The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of Georgia Southern University.


Submissions from 2020


What Management Education Will Real Business Need in the Future?, Allen C. Amason, Vladimir Aronchik, Christopher McCormick, Sergey Myasoedov, Elizaveta Osetinskaya, Neil Sturrock, and Andrew M. Wilson

Entropic Option Valuation in a High-Frequency World, Omid Ardakani

Options Valuation in a High-frequency World, Omid Ardakani

Developing effective peer mentor programs with little to no money, Stephanie M. Devine, J. Pickens, and G. Ballard

Differentiation in STEM content areas, Karin Fisher

Differentiation in STEM content areas, Karin Fisher

Lessons learned requiring Google level 1 certification in a methods course, Karin Fisher

Parent Panel [Online video], Karin Fisher

Parent perception of special education, Karin Fisher

STEM 5-day workshop, Kania Greer and Karin Fisher

Concept Creep of Collective Narcissism, N. Holtzman, W. Chopik, B. Donellan, Ty W. Boyer, and S. Konrath


A Collaborative Approach: Developing the Critical Literacy Instructional Abilities of Preservice Educators, Anne Katz


Constructing Arts-Based Literacy Practices through The Playbook: University Students Collaborate with Middle School Students, Anne Katz

Curating Close Reading Strategies: A Multi-Year NIH Grant Workshop for Undergraduate Students in Science Disciplines, Anne Katz

“Growing Up Brave on the Margins”: Middle School Students Explore Equity and Identity with a Reading Professor, University Librarian, and Storyteller, Anne Katz

Notable Books for a Global Society, Anne Katz and NBGS Awards Committee

The Self-Reflective Literacy Educator: A Critical Evaluation of Online Instructional Quality, Anne Katz and Sharryn Larsen Walker

Using concepts from self-determination theory to enhance an already-existing coach assessment: CoachDISC and autonomy support, Jody L. Langdon, L. Hanson, and Diane Benish


Creating A Public Dataset from a Plant Ecology Class Research Project: The Value of Digital Commons as a Pedagogical Tool for Research, Lissa M. Leege, Shannon Matzke, Michaella Valkenaar, Rachel Rozelle, Dawn N. Cannon-Rech, and Jeffrey M. Mortimore


Critical Race Hermeneutics: Demonstrating Its Potential Applications in Education Through Interviews With Multicultural Education Faculty, Shaqueena Breonna Moore and Peggy Shannon-Baker


The Future of Management Education, Sergey Myasoedov, Timothy Mescon, Andrew M. Wilson, Vladimir Aronchik, Allen C. Amason, Neil Sturrock, Christopher McCormick, and D. Tomachev


Textbook Transformation Journey: From Traditional to No-Cost Materials, Beulah S. Narendrapurapu, Debanjana Ghosh, Arpita Saha, and Leah Williams


Leaders for Justice Restoring Dignity in Urban Schools Through the Narratives of Black and Latinx Parents, Bradley J. Porfilio, Peggy Shannon-Baker, Barbara Plough, and Charles Wilson

Early Involvement of Freshman Students in Research Initiative: A Pilot Study, Arpita Saha

Implementing a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Via Transforming a Traditional Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Course, Arpita Saha

Incorporation of Freshman Research in Early Experience (iFREE), Arpita Saha

Transforming an Inorganic Chemistry Laboratoy into a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE), Arpita Saha

Living at the Intersection of Family and Immigration Law, April M. Schueths and Danshanique Adkins

Advances in STEM education, Paddy Sharma, M. Barot, Kania Greer, and Karin Fisher

Health Inequities: Poverty and Social Determinants, Joseph Telfair

Shaping Public Health – APHA, Academics, Practice and Advocacy to Address Health Inequities and Links to Public Health 3.0, Joseph Telfair


Precipitation Partitioning by Vegetation, John T. Van Stan II

Incorporation of Freshmen in Research for Early Experience (IFREE), Meca Williams-Johnson, Shainaz M. Landge, and Arpita Saha

Submissions from 2019

School Shootings, An Anatomy, Laura E. Agnich


Long Term Patterns of Habitat Use and Prey Use in a Dietary Specialist, R. A. Anderson and Lance D. McBrayer

Presentation at Advances in Decision Analysis, Omid Ardakani

Presentation at Georgia Southern University, Omid Ardakani

Presentation at The SDSS Symposium on Data Science & Statistics, Omid Ardakani

The Entropic Valuation of Options: Accounting for Uncertainty in High-Frequency Data, Omid Ardakani

Effect of Deoxidation and Pouring Practice on the Mechanical Properties of Stage-I Tempered Cr-Ni-Mo Steel, Viraj Athavale, Mingzhi Xu, and David Van Aken

Mechanical Properties and Impact Wear Resistance of 540 Brinell Hardness Mn-Si-Mo-V Steel, Viraj Athavale, Thomas Yaniak, Mingzhi Xu, and David Van Aken

Academic Health Departmental Panel Discussion, A. Barkin, A. Erickson, J. Lockwood, and William Mase


Instructional Alignment: Student, Teacher or Practitioner’s Perspective?, Mary Estelle Bester

Virtual Patient Learning (VPL): Does It Improve Student Perceived Outcomes?, Mary Estelle Bester


48th Annual Frank Church Symposium: The Best and the Worst of Us: Confronting Injustices in the World, Srobana Bhattacharya

Pro-Government Militias and Insurgency: The Maoist Conflict in India, Srobana Bhattacharya

The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar: Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing, Srobana Bhattacharya

Spain: A Society in Transition, William Biebuyck


Examining The On And Offline Correlates Of Willingness To Commit Politically Motivated Cyberattacks, Adam Bossler

