The Georgia Southern University Faculty Presentations series includes works authored and edited by Georgia Southern faculty members.


Submissions from 2010


Functional Morphology of Acceleration in the Phyrnosomatine Lizard, Sceloporus woodi, Eric J. McElroy, Anna Baur, and Lance D. McBrayer

Physical Activity Motivations in College Students, Bridget Melton, Helen W. Bland, Daniel R. Czech, and Trevor J. Egli

Differences in Exercise Motivation Between Age, Gender and Race for College Students, Bridget F. Melton, Helen W. Bland, Daniel R. Czech, and Trevor J. Egli

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infection with a Vancomycin MIC>1MCG/ML, M. A. Meyer, J. Lin, M. Meloy, Kathryn Kennedy, and Robert L. Vogel

Experts Judging Experts: The Role of Expertise in Reviewing Agency Decision Making, Banks Miller and Brett W. Curry

Specialists in a Generalized Context: An Analysis of Decision Making in Labor Agency Cases on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Banks Miller and Brett W. Curry


Macroconsumer Effects on Stream Benthos and Organic Matter Processing in a Tropical Headwater Stream: Are Shrimps More Active at Night?, A. Negroni-Miranda, C. Shea, P. Torres, J. Colón-Gaud, and A. Ramirez

Asymmetric Reduction of β-Keto Nitriles Yielding Drug Analog Precursors for Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and β-Adrenergic Blocking Agents, Randall W. Nowill, Trisha J. Patel, David L. Beasley, Jose A. Alvarez, Richard Anuskiewitz, Todd J. Hizer, and Brent D. Feske


The Role of Testosterone and Training on Locomotor Performance in a Non-Territorial Lizard, Jennifer L. O'Conner, Lance D. McBrayer, Timothy E. Higham, and David C. Rostal

Live Well With Stem Cells: Health Educators and Biomedical Technology, M. H. Owens and Helen W. Bland


Influences of Catastrophic Amphibian Declines on Storage and Export of Fine Particulate Organic Matter in Neotropical Headwater Streams, Scot Peterson, Amanda Rugenski, J. Colón-Gaud, Matt Whiles, Susan Kilham, Karen Lips, and Catherine Pringle

Goatsong in a Democratic Key? Tragic Legacies in German Culture and Politics, Robert Pirro

Making Sense of the Tea Party Movement, Robert Pirro

An Assessment of America’s Tobacco-Free Colleges and Universities: Policies, Procedures, Practices, and Adherence to ACHA’s 2009 Guidelines and Recommendations, Sara S. Plaspohl

Ethical Theories/Moral Issues in Health, Research Ethics, Sara S. Plaspohl

Human Subject Protections and IRB: Getting Friendly with the Research Process for Nurse Residents, Sara S. Plaspohl

Institutional Review Boards, Sara S. Plaspohl

Residents’ JUMP START for Research, Human Subject Protections and Informed Consent Process, Sara S. Plaspohl

Residents’ JUMP START for Research, Human Subject Protections and Informed Consent Process, Sara S. Plaspohl

Tobacco-Free Colleges and Universities: Trends & Lessons Learned, Sara S. Plaspohl


Hostile High: Sexual Harassment on School Campuses, Regina Rahimi and Delores D. Liston


The Environment Is Still Hostile: Female Students' Perceptions of Sexual Harassment in Schools, Regina Rahimi and Delores D. Liston


The "New Hello" and Other Forms of Harassment in Schools, Regina Rahimi and Delores D. Liston


You Mean That Still Goes On? Young Women's Experiences with Sexual Harassment in High School, Regina Rahimi and Delores D. Liston

Fun Nutritional Activities, Amy Jo Riggs, Bridget Melton, and Helen W. Bland

Racial Stereotypes in the Media, Ned Rinalducci

Teaching Religion Abroad: Experiences with Trinidadian Faiths: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Orisha, Ned Rinalducci

Using Patient & Nursing Perceptions of Excellence to Define Policy, B. Riner, S. Howell, and Helen M. Taggart


Effects of Corporate Diversification: Evidence from the Property Liability Insurance Industry, Joseph Ruhland, Andre P. Liebenberg, Thomas R. Berry-Stölzle, and David W. Sommer


Childhood Asthma in Georgia: Comparison with Other States Together, Hani M. Samawi, James H. Stephens, and Gerald R. Ledlow


