The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of Georgia Southern University.


Submissions from 2018

Social Location, Ideology, and Undergraduate Explanations of Social Inequality, Nathan S. Palmer

Succeeding Through Struggle, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching with Technology, Nathan S. Palmer

The Development of Students’ Sociological Imaginations in the Journal Teaching Sociology, Nathan S. Palmer

Association of Nitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacteria with Oenothera humifusa (Evening Primrose) Roots, E. Parker, J. Ferguson, N. Tarbell, Heather M. Joesting, and J. Broft Bailey


Same Time, Next Year: Evolution of the Pussyhat’s Symbolism, V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery, Alexandra Howell, Nancy L. Malcom, and Addie Martindale


Impact Zone LGBT: LGBT Centers and their Impact on the Student Population, Zachary Glenn Payne, Clare Walsh, and Laura E. Agnich

Analysis of Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring and the Effects on Urban Population: A Systematic Literature Review, M. Peterson, B. Newsome, and Sara S. Plaspohl

Potential Functionality of the Xanthophyll Cycle in the Sand Dune Herb Hydrocotyle bonariensis, M. E. Petty, C. Lee, J. Pope, and Heather M. Joesting

German Hollywood and World War Two Cinema: What Popular Cinema after Reunification Might Be Saying About the State of US-German Relations, Robert Pirro

Primo Levi as Theoros or Polis Pilgrim: Finding the Political Theoretical Resonances in his Journey Home from Auschwitz, Robert Pirro

The Politics of Tragedy, Robert Pirro

Gender Identity and the Outside Influence of Gender Roles and Stereotypes, Sara S. Plaspohl

Sharing the Wealth: Using the GTF Experience to Mentor Faculty Peers, Sara S. Plaspohl

Case Study: Student-Led Initiative for Development of Public Health Leadership Skills Among College Students, Sara S. Plaspohl, Nandi A. Marshall, Po'Teea Morris-Hunter, and Vanessa Manning

Collaboration Between Public Health and Planning Professionals to Improve Quality of Life for Georgia Communities: Planners4Health, Sara S. Plaspohl, Whitney Shepherd, and Randy McCall


Planners4Health: Interdisciplinary Partnership Opportunities Between Public Health and Planning Professionals in Georgia to Promote Healthy Communities, Sara S. Plaspohl, Whitney Shepherd, and Randy McCall

Potential Effects of Barnacle Colonization on Spartina alterniflora in Georgia Salt Marshes, J. Pope, M. E. Petty, C. Lee, M. Guidone, and Heather M. Joesting


Stemming the exodus: An exploration of parental selection of their children’s urban schools, Brad Porfilio, Barbara Plough, Charles Wilson, Paula Booker Baker, and Peggy Shannon-Baker


From Black Rice to Fright Nights: An Examination of Plantation Tourism Trends in Charleston, South Carolina, Amy E. Potter


Online Learning: Resistance to Change, D. Powell, L. Powell, Lawrence Kilgus, and Hayden Wimmer


Coordination Sensation: When NGOs Strike Down Sex Trafficking, Megan Prangley, Courtney Burns, and Jamie E. Scalera

Cross-Linking the Curriculum with Polymer Chemistry: A Strategy to Enhance Polymer Chemistry Instruction in ACS-Certified Programs, B. Quillian, S. Gray, G. Guillet, C. Padgett, N. Shank, M. Weiland, and Sarah K. Zingales

Exploring New Synthetic Strategies by Using Novel Manganese Carboxylate Complexes Along with a Well-Explored Ligand, 2-(Hydroxymethyl)- Pyridine in the Area of Polynuclear Coordination Chemistry, M. A. Reagan and Arpita Saha


Influence of Geologic Structure on Saltwater Intrusion in the Surficial Aquifer on St. Catherines Island, Georgia, J. S. Reichard, R. K. Vance, Jacque L. Kelly, and B. K. Meyer

Role Models: Understanding the Influence of Black Female Students on Other’s Health, I. Reid, K. Felder, A. Rodney, A. Griffin, K. Watson, Krista D. Mincey, Tyra Gross, and Nandi A. Marshall


Evaluating the Cytotoxicity of Tin Dioxide NanoFiber, A. S. Reynolds, T. H. Pierre, Rebecca Erin McCall, Ji Wu, and Worlanyo E. Gato

Power, Consensus, and Popular Hegemony in Cuba, Ned Rinalducci and Humberto Miranda

Implementing Psychological Safety Training to Address Workplace Trends in Collaboration, Joy Robinson and Lisa Dusenberry

Keywords and Concepts in Technical and Professional Communication, Joy Robinson and Lisa Dusenberry

Grown Woman: Understanding What Influences Health Behaviors in Black Female Students at a HBCU, A. Rodney, Krista D. Mincey, Tyra Gross, Nandi A. Marshall, K. Felder, A. Griffin, I. Reid, and K. Watson

‘Despite Everything I Said’: The Contradictions of ‘Passing’ in the South, Baker Rogers

