Submissions from 2006


‘I Can’t Imagine It Won’t Bear Fruit’: Jesuits, Politics and Heretics in Siena and Neighboring Regions, Kathleen M. Comerford

‘El retablo de las maravillas’: mensajes crípticos para un pueblo invisible, William O. Deaver

Incorporating a Service Project into Study Abroad, William O. Deaver

What is LibQUAL+? Everything You Need to Know to Get Started, B. Matthews, K. Tomajko, W. Bede Mitchell, and S. Tonner


How to Get Published in the Academic Library World, William Gray Potter, W. Bede Mitchell, F. Gene Ruffin Jr., Caroline Cason, and Catherine Jannik

Secrets of a Serials Super Sleuth, Debra G. Skinner and Maureen Morgan

Conference on Black Reporters and the Civil Rights Era, Reed W. Smith

Agents and Contracts, Laura E. Valeri