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Submissions from 2016

“To ordain wisely in this world of evil”: King Lear, Cymbeline, and Shakespeare’s Utopian / Dystopian Vision of Britain, Christopher P. Baker

The British Bachelor: Surprising Truths about Single Men in the Nineteenth Century, Allison Scardino Belzer

Unconventional Family Values in the Victorian Era, Allison Scardino Belzer

Writing and (Re)Action: Reacting to the Past and Composition, Allison Scardino Belzer and Elizabeth Howells


LILAC and Citation Project Workshop, Jeanne Bohannon, Sandra Jamieson, Jinrong Li, Janice R. Walker, and Carrie Wastal

Crucible of the Suppression: The Janus-Faced Jesuit Enlightenment, Jeffrey Burson

New Perspectives on Revolution, Counter-Revolution, and Religious Sensibility: England and France in Comparative Perspective, Jeffrey Burson

Communal Memory Narratives: How Local Holocaust Museums Reflect and Shape Their Communities, Lisa A. Costello

Is it Happening Again? How Deferred Memories by Women Revive Public Memory and the Holocaust, Lisa A. Costello

Women and Mentorship in Academia: In the Classroom and in the Profession, Lisa A. Costello

Reconstructing Thomas Jefferson: George Bancroft and the Nostalgia of American History, Christopher M. Curtis

Invited presenter, LLP Professional Development Panel for Producing Scholarship, William O. Deaver

Invited speaker, Spanish Programs for HOLA Students, William O. Deaver

Latino Contributions to American History and Culture, William O. Deaver

Speaker for Latino Kickoff, William O. Deaver

Designing & Grading Multimodal Writing Assignments, Lisa Dusenberry

Nancy Drew, Vampire Slayer and Bella Swan, Vampire Lover: Drawing Out Emotions in Graphic Novel Adaptations, Lisa Dusenberry

Producing Games in the Writing Classroom: A Writing Workshop Approach, Lisa Dusenberry

Teaching Technical Communication as Storytelling: Using Infographics to Teach 21st Century Competencies, Lisa Dusenberry

Valuing Empathy: Technical Communicator as Storyteller, Lisa Dusenberry


Art, Information, and Complexity, Jason Hoelscher

Creativity and Incommensurability: Modes of Differential Instauration, Jason Hoelscher

Direct Experience, Once Removed: Unconcealing the Environmental Interface, Jason Hoelscher

Hoffman-LaChance Gallery: Public gallery talk, Jason Hoelscher

Immateriality and Standardization: Information and Difference in Modernist Aesthetics, Jason Hoelscher

Montserrat College of Art: Visiting artist, Jason Hoelscher

Morris Museum of Art: Lecture and luncheon, Jason Hoelscher

Sonic Instauration and the Contextural Subject, Jason Hoelscher

Sonic Instauration and the Contextural Subject, Jason Hoelscher

In Conversation: Jenny Odell and Jason Hoelscher: Contemporary Art and the Archive, Jason Hoelscher and Jenny Odell

Women in Windows in Victorian Literature, Helen E. Howells

Writing and (Re)Action: RTTP and Composition, Helen E. Howells

Peaceweaving Women in Westeros, Carol P. Jamison

An Unacceptable Suggestive Flavor’: Marilyn Monroe’s Films, Class, and the Weakening of the Hollywood Production Code, Amanda Konkle

Digital Mix: The Landscape of Digital Pedagogy in the Writing and Communication Classroom, Halcyon Lawrence, Liz Hutter, Joy Robinson, and Lisa Dusenberry

Analysis of College Writing Assignments, Jinrong Li


From Text-Based to Digital Feedback: What Has Changed?, Jinrong Li


Lexical Richness of L1 and L2 Students’ Writing, Jinrong Li


Rethinking Rubric Design: A Methodology for Reducing Variations in Student and Teacher Assessments of Writing, Peggy J. Lindsey and Jinrong Li

Design Education Quintessence, Santanu Majumdar

Keynote speaker at the Critical Thinking Conference 2016, East Georgia State Collage, Santanu Majumdar

Design Education Quintessence, Santanu Majumdar and Hans Mortensen


Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing – Multidisciplinary Team Development and Operations, Bill Mase, Samuel Adeyeye, Olga Amarie, Claudia Cornejo Happel, Ellen Hamilton, Shamika D. Jones, Jessica Orvis, and Neri Romero

Globe to Globe: How the World Came to London to Perform Shakespeare, and How Shakespeare Traveled the World, Sarah E. McCarroll

The Key Plays: The 21st Century Edition, Sarah E. McCarroll

Beyond the Mask: Creating Character & Impulse Through Commedia, Nicholas D. Newell

Neoliberal Universities and the Myth of the Dying Humanities: Activist Pedagogy & Global Learning, Jane V. Rago