Drag in Transition: How Trans & Non-Binary Individuals Use Drag Kinging as a Resource in the South, Baker Rogers

Gender Panel, Baker Rogers

Intersectionality, Advocacy, and Activism, Baker Rogers

Lavender Graduation Panel, Baker Rogers

Lavender Vitaes and Navigating the Job Market, Baker Rogers

Masculinities, Baker Rogers

‘Dude, You’re a Slut’: An Exploratory Analysis of Sexual Harassment Among Transmen Before and After Transition, Baker Rogers and Sarah A. Rogers


Beijing and Its Fast-Track Friendship, Nalanda Roy

Ocean Governance in Southeast Asia, Nalanda Roy


Retirement Planning with Excel: Monte Carlo Simulations Without 3rd Party Software, Joseph Ruhland and James I. Hilliard

Female Entrepreneurial Activities in OECD, Yassaman Saadatmand and Dennis Barber

India: Unity in Diversity, Arpita Saha

Potential Research opportunities for Undergraduate Students, Arpita Saha

Elimination of a Potentially Hazardous, Flame Retardant Chemical Consisting of an Organophosphorus Moiety from Water Using Biochar as an Adsorbent, Arpita Saha and Simpo Akech

Syntheses and Characterizations of Four New Ploynuclear Mnx (x = 3, 4, 6, 7) Clusters Derived From 4, 5-Bis(Hydroxymethyl)-2-Methylpyridin-3-ol and 2- Hydroxymethyl Pyridine, Arpita Saha, B. Harris, M. A. Reagan, C. W. Padgett, and Z. Zhang


On Quantiles Estimation Based on Different Stratified Sampling with Optimal Allocation, Hani M. Samawi, Jingjing Yin, Arpita Chatterjee, and Haresh Rochani


Proposed Program: Comprehensive Sexual Health Education for Public School Students in Chatham County, Georgia Aged 12-19 Years Old, Akeya Sanders and Nandi A. Marshall


Assessing the Impact of Faculty-Mediated Reminders on Undergraduate Student Academic Performance in STEM Courses, Elizabeth Sargent, Francine Baffa, Tuyin An, and Marcel Ilie

A Renewed Project for Europe: Brexit and the Future of EU Foreign Policy, Jamie Scalera

The Making of Modern Europe, Jamie Scalera

A Renewed Project for Europe: Brexit and the Future of EU Enlargement Policy, Jamie E. Scalera

Silver Carp Population Genetics from Tributaries of a Large Midwestern River, S. J. Schaick, C. J. Moody-Carpenter, Aaron W. Schrey, K. Miller, D. H. Wahl, and R. E. Colombo


Elementary and Middle School Leadership Effects on Future Academic, Behavioral, and Labor-Market Outcomes, Jeffrey C. Schiman

Local Violence and Teacher Turnover, Jeffrey C. Schiman

Immigration Representation: The Unmet Needs of Mixed-Status Couples, April M. Schueths


Teaching Public Health Content and Competencies Through Immersive Role Play Applications, Rachel D. Schwartz

Barriers to Vaccination in Children 19 to 35 in the United States, A. Scurry, E. Smarr-Allen, and Sara S. Plaspohl


Evaluating Oversight, Policy Development, Quality Improvement, and Resource Stewardship of Local Boards of Health: Impacts on Community Partners Involvement, Gulzar H. Shah

Local Health Department Information Systems, their Interoperability and Impact on Health Disparities, Gulzar H. Shah, William A. Mase, and Kristie Cason Waterfield


Nature of Local Health Departments Partnerships With Hospitals for Community Health Needs Assessment and Other Mutual Needs, Gulzar H. Shah, William A. Mase, Kristie Waterfield, and Bushra G. Shah


Enacting an anti-heteronormative praxis in teacher education, Peggy Shannon-Baker

“Like a stranger in my own life”: Comparing in-country and reverse culture shock to understand the ongoing impact of cross-cultural exchanges, Peggy Shannon-Baker

The affordances and challenges to integrating visual methods in mixed methods research, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Cherie Edwards


Visualizing Innovation: Examining the Affordances and Challenges of Visual Approaches in Mixed Methods Research, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Cherie D. Edwards


Identifying a Theory of Critical Race Hermeneutics and Potential Applications, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Shaqueena Breonna Moore


Disrupting Heteronormativity in Early Childhood Teacher Education: Reflections From a Teacher and Student, Peggy Shannon-Baker and Ingrid Wagner

Population Genomics of a Monitored Sea Anemone (Condylactis gigantea) in Florida, U.S., N. Sheridan, S. Seyoum, W. Sharp, B. Titus, M. Daly, Aaron W. Schrey, and C. Richards


Comic Relief: The Impact of Humorous Response in Service Recovery on Brand Perceptions, Hyunju Shin and Lindsay R.L. Larson


