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Submissions from 2005

Comparing the Educational Systems of Mexico and the United States, Scott A. Beck

Latinos in Southeast Georgia: Demographics, Immigration & Economic Impact, Scott A. Beck and Andrea Garza Cruz

Incorporating Algebraic Thinking in Upper Elementary Classrooms, Gregory Chamblee


What Do Middle Grade and Secondary Mathematics Teachers Believe About Mathematics Teaching: an Analysis of a WebCT-Based Course, Gregory Chamblee

Partnering for Portal: A Journey in Network-Building, Gregory Chamblee, D. Bath, S. Kenney, and A. Williams

Partnering for Portal, Gregory Chamblee, S. Kenney, E. Hall, L. Motes, L. Harrington, and E. Hagins

Integrating Problem Solving in the Elementary Mathematics: Findings, Pitfalls, and Hopes, Gregory Chamblee, D. Sparkman, T. Mills, and C. Kent

Bridging Algebra and Algebraic Thinking in Middle Grades, Gregory Chamblee and S. Taylor

Being White and Knowing It: A Philosophical Examination of White Identity, Lee Woodham DiGiovanni and Delores D. Liston

Elementary Teachers and Multicultural Education: Developing Understandings, Lee Woodham DiGiovanni and Delores D. Liston


Transforming Curriculum Through Multicultural Education: White Female Educators Moving Beyond the Tourist Approach to Multiculturalism, Lee Woodham DiGiovanni and Delores D. Liston

Voices from the Margins: “Black” Caribbean and Mexican Heritage Women Educators in the Rural South, Lorraine S. Gilpin and Scott A. Beck

On Not Being Able to Play, Marla B. Morris

The Caduceus: Teacher as Diviner, Marla B. Morris

Cultural Competency in Mental Health Practices: Healing Themes in Intervention and Treatment With African American Families, Fayth M. Parks

Integrity and Ethical Practices, Fayth M. Parks

Freedom in the Time of Empire: Multiplicities and Multitude, William M. Reynolds

Curriculum Studies in the Era of Fundamentalism(s): Bodies without Souls, William M. Reynolds

Schooling in the Age of Fundamentalism(s), William M. Reynolds


A Synthesis of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) and Technology, Scott W. Slough and Gregory Chamblee

Experiencing Life Through the Body of FIlm, John A. Weaver

Submissions from 2004

A Theoretical Confession: Challenging preconceived discourses of Latinos in Dixie, Scott A. Beck

Panel Discussion on Immigration, Scott A. Beck

Algebra for Middle School Students, Gregory Chamblee

Modeling Using Census Data, Gregory Chamblee

Using Dot Paper to Teach Geometry, Gregory Chamblee


Using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model to Assess Changes in Technology Implementation: A Ten-Year Retrospective, Gregory Chamblee and Scott W. Slough

Addressing the Needs of Middle School Mathematics Certification Candidates: A Georgia Southern University Perspective, