Ocean Governance in Asia, Nalanda Roy


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Security and Economic Consequences, Nalanda Roy

Doing Social Research - A Global Context, Nalanda Roy

Fearless: The Story of Nirbhaya, Nalanda Roy

The Lifestyle of Bengali Diaspora in the United States, Nalanda Roy


Understanding the Security and Economic Implications of the CPEC Project, Nalanda Roy

Brexit and the Future of EU Enlargement Policy, Jamie Scalera

The American Dream Down South, April M. Schueths, Ted Brimeyer, Megan Phillips, Jamekia Collins, Raisa Gallegos, Nayjha Harris, Michelle Hester, and Summer Stewart


A multimodal approach to teach students about concussions, Lena Scott, Tamerah Hunt, Jody L. Langdon, and Diana Sturges


Maternal Mortality among African American Women in Georgia, Policy and Ethical Considerations, Zahra Shahin, Nancy Jeffery, JaLisa Brown, Isabella Hardwick, and William A. Mase


LG(BTQI+) “safe zones” in schools as colonial discourse: A theoretical analysis, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Skype a Scientist, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Skype a Scientist, Peggy Shannon-Baker

[Y]Our safety is colonizing: Using critical race hermeneutics to interrogate “safe zone” discourse, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Multicultural education in multiple spaces: Faculty share how their backgrounds influence their teaching, Peggy Shannon-Baker and C. E. Johnson

Critical Race Hermeneutics: Developing a theory for educational researchers, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Shaqueena Breonna Moore

Customer Reactions to Voluntary Use of Automated Service Interactions: Structured Abstract, Hyunju Shin and Bo Dai


How the Academy Looks at Marx is All Wrong; How to Change It, Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Executive Branch Socialization and Deference in Asylum Cases on the U.S Courts of Appeal, Maureen Stobb

Finding Justice: Women’s Rights Advocacy and the Courts, Maureen Stobb

Perceptions of the Global Judicial Dialogue: Citation to Foreign Law and Lower Court Compliance, Maureen Stobb

Power of the Pen or the Gavel? Determining Asylum Standards on the Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb


The Moderating Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Motivation: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective, Terrance Tarver, Brandonn Harris, Jody L. Langdon, and Christina Gipson

Justiciability: Examining Separation of Powers and Institutional Motivations for Dodging Disputes, Henry Christian Tecklenburg IV