Submissions from 2000

The Role of a Community-Based Medical Education Program in Educating Primary Care Physicians, Stuart H. Tedders, M. Dent, G.E. Alan Dever, and Melton Strozier

Yoga, Aromatherapy, and Meditation on the Beach, D. Wasson and Joanne Chopak-Foss

Nursing Workforce Shortage: A Service-Education Partnership Solution, S. W. Young and Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1999

Chair, "Non-Shakespearean Drama", Christopher P. Baker

Epistemic Communities and the Formulation of International Relations Theory, Barry J. Balleck

The American Metalogue: Idealism and Realism in American Foreign Policy, Barry J. Balleck

What Fault Caused the August 31, 1886 Charleston Earthquake? An Old Fort’s Answer After a Century, Mervin J. Bartholomew and Frederick J. Rich

Tectonic Fracture Sets in Late Pleistocene Strata Along Sapelo Sound, Georgia, Mervin J. Bartholomew, Fredrick J. Rich, Amanda Whitaker, and Brendan M. Brodie

In Pursuit of Environmental Literacy: Development of the Environmental Geology Component in a New Core Curriculum, Denise A. Battles, James S. Reichard, Fredrick J. Rich, and J. H. Darrell

Department of Health and Kinesiology: Graduate Degree Programs, Helen Bland

Enabling Interns to Become Practitioners: The Power of Partnership, Helen W. Bland

Utilizing the Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Establish Service Learning Partnerships, Helen W. Bland and Sheila M. Patterson

Complementary Therapies: A Primer for Health Educators, Joanne Chopak-Foss and D. Hamilton

The Preparedness of the Early Childhood Teacher to Teach Health, Joanne Chopak-Foss and Amy Heaston

Integrating Physical Education into the K-5 Curriculum, Joanne Chopak-Foss and L. Rushing

Adolescent and Teen Substance Use Update: What Health Educators Need to Know, Joanne Chopak-Foss and M. T. Wessel

García Márquez’s Use of Days in Several Short Stories, William O. Deaver

Got Milk? A Case of Udder Despair in ‘Milkmaid’ from Roberto G. Fernández’s Holy Radishes!, William O. Deaver

La vida loca en Memory Mambo, William O. Deaver

Social Protest in Agustín Cuzzani’s Sempronio, William O. Deaver

The Last Supper: Art as Propaganda, William O. Deaver

The Last Supper: Dogma, Dogs, and Do-goodism, William O. Deaver


Lights and Sirens: The Effects of Aggressive Traffic Enforcement on Miscreants, Reprobates, Malefactors, and N e'er-do-wells in Dixie,, Michael E. Donahue, Don A. Josi, and Robert Magnus

Using a ZipFind Program as a Geographical Segmentation Tool, H. Leslie Furr

Teaching Portfolio Use in the Absence of Institutional Support, Delores D. Liston, Catherine A. Hansman, Stephanie L. Kenney, and Cherry C. Brewton

Teachers Reflect on Neurophilosophy: A Phenomenological Approach to Brain-Compatible Learning, Delores D. Liston, Virginia M. Kasper, and LindaAnn H. McCall

Teachers Coming Out in the Rural South, Delores D. Liston, Jane Page, William M. Reynolds, and C. Bowen

Trends and Current Practices in Total Joint Replacement: From Idea to Research, K. Mauer, B. M. Arnett, E. Abrahams, Helen M. Taggart, and L. Schoenly

Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Cultural Influence and Health Education: Projection of Roles for the Health Educator, Sheila M. Patterson and Helen W. Bland

From Deepstep to Waycross: A Review of the Tertiary-Quaternary Boundary in Georgia, Fredrick J. Rich

Paleoecological Assessment of a Peridinium-Bearing Horizon in Sediments From Ulmers Pond, Valdosta, Georgia, Fredrick J. Rich, H. W. Markewich, and J. McGeehin

Palynology and Paleoecology of a Wood-Bearing Clay Deposit From Deepstep, Georgia, Fredrick J. Rich, A. H. Semratedu, J. Elzea, and Lee A. Newsom

Ethnic Nationalist Movements and Their Pre-Modern Pasts, Ned Rinalducci

The Case of the Press and Presidential Missionary Jimmy Carter, Reed W. Smith

Healthy Aging Through Exercise, Helen M. Taggart

Multi-State Recognition of Nursing Licensure, Helen M. Taggart

Protecting Your License, Helen M. Taggart

Tai Chi Exercise and Health: Participatory Demonstration, Helen M. Taggart

Tai Chi Exercise, Balance, and Fear of Falling Among Older Women: Pilot, Helen M. Taggart

Total Joint Replacement: Selected Results from a Nationwide Study of Current Practices, Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1998

A Shakespearean Analogue for Milton's Sonnet 23, Christopher P. Baker

Bodies (Impolitic in Shakespeare's Tetralogies, Christopher P. Baker

Chair, Fifth round of sessions, Christopher P. Baker

Chair, Gender and Power in Renaissance Drama, Christopher P. Baker

"Why seems it so particular with thee?": Hamlet's Double Grief,, Christopher P. Baker

After Structure: The Role of Discourse in International Theory, Barry J. Balleck

The Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Terrorism, Barry J. Balleck

Effects of Democratization on the Quality of Life of the People of Haiti, Helen Bland

The Role of Mid-Level Practitioners in Public Health, Helen Bland

A Win-Win Methodology: Service Learning in Health Education, Helen W. Bland

Service Learning in Health Education: Community Needs Assessment, Helen W. Bland

Quality of Life Perceptions Among Haitians: The Effects of Democratization, Helen W. Bland and M. Boursiquot