‘Too Dark Altogether:’ Neoliberal Imperialism, Then & Now, Jane V. Rago


Fronteras Flexibles: La Poética De Angelina Muñiz-Huberman, Dolores Rangel


Collaborative Strategies for Distributed Teams: Innovation Through Interlaced Collaborative Writing, Joy Robinson, Lisa Dusenberry, and Halcyon M. Lawrence

How Stable Are Motor Pathways in Beginning Wind Instrument Study?, Laura A. Stambaugh

The Effect of Focus of Attention on Woodwind Performance, Laura A. Stambaugh

The Effect of Focus of Attention on Woodwind Performance, Laura A. Stambaugh

Aloha! Ukeleles in the Classroom, Laura A. Stambaugh and Joshua Mock


Engendering Gender in the Law: Medicine, the Human Body, and Inquests in the Nineteenth-Century U.S., Felicity M. Turner

Property Rights versus Human Rights: Revisiting Margaret Garner (1856), Felicity M. Turner


We Don’t String Popcorn Necklaces Here: Brain Science and Assessment Beyond Craft, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2015

Demystifying the Hiring Process: The View from the Other Side of the Table, William T. Allison

Improvisation Modules in Foreign Language Learning, Olga Amarie

Sourire bravache et déni de douleur dans Quatre uppercuts de Patrice Lelorain, Olga Amarie

Victims as Characters, Olga Amarie

English Women’s Involvement in the First World, Allison Scardino Belzer

Mind the Gap: Practice and Preference in Digital Pedagogies, Rebecca Burnett, Lisa Dusenberry, Andy Frazee, Liz Hutter, and Joy Robinson

From Revolution to Nation: A Changing World, Jeffrey Burson

Genealogies of Enlightenment among the Jansenists and Jesuits, Jeffrey Burson

Ideology, Opportunism, and the Process of Theological Enlightenment, c. 1762-1782: Insights from the Correspondence of Abbé Claude Yvon and Marc-René de Voyer, Marquis d’Argenson, Jeffrey Burson

Seventeenth-Century England and France: Gender, Theory, and Practice, Jeffrey Burson

Twilight into Dawn: Reflections on the Passage from Renaissance into the Age of Enlightenment, Jeffrey Burson

Twilight of the Renaissance or Dawn of Enlightenment Europe?, Jeffrey Burson

The Bicentennial of Waterloo: A Historical Retrospective on Napoleon and the Napoleonic Mystique, Jeffrey D. Burson


Professional Career Paths beyond the Classroom, Kathleen M. Comerford

Chicago-Turabian Documentation, Cynthia Costa

Gendering the Archive: Public Memory and Holocaust Testimony in Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah and Beyond, Lisa A. Costello

Reimag(e)ing Holocaust Memory: Dancing in Auschwitz and Numbered as Collaborative Memory Across Generations, Lisa A. Costello

The “Peculiar Foundations” of Ecclesiastical Authority: Case Histories from New South Wales, Virginia, and Cape Town, Christopher M. Curtis

Information Storytelling: Blending Narrative and Data, Lisa Dusenberry

Instruction through Narrative: The High Stakes of Technical Communication Narratives for Youth, Lisa Dusenberry

Provoking Choice: Defamiliarizing Presentations with Multimodal Demonstrations, Lisa Dusenberry

Strategic Learning through Alternate Reality Games: The Reward of Risking a Semester with Linked Multimodal Projects, Lisa Dusenberry

The Chivalric Code of Westeros, Carol P. Jamison


The Potential Benefits of Semantic Mapping for L2 Writers, Jinrong Li

Understanding Variations Between Student and Teacher Application of Rubrics, Jinrong Li and Peggy J. Lindsey

Bringing Ergonomics in Class Rooms: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Santanu Majumdar

Design Education Archetype, Santanu Majumdar

Impact of Shaping the Future, Santanu Majumdar

Interactive Teaching Methods to Engage Students through Responsive Learning in Organic Chemistry, Santanu Majumdar


The Impact of Mentoring, Santanu Majumdar


The State of Design Education, Santanu Majumdar

Navigating the Arts in the Academy, Sarah E. McCarroll

Performing the Absent Body: Voyeurism and the Playboy Riots, Sarah E. McCarroll

Sun City-Hilton Head Irish Heritage Society, Guest Speaker, Sarah E. McCarroll

The Key Plays 3: Diversity in American Theatre, Sarah E. McCarroll

Young Scholars Award Panel Presentation, Sarah E. McCarroll

Bringing Ergonomics in Class Rooms: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Aniruddha Mitra and Santanu Majumdar

A Playwright’s Guide to the Gatekeepers, Nicholas D. Newell

Commedia & Finding Your Inner Zanni, Nicholas D. Newell

A Story We Can Live With: Privatizing National Identity in the Fight to “Light Up Africa”, Jane V. Rago

To Go West: Travelogues, Nationality, and the Dissonance of Self, Jane V. Rago


La Niña Y El Viejo: Relaciones Pedófilas en La Narrativa De Gabriel García Márquez, Dolores Rangel

Memoria, paternidad y literatura: prolegómenos a la ensayística de Federico Campbell, Dolores Rangel