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Submissions from 2018

The Key Plays: Underdogs, Sarah E. McCarroll

Angelina Muñiz-Huberman y Esther Seligson: Poéticas de introspección, Dolores Rangel

Implementing Psychological Safety Training to Address Workplace Trends in Collaboration, Joy Robinson and Lisa Dusenberry

Keywords and Concepts in Technical and Professional Communication, Joy Robinson and Lisa Dusenberry

An Introduction to Music and the Brain, Laura A. Stambaugh

A Preliminary Investigation of Executive and Motor Functions of Beginning Older Adult Instrumentalists, Laura A. Stambaugh

But I Played It Correctly in the Practice Room! Motor Learning Theories Can Inform Music Practice, Laura A. Stambaugh

Focus of Attention by Second Year Wind Students, Laura A. Stambaugh

The Effect of Focus of Attention on Timing by Wind Musicians, Laura A. Stambaugh

The Relationship Between Interval Identification and Error Detection by Music Education Majors, Laura A. Stambaugh and Bryan E. Nichols

"The Beautiful, Refreshing Music": A Preliminary Study of the Benefits of Children’s Community Choirs As Seen by Parents, Mallory M. Tafoya, Laura A. Stambaugh, and D. W. Langley

Gender, Race, and Labor in the Household, 1700—1860, Felicity Turner

Bodies of Evidence: Infanticide, Women & Law in the Nineteenth-Century United States, Felicity M. Turner

From Hypothetical to Real Life: Writing Assignments as Experiential Learning, Laura Valeri, Suzanne Cope, Amy Cicchino, and Jason Peters

Submissions from 2017

At the Crossroads: The Vietnam War in 1967, William T. Allison

Decisions for War: The Strategic Imperative for the United States in World War II, William T. Allison


Mobilizing Civilian Resilience During and After Conflict, William T. Allison

My Lai, the Law of Land Warfare, and Command Responsibility, William T. Allison


Post-War Society in the 20th Century, William T. Allison

POWs, Lost Causes, and Identity, William T. Allison

The Early Cold War, William T. Allison

The Vietnam War in Popular Culture, William T. Allison

Vietnam Veterans Memorials: What are They? What do They Mean?, William T. Allison

Christmas around the World, Olga Amarie

Souffrance, amour, et solitude dans La Photographe de Christophe Ferré, Olga Amarie

Volpone as Hobbesian Comedy, Christopher P. Baker

Health cues, food cues, and final selections: The effects of nutrition format and individual differences on desired portion size, Lauren Bayliss

Mediated food cues: A theoretical framework for sensory information, Lauren Bayliss


Women in Uniform One Hundred Years Later: Rethinking World War One in Italy, Allison Scardino Belzer


Learning Information Literacy Across the Curriculum (LILAC): Discussing Results from a CCCC Research Initiative Project, Jeanne Bohannon, Jinrong Li, and Janice R. Walker

Aristocracy, Cunning Folk, Independents, Levellers, and Witches: England in the Seventeenth Century, Jeffrey Burson

The Politics of Religion in the Age of Revolutions, Jeffrey Burson

Perils, Pitfalls, and Promise of Teaching the World History Survey, Jeffrey D. Burson

Revising the Soul, Reclaiming the Natural Sentiment of Humanity from the Jesuits to the ‘Antiphilosophes’, Jeffrey D. Burson

The Interlacing of Sacred and Secular Discourse in the French Enlightenment: Perspectives on Toleration and Freedom of Expression in the Worlds of Abbé Claude Yvon, Jeffrey D. Burson

Varieties of Enlightening on the Margins of Enlightenment Catholicism: The Philosophers of Château d’Ormes and the Feud Between Dom Deschamps and Claude Yvon, Jeffrey D. Burson


Vernacular Texts in Northern Jesuit College Library Collections, Kathleen M. Comerford


Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project, Kathleen M. Comerford and Kyle Roberts

Going Modern: An Art History Crash Course from 19th Century to Contemporary Art, Cynthia Costa

The Rise of Modern Sculpture: From Thutmose to Rodin, Cynthia Costa

Creating Safer Spaces for Staff and Students: Title IX and Non-Discrimination, Lisa A. Costello

Creating Safer Spaces for Staff and Students: Title IX and Non-Discrimination, Lisa A. Costello

Developing Online Materials for Thesis Preparation, Lisa A. Costello

Wading Through the Waters of Fake News and Alternative Facts, Dean Cummings

Images of Cuba at the Millennium, William O. Deaver

Lost Youth in Voces inocentes and Paloma de papel, William O. Deaver

The Chicano Movement, William O. Deaver

The Chicano Movement, William O. Deaver

Tras el cristal: Reflejos, reflexiones y refracciones de lo perverso, William O. Deaver

