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Submissions from 2009

Positive Psychology: African American Strengths, Resilience, and Protective Factors, A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert, Fayth M. Parks, and Sussie Eshun


Teacher Perceptions of Interactive Whiteboards: A Comparison of Users and Future-Users in High School and Middle School Mathematics, Jeffrey S. Hall and Gregory Chamblee


Applying a model of Lesson Structure-Based Technology Integration (LSBTI) in Student Teaching, Jackie HeeYoung Kim


The Relationships among Instructional Immediacy, Perceived Cognitive Learning, and Instructional Effectiveness, Jackie HeeYoung Kim


The Effect of a Technology Leadership Workshop on Principals’ Five Dimensions of Technology Leadership, Jackie HeeYoung Kim and Wendy J. Marshall


Building Situated Case-based Knowledge of the Supervision of Student Teaching by Facilitating Weblog, Jackie HeeYoung Kim, Regina Rahimi, Joan Schwartz, Glenda Ogletree, Barbara Salter Hubbard, and Linda Ann McCall

Developing Web-Based Content Containing Mathematical Expressions, Charles B. Hodges


Self-Regulation of Learners in an Asynchronous University Math Course, Charles B. Hodges


Sources of Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Students in a Technology-Intensive Asynchronous College Algebra Course, Charles B. Hodges and Pamela F. Murphy


Using Tablets for Collaborative Problem-Based Learning in a Math Specialists Program, Gail Hunger and Charles B. Hodges


Preparing Gen "Y's" to Teach Gen "Y's", Stephen J. Jenkins, Terry D. Diamanduros, and Elizabeth Downs

A Study of an Emotion Control Treatment in a College Mathematics Course, ChanMin Kim and Charles B. Hodges


Fulfilling the Promise: Addressing Institutional Factors That Impede the Implementation of E-learning 2.0., Judi Repman, Cordelia D. Zinskie, and Elizabeth Downs

Submissions from 2004

The Bilingual Education Act of 1968, Scott A. Beck

The Challenge of Change: A Gringo Remembers Tough Choices, Scott A. Beck, Alma D. Stevenson, and Yasar Bodur


Using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model to Assess Changes in Technology Implementation: A Ten-Year Retrospective, Gregory Chamblee and Scott W. Slough


Web-based Tools for Teachers, Judi Repman, Randal D. Carlson, and Elizabeth Downs

Submissions from 1999

The Minnesota Population Problem, Gregory Chamblee and Julie Silva

Policy Issues for the 21st Century Library Media Center, Judi Repman and Elizabeth Downs


Is it time for a policy checkup?, Judi Repman and Elizabeth A. Downs


Implementing Technology in Secondary Mathematics and Science Classrooms: Do We Have Common Goals? Barriers? Models for Change?, Julie Silva, Scott W. Slough, Cynthia Louden, and Gregory Chamblee

Submissions from 1998

So You Want To Develop Web-Based Instruction--Points to Ponder, Randal D. Carlson, Elizabeth A. Downs, Judith Repman, and Kenneth F. Clark


Assessing Concerns of Algebra Teachers During a Curriculum Reform: A Constructivist Approach, Ann R. Crawford, Gregory Chamblee, and Russell J. Rowlett


Locating On-line Resources For The Social Studies, Elizabeth Downs and J. Rakestraw

Submissions from 1997

Guidelines for effective multimedia design, Elizabeth Downs and Kenneth Clark

Submissions from 1995


Freedmen, Friends, Common Schools and Reconstruction, Scott A. Beck

Submissions from 1993


The Relationship between Empathic Response and Scores on the California Psychological Inventory, Elizabeth Downs and Stephen J. Jenkins

Submissions from 1992

Examination of the relationship between the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and empathetic response, Stephen J. Jenkins, James C. Stephens, Alexander L. Chew, and Elizabeth Downs