Testing Infants’ Action-Perception with an Observational A-Not-B Search Task, Ty W. Boyer and B. I. Bertenthal

STEM & SWD: A look into STEM extracurricular activities, student participation and credentials of club sponsors, Kelly Brooksher, Karin Fisher, and Kania Greer

The Influence of Chatbot Humor on Customer Evaluations of Services, Isabella Bunosso, Hyunju Shin, and Lindsay Larson


The Differential Effect of Medicaid Expansions under the Affordable Care Act on the Operations of U.S. Hospitals, James Cannon, Melvin Lamboy-Ruiz, and Olena Watanabe

Filtration Efficiency of Inclusions in Lightweight FeMnAl Steels, Soumava Chakraborty, Laura N. Bartlett, Ronald J. O'Malley, Mingzhi Xu, and Koushik Karthikeyan Balasubramanian


Isolation, Athletic Identity, and Social Support: An Exploration Among Injured Collegiate Student-Athletes, Ally W. Claytor, Brandonn Harris, Jody L. Langdon, and Tamerah Hunt


The Mediation of Athlete Satisfaction on the Relationship of Role Dimensions and Team Commitment, Alesondra Colbert, Brandonn Harris, Jody L. Langdon, and Charles Wilson

3D Printing of Matching Layer Used in Inspection of Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), Logan Cowan, Maggie Baechle, and Hossein Taheri

So what is integration really?, E. Creamer, Peggy Shannon-Baker, A. Onwuegbuzie, and J. Hitchcock

Special Nominees: United States Attorneys and Federal Judicial Selection, Brett W. Curry and Banks Miller

Danger Aware Vehicular Networking, T. Dessalgn and Seungmo Kim

Guest Lecture, UNLV PHD Technology course, Stephanie M. Devine


Developing an effective peer mentor program in an inclusive college setting, Stephanie M. Devine, K. Ryan Wennerlind, and Kathryn L. Haughney

Six Ways to Teach Creativity in Honors, Leslie A. Donovan, Steven Engel, Philip Frana, Assunta Kent, Marilyn Plotkins, and Lynn Sondag

Communication & Collaboration: Creating Stronger Office Collaborations, Lisa Dusenberry

Coding to Compose, Lisa Dusenberry and Joy Robinson

The Picture of Luxury: Millennial's Relationship with Luxury Brands, Jacqueline K. Eastman, Hyunju Shin, and Kristen Ruhland

Keynote Address, Duke Talent Identification Program, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Phi Eta Sigma Induction Ceremony, Steven Engel

Assessment in special education from a parent perspective, Karin Fisher

Autism spectrum disorders, Karin Fisher

Clinical supervision at Georgia Southern University, Karin Fisher

Collaborating with Parents, Karin Fisher


Dyslexia legislation in Georgia, Karin Fisher


Engaging Students with Disabilities Through Robotics, Karin Fisher

Introduction to TeachLivE, Karin Fisher

Lessons learned using Google teacher certification, Karin Fisher

Pre-service teacher evaluation at Georgia Southern University, Karin Fisher and A. Wall

Informações e Tecnologias de Comunicação Nova e o Acesso aos Medicamentos, Matthew Flynn

Criticizing and Legitimizing Patent Monopolies: The Struggle over Hepatitis C Medicines in Brazil's Digital Universe, Matthew Flynn and Eric O. Silva


Removal of Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) from Secondary Biologically Treated Wastewater Effluent Using Biofilters of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), George Yuzhu Fu and Md Azizur Rahman


Student Victimization Risk at Urban and Rural Institutions, Jonathan A. Grubb, Grayson Noggle, and Laura E. Agnich

AI Infrastructure for 3D Content on the Web: X3D Semantics, Felix G. Hamza-Lup


The Benefits of Engaging in International Collaborations: Fulbright and Erasmus+, Felix G. Hamza-Lup

Touching the Unreal: Exploring Our Tactile Senses Using Haptics, Felix G. Hamza-Lup

Web-Enabled Software for Real-Time Autonomous Wireless Sensors Data Visualization, Felix G. Hamza-Lup


Survey on Intelligent Dialogue in e-Learning Systems, Felix G. Hamza-Lup and Ioana R. Goldbach

Web 3D: Next Steps in Urban Planning, Felix G. Hamza-Lup and Faith-Anne Kocadag

Introduction to Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology, Kathryn L. Haughney and Stephanie M. Devine

The effects of comprehension instruction on students with complex communication needs, Kathryn L. Haughney and Stephanie M. Devine

Personality Predictors of the Decision to Actually Get Tested for HIV, Nicholas S. Holtzman, J. Steirn, and S. Smallwood

Spontaneous and Directed Attention to Number and Proportion, M. A. Hurst, Ty W. Boyer, and S. Cordes

Public and Private Views: Men's Conformity to Traditional Masculine Norms, C. E. Johnson and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Beyond Repression: State-Society Relations in the Persecution of LGBTIQ Persons in Uganda, Zachary Karazsia

A School-University Partnership: Preservice Educators Collaborate with Middle School Student Leaders through a Literacy Lens, Anne Katz

Family and Community Engagement, Anne Katz

Visualize, Create, Record: A Technology-Based Creative Writing Collaboration between Middle School Students and a Local Author, Anne Katz


Transforming Literacy Learning: Action Research by a Reading Specialist, Anne Katz, Mitchell Sexton, Krissy Hamilton, and Penny Griffin

Rethinking our Work as Literacy Educators: Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills among Graduate Students in an Online Learning Environment, Anne Katz and Sharryn Walker

Influencing Professional Practice through Academic Service-Learning: Pre-service Teachers Share Their Ideas, Anne Katz and Sharryn Larsen Walker

Alternative Methodologies – Imaginary Politics, Tahseen Kazi