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Submissions from 2006

An investigation of public relations’ role in supporting corporate culture: A Case study of a regional healthcare facility, Pamela Bourland-Davis and Beverly L. Graham


‘I Can’t Imagine It Won’t Bear Fruit’: Jesuits, Politics and Heretics in Siena and Neighboring Regions, Kathleen M. Comerford

‘El retablo de las maravillas’: mensajes crípticos para un pueblo invisible, William O. Deaver

Incorporating a Service Project into Study Abroad, William O. Deaver

A Developing Program Develops Relations with Industry, Timothy D. Giles

Cloning Zombies: A Motive for Metaphor, Timothy D. Giles

Why Everybody Loves Raymond: Hegemony and the centrifugal discursive formation of patriarchy, Beverly L. Graham and Chris B. Geyerman

“Teaching While the Students Aren’t Looking: Using Subversive Instruction to Facilitate Empowered Learning.” Co-presented with Nancy Remler and Jack Simmons, Helen E. Howells

The Play and Meaning of Courtoisie in Romanz de un Chivaler et de sa Dame et de un Clerk, Carol P. Jamison

Dos mundos subyugados: la visión de Rosario Castellanos en Balún Canán, Dolores Rangel

Dulces y violentas transvestis: las mujeres piratas en Lobas de mar de Zoé Valdés, Dolores Rangel

Juana, ¿reina de Castilla? Juana loca: Una nueva lectura de la historia en El pergamino de la seducción de G. Belli, Dolores Rangel

Muñiz Huberman: Neomisticismo, Exilio Y Memoria en Morada Interior, Dolores Rangel

You Might Be a Redneck!: Points of Convergence Between White, Black and Latino Culture in the South, Dolores Rangel and David C. Alley

Conference on Black Reporters and the Civil Rights Era, Reed W. Smith

Agents and Contracts, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2001

Irish, Moors, Scythians, and Othello, Christopher P. Baker

Othello as Ovidian Scythian, Christopher P. Baker

Richard II as rex ludens, Christopher P. Baker