Promoting Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Preparing Health Educators to Teach Adults, Helen W. Bland and Catherine A. Hansman

Promoting Literacy in Developing Nations: A Missing Health Promotion Element, Helen W. Bland and Catherine A. Hansman

Gender Peace: Understanding Men’s and Women’s Roles, Joanne Chopak-Foss and D. Hamilton

Obsesión, posesión, y opresión en Del amor y otros demonios, William O. Deaver

The Concept of Honor in Del amor y otros demonios, William O. Deaver

The Rehabilitative Model of Parole in Georgia: Gone With the Wind?, Michael E. Donahue and Don A. Josi

Savannah Traffic enforcement Study: Effects of Enhanced Traffic Enforcement on Criminal Activity-Preliminary Findings, Michael E. Donahue, Don A. Josi, and Robert Magnus

The Internet and the Hospitality Marketing Professional, H. Leslie Furr

Putting Students at Ease: Creating a Comfortable Sex Ed. Classroom, D. Hamilton and Joanne Chopak-Foss

Attitude Toward the Elderly: Does it Change During Nursing Education?, M. Hart, Helen M. Taggart, and C. P. Stern

A Philosophical and Spiritual View of Neuroscience Research, Delores D. Liston


Quantum Metaphors and the Study of the Mind-Brain, Delores D. Liston

Critical Observations of Classrooms, Delores D. Liston, N. G. Adams, Bryan Deever, and C. M. Shea

Laboring with the Family Leave Act, Delores D. Liston, M. Griffin, and J. Hecker

Binge Drinking: Exploring the Context of Community, D. W. Maney and Joanne Chopak-Foss

With Malice Toward Some: The Case of Hate Crimes, Dennis D. Murphy

Eating Disorders: Where Do We Go From Here?, Sara Oswalt and Helen W. Bland

Third World Debt and The Status of Latin American Women, Yassaman Saadatmand

Disciples or Pharisees: The Religious Press and the Carter Presidency, Reed W. Smith

How to Obtaining Funding for Clinical Research, Helen M. Taggart

Osteoporosis: Boning Up on the Facts: Outcome Survey, Helen M. Taggart

Orthopaedic Nursing Research Priorities: A Delphi Study, Helen M. Taggart, C. Sedlak, C. Arslanian, D. Ross, and B. Olsen

Submissions from 1997

From the Shadows to the Light: Congressional Rhetoric and Foreign Policy Voting, Barry J. Balleck

Information, Communication, and Public Opinion, Barry J. Balleck

International Terrorism, Barry J. Balleck

Theories of Foreign Policy Decision-Making, Barry J. Balleck

Neogene/Quaternary Deformational Sequence, Atlantic Coastal Plain, Mervin J. Bartholomew, Fredrick J. Rich, S. E. Lewis, and Brendan M. Brodie

Program Planning: An International Perspective, Helen Bland

Corporate Wellness: A Win-Win Situation, Helen Bland and S. Corwin

Quality of Life Perceptions Among Rural Haitians: The Effects of Democratization, Helen W. Bland and M. Boursiquet

Transformative Learning: Educating Adults for Choice and Change, Helen W. Bland and Catherine A. Hansman

Palynology and Environments of Deposition of Shell-Bearing Pleistocene Strata at the Jones Girls Site, Skidaway Island, Georgia, Robert Klaas Booth, A. L. Davis, and Fredrick J. Rich

Identification and Paleoenvironmental and Paleoecological Implications of a Late Pleistocene Fossil Fern Spore From St. Catherines Island, Georgia, Robert Klaas Booth, D. J. Drapalik, and Fredrick J. Rich

Educating for Eating Disorders Prevention, Joanne Chopak-Foss, D. Hamilton, and H. Welle

APB Health Alert: How to Liven Up Your Health Education Classroom, Joanne Chopak-Foss and L. G. Rushing

Acceleration, Polar Inertia, and the Scatalogical/Eschatalogical in Julio Garmendia's 'La máquina de hacer pu!pu!puuu!', William O. Deaver

From Polyglossia to Disglossia: Defining Chronotope, Authority, and Subversion in Raining Backwards, William O. Deaver

La vida es un special o la vorágine del consumo, William O. Deaver


Police Ethics: The Future of Theory, Michael E. Donahue and Erik S. Nordenhaug

A Segmentation Analysis of Florida Visitors Who Use the Internet to Book Travel Plans, H. Leslie Furr

Vision, Voices and Reflections: Storytelling in Health Education, M. Goldsmith, D. Hamilton, M. J. Ludwig, Joanne Chopak-Foss, and L. D. Bryant

The Art of Gentle Eating: An Experiential Intervention, D. Hamilton and Helen W. Bland

Preparing Health Educators: Collaborating Across Disciplines, Catherine A. Hansman and Helen W. Bland

Early Screening of Risk Factors for Disordered Eating in Athletes, Wanda Koszewski, Joanne Chopak-Foss, and Barton P. Buxton

Statistical Data Analysis, R. Leighton and Sara S. Plaspohl

Linking Customer Knowledge to Strategy, V. Linscott and Sara S. Plaspohl

India Economic Reform: Some Emerging Issues, Yassaman Saadatmand and K. C. Reddy

1997 Orthopaedic Nursing Research Priorities, C. Sedlak, C. Arslanian, D. Ross, Helen M. Taggart, and B. Olsen