Submissions from 2016

Valuing Empathy: Technical Communicator as Storyteller, Lisa Dusenberry

Collaborative Strategies for Distributed Teams: Innovation through Interlaced Collaborative Writing, Lisa Dusenberry and Halcyon Lawrence


Brave New World: Observations During the Early Transition Between Public and Academic Librarians, Jessica Garner


Well, That Took A While: An Anecdotal Comparison of the Job Application Process Between Public and Academic Libraries, Jessica Garner

How Are We Really Doing?: Using Assessment to Improve Library Services at Georgia Southern University, Clement Lau

Library Architecture Design and Space Utilization Case Studies: U.S., China, and Hong Kong, Clement Lau

Study Abroad in China, Clement Lau


The Art of Weeding: Getting Support From Faculty on Print Collection Weeding Projects, Clement Lau

Analysis of College Writing Assignments, Jinrong Li


From Text-Based to Digital Feedback: What Has Changed?, Jinrong Li


Lexical Richness of L1 and L2 Students’ Writing, Jinrong Li


Rethinking Rubric Design: A Methodology for Reducing Variations in Student and Teacher Assessments of Writing, Peggy J. Lindsey and Jinrong Li

Globe to Globe: How the World Came to London to Perform Shakespeare, and How Shakespeare Traveled the World, Sarah E. McCarroll

The Key Plays: The 21st Century Edition, Sarah E. McCarroll


Get the eTeam, Stat! Managing ERA Troubleshooting Triage Tier by Tier, Jeffrey M. Mortimore


NSF Data Management Requirements 101, Jeffrey M. Mortimore


Managing Content Across LibGuides and LibAnswers, Jeffrey M. Mortimore and Ruth L. Baker


Springshare Mashups: Repurposing Digital Content, Jeffrey M. Mortimore and Ruth L. Baker


A Bird in the Hand: Leveraging ILL Requests to Improve Electronic Resource Access, Jeffrey M. Mortimore, Jessica Garner, Jermaine L. Bryant, and Jessica Williams


DOIs Demystified: Getting Started with CrossRef Membership and DOI Deposits, Jeffrey M. Mortimore and Ashley D. Lowery


Shaping Expectations: Defining and Refining the Role of Technical Services in New Resource Rollouts, Jeffrey M. Mortimore and Debra G. Skinner

Beyond the Mask: Creating Character & Impulse Through Commedia, Nicholas D. Newell

Collaborative Strategies for Distributed Teams: Innovation Through Interlaced Collaborative Writing, Joy Robinson, Lisa Dusenberry, and Halcyon M. Lawrence


E-Team Workflow: A Case Study in Improving Electronic Access Troubleshooting, Debra G. Skinner


GIL Cooperative Libraries: Cataloging in the Zone, Debra G. Skinner


We Don’t String Popcorn Necklaces Here: Brain Science and Assessment Beyond Craft, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2015

Demystifying the Hiring Process: The View from the Other Side of the Table, William T. Allison

Improvisation Modules in Foreign Language Learning, Olga Amarie

Sourire bravache et déni de douleur dans Quatre uppercuts de Patrice Lelorain, Olga Amarie

Victims as Characters, Olga Amarie


Making a First-Year Experience Course iPad Intensive: A Cautionary Tale, Ruth L. Baker


Professional Career Paths beyond the Classroom, Kathleen M. Comerford

The “Peculiar Foundations” of Ecclesiastical Authority: Case Histories from New South Wales, Virginia, and Cape Town, Christopher M. Curtis

Information Storytelling: Blending Narrative and Data, Lisa Dusenberry

Instruction through Narrative: The High Stakes of Technical Communication Narratives for Youth, Lisa Dusenberry

Mind the Gap: Practice and Preference in Digital Pedagogies, Lisa Dusenberry

Provoking Choice: Defamiliarizing Presentations with Multimodal Demonstrations, Lisa Dusenberry

Strategic Learning through Alternate Reality Games: The Reward of Risking a Semester with Linked Multimodal Projects, Lisa Dusenberry


Parallel Universes Converge - Delivery Services in Georgia's Public and Academic Libraries, Kathleen Holcomb, Susan Morris, Elaine Hardy, and Jessica Garner


The Potential Benefits of Semantic Mapping for L2 Writers, Jinrong Li

Understanding Variations Between Student and Teacher Application of Rubrics, Jinrong Li and Peggy J. Lindsey


A Convoluted Web: Reusing Metadata to Highlight Faculty Scholarship,, Ashley D. Lowery


EBSCO's PlumX and our Institutional Repository (IR): Integration and Impact at Georgia Southern University, Ashley D. Lowery


Hip to Be Prepared: Tips for Managing Multiple Conferences in Your Repository, Ashley D. Lowery


Letting the Data Lead the Way: Georgia Southern's Journey with Alternative Metrics, Ashley D. Lowery


A Fruitful Collaboration: Offering More than Faculty Profiles, Ashley D. Lowery and Debra G. Skinner

Beyond Engagement: A Pilot Study of Past Experiences, Current Expectations, and Engagement Related Behaviors After Graduation, William Mase, Samuel Adeyeye, Olga Amarie, Ellen Hamilton, and Claudia Cornejo Happel

Navigating the Arts in the Academy, Sarah E. McCarroll

Performing the Absent Body: Voyeurism and the Playboy Riots, Sarah E. McCarroll

The Key Plays 3: Diversity in American Theatre, Sarah E. McCarroll

Young Scholars Award Panel Presentation, Sarah E. McCarroll


Correlating Library Usage with First Time Degree Seeking Students' Academic Success, W. Bede Mitchell, Steven Burrell, Steven Engel, and Michael Jordan


Take It to the eTeam: Improving ERA Troubleshooting Management and Communications with LibAnswers, Jeffrey M. Mortimore and Debra G. Skinner

A Playwright’s Guide to the Gatekeepers, Nicholas D. Newell

Commedia & Finding Your Inner Zanni, Nicholas D. Newell

Escribiendo desde el margen de la colonia. La autobiografía de Sor Catalina de Jesús Herrera, Diana Serrano


Growing GKR: Increasing the Undergraduate Research Component, Debra G. Skinner


We Came, We Saw, We Conferenced: Capturing and Sharing Campus Events at Georgia Southern, Debra G. Skinner and Ashley D. Lowery


Fictional Story-Telling for Teaching Research and Ethics? A Discussion on the Permissibility of Fiction and Its Potential as an Exploration of Cultural and Moral Biases, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2014

Grand Strategy and the Great War, William T. Allison

Interpretation and Limits in the Contemporary French Novel, Olga Amarie

Order and Disorder in 21st Century Short Stories, Olga Amarie

Twin Tower Lovers Exhibit, Olga Amarie


Designing LibGuides as Instructional Tools for Critical Thinking and Effective Online Learning, Ruth L. Baker


Trends in Academic Libraries: Research Assistance and Instruction, Ruth L. Baker

Brill’s Companion to Ignatius of Loyola: The Quest for the Historical Ignatius, Kathleen M. Comerford


Contingent Faculty: Career Paths and Possibilities, Kathleen M. Comerford

Poe, Burroughs y Cortázar, Pre-textos y Pretextos, William O. Deaver


Annotated Learner Corpus and Revision for L2 Learners, Jinrong Li

Henry the Which? Who’s Who in Shakespeare’s History Plays, Sarah E. McCarroll

Jane Austen Goes Dancing: Romance and the Ballroom, Sarah E. McCarroll

The “Boy” Who Wouldn’t Grow Up: Peter Pan and the Dangers of Eternal Youth, Sarah E. McCarroll

Freedom Behind the Mask, Nicholas D. Newell

Get Your Script Off of the Stack, Nicholas D. Newell

L’amour Dans La Poesie Et La Musique, Nicholas D. Newell


Just in Time! Digital Commons@Georgia Southern Offers a Suite of Services for the Entire Campus, Debra G. Skinner


Publishing Peer-Reviewed Online Journals with Digital Commons, Debra G. Skinner


Cecil Brown: The Controversial Life of an Itinerant Broadcast Commentator, Reed W. Smith

Submissions from 2013

Fragments d’écriture chez Brigitte Giraud, Olga Amarie

L’expression du conflit identitaire dans Je suis un écrivain japonais de Dany Laferrière, Olga Amarie

Multiculturalism in French and Francophone Literature, Olga Amarie


Scooping, Clipping and Snipping: Leveraging the Power of Curation Tools to Enhance LibGuide Design and Use, Ruth L. Baker


All Politics is Local: The Medici-Habsburg Axis, 1532–88, Kathleen M. Comerford


A New Journal: Journal of Jesuit Interdisciplinary Studies, Kathleen M. Comerford


Brill’s Companion to Ignatius of Loyola I, Kathleen M. Comerford


Brill’s Companion to Ignatius of Loyola II, Kathleen M. Comerford


Jesuit Global Missions I, Kathleen M. Comerford


Not Just about Eleonora: Women and Support for Jesuit Colleges in Tuscany, 1547-1621, Kathleen M. Comerford

Ecclesiastical Authority in the Anglican South: Challenges to Advowson Rights, Christopher M. Curtis

Memories of Underdevelopment: Justifying the Cuban Revolution, William O. Deaver

Dance? But It’s Shakespeare!: Period Dance for Actors, Sarah E. McCarroll

Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth’s Victorian Marriage, Sarah E. McCarroll

The Historical Body Map: Cultural Pressures on Embodied Cognition, Sarah E. McCarroll

The Past is Prologue: Practicing Theory and History, Sarah E. McCarroll

El disfraz de Catalina de Jesús Herrera, Diana Serrano


Lessons Learned While Developing an Effective Culture of Assessment for Library Instruction, Sonya S. Shepherd

Jimmy Carter and Charles Ferris: The Men Who Shook Up the Federal Communications Commission, Reed W. Smith


The Real Designers of Telecommunications Deregulation: It Wasn’t Reagan or Fowler, Reed W. Smith

Online and Blended Learning with Google and Folio, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2012

Anne Garréta et l’absence de marquage des personnages, Olga Amarie