A Nonparametric Test of Symmetry Based on the Overlapping Coefficient, Hani M. Samawi, Robert L. Vogel, and Amal Helu


On Tests of Homogeneity for Partially Matched-Pair Data, Hani M. Samawi, Robert L. Vogel, and Amal Helu

Passionate Pedagogy and Emotional Labor: Students’ Responses to Learning Diversity from Diverse Instructors, April Schueths, Tanya Gladney, Katherine Bass, Devan Crawford, and Helen Moore


Factors Leading to an Increased Frequency of ER Visits Among Uninsured Patients With an Established Medical Home, Varadan Sevilimedu, Richard Dent, Robert L. Vogel, and Miriam Rittenmeyer

The Impact of Economic Downturn on Local Public Health: Qualitative Data Analysis of Decision Drivers, Gulzar H. Shah Dr., Carolyn J. Leep, and Rachel Willard

Good to Great in Academics: Effective Strategic Planning, G. C. Shields, S. Hessinger, and Delana A. Gajdosik-Nivens

Implementing and Sustaining a College-Wide Summer Undergraduate Research, G. C. Shields, S. Hessinger, and Delana A. Gajdosik-Nivens


A Spiritual Getaway: The Motivations, Experiences, and Benefi ts of a Silent Retreat, William L. Smith and Pidi Zhang

Effect of Ontogeny on Escape Response and Locomotor Performance in Sceloporus woodi, Reed B. Stiller and Lance D. McBrayer

Perception of Information Systems Graduates by Employers, Manouchehr Tabatabaei and Adrian Gardiner

International Collaboration Provides Cultural Immersion Experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Helen M. Taggart and S. Conroy

Embracing Diversity: Are We There Yet?, Helen M. Taggart, P. Tillman, and S. Warnock

Overcoming Obstacles: The Effect of Obstacle Size on Behavior, Intermittent Locomotion, and Jump Performance in Running Lizards, Derek B. Tucker and Lance D. McBrayer


Fledge: Promoting Student Research through Publication, Laura E. Valeri


The Road Less Taken and the Ivory Tower: Getting Creative about Creative Careers, Laura E. Valeri


The Soul and the Machine: Teaching Creativity with Technology, Laura E. Valeri


Sag Structures on St. Catherines Island, Georgia: Implications for Barrier Island Hydrology and Coastal Water Resources, Robert K. Vance, Gale A. Bishop, Fredrick J. Rich, Brian K. Meyer, and James S. Reichard

Assessing Risk in Health and Health Disparities, Robert L. Vogel

Essential Statistics for Surgeons, Robert L. Vogel

Helpful Suggestions When Reading the Medical Literature, Robert L. Vogel


Local and Regional Factors Influencing Aquatic Invertebrate Production, Matt Whiles, J. Colón-Gaud, Heidi Rantala, and Denise Walther

The Market Effect of Super Bowl Advertising During a Recession, Joan M. Wiggenhorn, Jacqueline K. Eastman, Rajesh Iyer, and Katy Armul

Local Health Department Funding Cuts and Impacts, Rachel Willard, Carolyn J. Leep, and Gulzar H. Shah Dr.


Evaluation of a Multi-Site Asthma Program Initiative: Linking Program Activities with Distal Outcomes to Demonstrate Systems Change, Lynn D. Woodhouse, Russ Toal, Laura Gunn, DeAnna Keene, Cassandra Arroyo, Stuart H. Tedders, Simone Charles, and Trang Nguyen

Rural-Urban Differences in Access to Preventive Care Services, Jiyoon Yoon and Stuart H. Tedders

Submissions from 2009

Cherokee Placenames and Relationships to the Environment, Heidi M. Altman

Cherokee Place Names and Naming Places, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

A New Testament Analogue for the Porter Scene in Macbeth, Christopher P. Baker

Impact of the Financial Crisis on African Countries, Barry J. Balleck

International Terrorism, Barry J. Balleck

The Roots of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Barry J. Balleck


Evolution of Field-based Education for Geology Majors Into Place-based Education for K-12 Teachers, Gale A. Bishop, Robert K. Vance, Frederick J. Rich, Brian K. Meyer, Martha Schriver, Kenneth F. Clark, Edward J. Davis, Royce H. Hayes, Thomas R. Koballa Jr., and Terry Norton

