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Submissions from 2012

Anne Garréta et l’absence de marquage des personnages, Olga Amarie

How to Write an Annual Review, Olga Amarie

Ordre et révolte dans la nouvelle française, Olga Amarie

Romanian Lesson and Discussion, Olga Amarie

Unified Arts in Un homme qui dort by Georges Perec and Bernard Queysanne, Olga Amarie

A Trip with the Strange Woman: Dutchman as Proverbial Spiritual Journey, Christopher P. Baker

Female Activism & Family Values: The Ashurst Sisters in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Allison Scardino Belzer

Jansenist Literatures in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century France: Strategies and Dissemination of Media Production in Paris and the Provinces, Jeffrey Burson

L’Histoire croisée, Religion, and Pre-Revolutionary France: The Case of Nicholas Sylvestre Bergier’s Answer to the Chinese Articles of the Dictionnaire Philosophique, Jeffrey Burson

Reflections on Enlightenment Catholicism, Jeffrey Burson

Transnational Trajectories of Catholic Enlightenment and Eighteenth-Century France, Jeffrey Burson


A New Journal: Journal of Jesuit Interdisciplinary Studies, Kathleen M. Comerford

Local Testimonies: How Regional Holocaust Museums in the United States Impact the Future of Holocaust Memory, Lisa A. Costello

Re-Framing the Holocaust for the Future: How Regional Holocaust Museums in the United States Impact Holocaust Memory, Lisa A. Costello

Mnemonic Devices for Teaching Irregular Verbs in Spanish, William O. Deaver

Interdisciplinary Teaching, Helen E. Howells

WAC + Undergraduate Research=Student Success, Helen E. Howells

Why all the Hate? The Dark Side of Mommy Blogging, Helen E. Howells

Irving and Terry at the Lyceum: West End Shakespeare, Sarah E. McCarroll

Period Plays, Modern Bodies: Embodying Times Gone By, Sarah E. McCarroll

Political Acts and Acting: Elizabeth Robins’ Ibsen and the Actress, Sarah E. McCarroll

Integrate Google Hangouts into your Online Courses, Dolores Rangel and Louise Fechter

A Preliminary Investigation of Error Detection Skills by Music Teacher Candidates, Laura Stambaugh

Examination of a MIDI Wind Controller for Use in Research, Laura Stambaugh

Relationship between Ear Training Courses and Applied Error Detection Skills, Laura Stambaugh

Journeying Through the Fallow Mind: Transcending Writers’ Block at The Desk and In the Classroom, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2011

Graphical Poems for the National Anthem of Moldova: Our Language (Limba noastră) by Ion Găină, Olga Amarie

« Les mots pour toi sont le sel et le jeu » : si l’on parvenait à voir les jeux de Jacques Roubaud, Olga Amarie

Le Triptyque: « l’Arbre, le Poète, la Cathédrale » de Ion Găină, Olga Amarie

Poèmes graphiques de l’hymne « Notre Langue » (Limba noastră) de Ion Găină, Olga Amarie

The Triptych: The Tree, Poet, and Cathedral by Ion Găină, Olga Amarie

Ideal and Real Women in Conflict: Femininity under Fire in Italy, Allison Scardino Belzer

Making Women into Citizens: The Great War in Italy, Allison Scardino Belzer

Women and the Great War, Allison Scardino Belzer


Confrontation and Compromise: Cosimo I dei Medici’s Program for Creating a Christian Realm, Kathleen M. Comerford

Embodying Difference: Building Community through Critical and Transcultural Literacies, Lisa A. Costello

Feminist Art Activism: Mentoring Art Students through Genre Writing, Lisa A. Costello

Fresa y chocolate: A Subtle Critique of the Revolution in Crisis, William O. Deaver

Health as hegemonic masculinity: The symbolic construction of health in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines, Beverly L. Graham and Chris B. Geyerman

Adrienne Rich’s ‘Diving into the Wreck, Helen E. Howells

Beyond Bob Dylan: Composition and Literature in the Classroom, Helen E. Howells

Willa Cather’s ‘Paul’s Case, Helen E. Howells

José Tomás Cuéllar y su crítica a la sociedad mexicana del siglo XIX, Dolores Rangel