Serious Communication: Quandary, Complexity, and Decision Making, Lisa Dusenberry

Sustainable Collaborations: Training Teams in Psychological Safety, Lisa Dusenberry

The Future in Code: Blending Narrative and Instruction in Coding and Programming Stories for Kids, Lisa Dusenberry

Tutoring Multimodal Assignments, Lisa Dusenberry

Why Should English Majors Learn to Code? Teaching Writing Strategies and Game Design in English/Professional Communication, Lisa Dusenberry

Jacksonville University: Visiting artist/speaker, Jason Hoelscher

Reductive Art, Refractive Information, and Emergent Simplicity, Jason Hoelscher

The Maximum Potential Entropy of Posthuman Aesthetics: An Information-Theoretic Interpretation of Grand Narratives, Jason Hoelscher

Science and the Supernatural: Restoring Life in Paul Féval’s La Ville-vampire, William B. Holley

The Last Journey: Death and the Narrator in Thérese Raquin and La Mort d’Olivier Bécaille, William B. Holley


Vampires and Swashbucklers: Identity Theft in Paul Féval’s La Ville-vampire and Le Bossu, William B. Holley

The Art of Losing: Reflections on Reading and Teaching, Re-Visioning and Regeneration, Helen E. Howells

'Old Tales Are Like Old Friends': Reimagining and Retelling in Westeros, Carol P. Jamison

Teaching Westeros: Medievalism, Medieval Studies, and George R. R. Martin, Carol P. Jamison

COLA Dean’s List celebration: Guest Speaker, Prof.Carol Parrish Jamison, Carol Parrish Jamison

Sigma Tau Delta induction, Carol Parrish Jamison

Postfeminism the Musical: The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Amanda Konkle

Tablets and Research Assignments: Increased Access or a Waste of Time?, Amanda Konkle


Preparing English Language Learners for Academic Writing: A Functional Linguistic Approach, Jinrong Li and Alisa Leckie


Just Google It: Investigating Multilingual Writers’ Digital Information Literacy, Jinrong Li, Lilian Mina, and Jeanne Bohannon


Assessment Across Online Language Education: Documenting Interaction, Autonomy, and Learning Outcomes, Stephanie Link and Jinrong Li

Design Education Challenges for Millennial Generation, Santanu Majumdar

Design Education Quintessence, Santanu Majumdar

Invited Talk Design Thinking at the Youth Entrepreneurship Program 2017, Santanu Majumdar

The Design Education in Internet Era, Santanu Majumdar

Thinking Through Making, Santanu Majumdar

Understanding Design from a Cultural Perspective, Santanu Majumdar

Web Design Workshop, Santanu Majumdar

Globe to Globe: How the World Came to London to Perform Shakespeare, and How Shakespeare Traveled the World, Sarah E. McCarroll

El Lado Bajo Y Obscuro De La Personificación Femenina en La Cuentística De Guadalupe Dueñas Y Amparo Dávila, Dolores Rangel


Iconografía De La Mujer Mexicana: Cinco Momentos en El Siglo XX, Dolores Rangel


Ecuador´s Role in the U.S. Elections, Diana Serrano

Cecil Brown: 1940s’ Radio Commentator Who First Championed Civil Rights, Reed W. Smith

Radio Commentators: America’s Opinion Leaders, Reed W. Smith

A Preliminary Investigation of Executive and Motor Functions of Beginning Older Adult Instrumentalists, Laura A. Stambaugh

Focus of Attention in Wind Performance: Should I Think About My Fingers?, Laura A. Stambaugh

Interdisciplinary Collaborations Between Music Performance and Kinesiology, Laura A. Stambaugh

Oboe Refresher!, Laura A. Stambaugh

“The Beautiful, Refreshing Music”: Child and Parent Voices From Community Choirs, Mallory M. Tafoya, Laura A. Stambaugh, and D. W. Langley


Using Brain Science to Assess (Creative) Writing Assignments, Laura E. Valeri


Mentoring, Mansplaining, Mothering: Directing Creative Writing Programs While Female, Laura E. Valeri, Stephanie Vanderslice, Leanna James Blackwell, Judith Baumel, and Janet Sylvester


Women in Conflict: Constructing Identity in the Twentieth Century During Dictatorship and War, Hapsatou Wane and Allison Scardino Belzer

The Urge to Merge: Pressures, Politics, Practicalities, Kristen Williams, Lisa A. Costello, Kristi Branham, Janet Badia, and Tanya Saroj Bakhru