Stress Tolerance Among the Millennials: Issues of Measurement, Helen W. Bland and Bridget F. Melton


Low Self-control Hackers?: the General Theory of Crime and Computer Hacking, Adam Bossler and George Burruss


Policing Cybercrime at the Street Level, Adam Bossler and Thomas Holt


Shallow Geophysical Investigation of Trail Ridge, Georgia, Thomas M. Brezina, Jose Pujol, Mervin J. Bartholomew, and Frederick J. Rich


Economic and Political Change: Impacts on College Student Social Class Sentiments, Ted Brimeyer


Success of Low Income Students in Higher Education: Preparations, Pathways, and Choices, Ted Brimeyer

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Fraudulent Financial Reporting, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Testifying as a Forensic Accounting Expert, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Tips on Money Management, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Mutagenesis of the Yeast Reductase Gene, YDL124w, Beth Budden, Michael Page, Andrea Orrego, Mande Beers, Crystal Archer, Eric Davis, and Brent D. Feske

Mutagenic Analysis of Reductase Stereoselectivity, Beth Budden, Michael Page, Andrea Orrego, Mande Beers, Crystal Archer, Eric Davis, and Brent D. Feske

Alanine-Scanning Mutagenesis of the YDL124w’s Substrate Specificity Loop A, Beth Budden, Michael Page, Andre Orrego, Mande Beers, Crystal Archer, Erik Davis, and Brent D. Feske

Evaluation of Drive Alive: A Program to Increase Seat Belt Use Among High Risk Teens in Rural Georgia, Katie M. Burkett and James H. Stephens

Honors Assessment: A Valid Exercise?, Scott Carnicom, Kate Bruce, Steven Engel, Greg Lanier, Angela M. Salas, and Christopher Snyder

Direct and Indirect Benefits of Service-Learning in Large Classrooms, J. Michelle Cawthorn

Insect Foraging of Owl Monkeys, J. Michelle Cawthorn, A. Kritter, and A. Lianguert

Project FAME: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Fitness, Mathematics, and Technology, Gavin T. Colquitt

Instructional Strategies for High School Weight Training, Gavin T. Colquitt and Tony Pritchard

The Impact of a Judge’s Race on Public Support for a Judicial Decision, Brett W. Curry and Nancy S. Scherer

Brazil-Canada Foreign Relations: Unquiet Diplomacy, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Canada Foreign Policy toward Brazil: Closing the Gap in a Relationship Deficit, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

The Obama Administration Challenges in Latin America, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz


Quaternary Evolution of an Incising Piedmont River: the Catawba River Near Charlotte, NC, John A. Diemer, Martha C. Eppes, Andy R. Bobyarchick, Frederick J. Rich, John B. Freyer, Joel Hardison, Anthony Layzell, Joe Smino, and Michael Wolfe


Depositional History of an Oxbow Lake: Duck Cove of the Catawba River, Charlotte, NC, John A. Diemer, Martha C. Eppes, Frederick J. Rich, Jordan Sedlock, and Sam Wright

Honors at Georgia Southern, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Duke Talent Identification Program, Steven Engel

A Geophysical, Stratigraphic and Palynological Investigation of the Central Depression on St. Catherines Island, Georgia, Shannon M. Ferguson, Jesse C. Delamater, Nicholas J. Wieclaw, Robert K. Vance, Frederick J. Rich, and Gale A. Bishop

Utilizing Engineered E. Coli as An Asymmetric Biocatalyst towards Pharmaceutical Precursors, Brent D. Feske

Synthesis of Fosfomycin Utilizing Biocatalysis as a Key Step, Brent D. Feske and Erik V. Davis

Study of the Environmental Distribution and Catalyzed Degradation Potential of Brominated Flame Retardants, Delana A. Gajdosik-Nivens, E. Cooper, and D. W. Canady

Instrumental Analysis: A Research Experiment Designing An Instrumental Analysis Course around Student Research Projects, Delana A. Gajdosik-Nivens, C. W. Padgett, B. D. Feske, and W. E. Lynch

A Neural Network for Discovery of Record Layouts, Ray R. Hashemi


General Strain Theory and Cybercrime Offending, Thomas Holt and Adam Bossler


Examining the Applicability of Low Self-control to Juvenile Computer Crime, Thomas Holt, Adam Bossler, and David C. May