Great Minds Lecture Series: “Three Episodes in Georgia Media History,”, Reed W. Smith

Valued Added Programs through Advisory Boards, Reed W. Smith

Resumes and Cover Letters, Laura Stambaugh

An Examination of a Midi Wind Controller for Use in Instrumental Research, Laura A. Stambaugh


Research in the Creative Writing Classroom: Methods, Pedagogies, Dilemmas, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2010

‘Greedily she engorg’d: Eve’s Satanic Sacrament.’, Christopher P. Baker


Jesuit Tuscan Libraries: Bibliotheca not-yet Selecta, Kathleen M. Comerford


Mutual Conquests: Jesuit and Medici Strategies for the Control of Tuscany, 1550s-1650s, Kathleen M. Comerford

How Everyone Loves Raymond: The hegemonic function of gender, class, and nationalism, Beverly L. Graham and Chris B. Geyerman

Internationalizing the communication curriculum: The China experience, Beverly L. Graham, Chris B. Geyerman, and K. S. Berry

Potential Utility of incorporating compliance- gaining behavior theory for men’s healthcare messages, Beverly L. Graham and Urkovia Jacob-Andrews

Kairos and the Rhetoric of Mommy Blogs in the 21st Century, Helen E. Howells

Rocking the Cradle and Rocking the Boat: The Complicated Community of ‘Mommy Blogs, Helen E. Howells

Working/Mothers: Mommy Blogs and Separate Spheres, Helen E. Howells

Heavenly Genes: New Mothers of England, Jane V. Rago

Entre la mueca y la risa: santos y demonios en la sociedad novohispana en Ángeles del abismo de Enrique Serna, Dolores Rangel

Estética y metafísica en la ensayística de Jorge Luis Borges, Dolores Rangel

Estudios recientes sobre la literatura de la Revolución Mexicana: 1990 al 2007, Dolores Rangel

Historia y metateatro en Entre Villa y una Mujer desnuda de Sabina Berman, Dolores Rangel

Wrong Ideas about the Day of the Death, Dolores Rangel

Investigating Blocked and Random Practice for Wind Instruments, Laura Stambaugh


Fledge: Promoting Student Research through Publication, Laura E. Valeri


The Road Less Taken and the Ivory Tower: Getting Creative about Creative Careers, Laura E. Valeri


The Soul and the Machine: Teaching Creativity with Technology, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2009

Conflict and Memory in America Since World War II: War Memorials on the Washington Mall, William T. Allison

A New Testament Analogue for the Porter Scene in Macbeth, Christopher P. Baker

The Middle East Over Time: Phi Alpha Theta Session, Jeffrey Burson


Blogging a Research Paper? How Genre Juxtaposition Improves Student Academic Research and Writing, Lisa A. Costello

Service Learning and ‘Action Research’: Comparing the Ripple Effect of Civic Responsibility in Local Spheres and Web/Blogospheres, Lisa A. Costello

Faculty Speaker at “Bringing the World to Armstrong–One Class at a Time”, William O. Deaver

Reading of “Búcate Plata”, William O. Deaver

These are a few of my favorite things: Discipline approaches to public speaking, Beverly L. Graham, A. M. Brooks, and L. L. Muller

Cervantes y Boullosa: relaciones intertextuales en La otra mano de Lepanto, Dolores Rangel

Perspectivas de religión e identidad cultural en las narrativas de Angelina Muñiz-Huberman y Rosa Nissán, Dolores Rangel


Regulating the Regulators: The FCC Versus the House of Representatives, Reed W. Smith

Student Production, Original “Old Radio Video Documentary in Celebration of 100 Years of Radio”, Reed W. Smith


The Case of FCC Chairman John Doerfer and TV License Influence Peddling, Reed W. Smith

Building Stories From The Sentence Up, Laura E. Valeri


Our Roots Are Deep with Passion – Creative Nonfiction Presents New Italian American Writers, Laura E. Valeri

Teaching Fiction with Technology, Laura E. Valeri


The Tree and the Leaves: Using Paradigms for Teaching Fiction, Laura E. Valeri

Writing Dialog That Breathes, Laura E. Valeri