The Feasibility of a Lionfish Meat Market In The U.S. Virgin Islands: Consumer Preferences, Skyler Simnett, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, Sherry Larkin, and Tracy Yandle


The Feasibility of a Lionfish Meat Market in the U.S. Virgin Islands: Consumer Willingness to Pay, Skyler Simnitt, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, Sherry Larking, Paulita Bennett-Martin, Holden Harris, Natalie Mioulis, Katherine Groenevelt, Muray Rudd, Michael Page, Jason Boss, and Tracy Yandle

A Misadventure in Revolution: Marx, the Working Class, and the Class Struggles of 1848, Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Is Religiosity a Long-Term Mating Signal?, D. J. Slone, Nicholas S. Holtzman, and B. R. Sturz

Biocatalysis: Investigating the Reaction Profile of Promiscuous Amine Dehydrogenases, Katelyn Smith, Serina Davenport, Ariana Vargas, Bettina Bommarius, Andreas Bommarius, and Brent D. Feske

Biocatalysis: Investigating the Reaction Profile of Promiscuous Amine Dehydrogenases, Katelyn Smith, Serina Davenport, Ariana Vargas, Bettina Bommarius, Andreas Bommarius, and Brent D. Feske


Work, Family Life, and Ministry among Permanent Catholic Deacons: Some Preliminary Thoughts, William L. Smith


Comparison of 3-Compartment Model Body Fat Predictions Via Bioimpedance Devices and the Influence of Hydration in Female Athletes, Ronald L. Snarr, Michael R. Esco, Jordan R. Moon, Chih-Yin Tai, Kristy Crowley, and Brandon Spradley

A Deeper Understanding of Metacomprehension: Development of a New Multidimensional Tool, C. Soto, Antonio P. Gutierrez, R. Asún, Matthew Jacovina, and C. Vásquez

Reading Comprehension and Metacognition: The Importance of Inferential Skills, C. Soto, Matthew Jacovina, Antonio P. Gutierrez, D. McNamara, N. Benson, and B. Riffo


Improving Reading Comprehension in Spanish using iStart-E, C. Soto, D. McNamara, K. S. McCarthy, Antonio P. Gutierrez, J. Gonzalez, J. Dai, and C. Malbran

Exploring the Metacomprehension Abilities of Students with Intellectual Disabilities, C. Soto, M. F. Rodriguez Poblete, and Antonio P. Gutierrez

COPUS Profiles 2.0: Characterization of Instructional Practices in STEM Courses Offered in North American Universities, M. Stains, J. Harshman, M. Levis-Fitzgerald, M. Smith, M. Stetzer, N. Michelotti, J. Knight, P. Schulte, T. McKay, B. Van Valkenburgh, M. Barker, S. Chasteen, R. Cole, Sue DeChenne-Peters, K. Plank, M. Eagan, J. Esson, F. Laski, C. Lee, S. Lo, L. McDonnell, M. Palmer, T. Rodela, E. Sanders, M. Schimpf, E. Vinson, L. Weir, P. Wendel, L. Wheeler, A. Young, and A. Musgrove

Promoting Self-regulated Learning in the First-year Seminar: Evidence and Future Directions, Hilary Steiner, Nirmal Trivedi, and Jody L. Langdon


“I See Part of Me in This Book": Migrant Farmworkers Appraise Migrancy-Themed Picture Storybooks, Alma D. Stevenson and Scott A. Beck

Constitution Day Panel: Non-Citizen Rights, Maureen Stobb

Executive Branch Socialization and Deference in Asylum Cases on the U.S Courts of Appeal, Maureen Stobb

How to Succeed in Political Science, Maureen Stobb

Power of the Pen or the Gavel? Determining Asylum Standards on the Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb

Sifting through Truth, Lies and Politics: Evaluating Country Conditions in Asylum Claims on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb and Bernadette O'Donnell

Predicting overall course grades: A path analysis of motivation and course-related demographics, Diana Sturges, Shainaz Landge, Jody L. Langdon, Jessica Orvis, and Christopher Niemiec


Making the Case for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Diana Sturges and Jody L. Langdon

Teaching students about metacognition: Effects on students’ use of metacognitive strategies, Diana Sturges, Jody L. Langdon, and Matthew J. Syno


Adverse Childhood Experiences and Insufficient Sleep: Persistent Association Through Life, Kelly L. Sullivan and Diane Donaly

Favored Places and Focal Networks in the Early Archaic Social Landscape, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Sustainability and Tradition in Anindo Village, Okinawa, Japan, Kara Bridgman Sweeney, Alexander Y. Sweeney, Naoki Higa, Takumi Kishimoto, and Naho Ishiki

Just Breathe, Helen M. Taggart and K. Embrey


Accomplishments that Matter - APHA, Affiliates responding to and Shaping Public Health, Joseph Telfair

Addressing Inequities – Poverty, Social Determinants and Viable Solutions, Joseph Telfair

An Overview of APHA and Affiliates Working to Collaboratively Address Health Inequities, Joseph Telfair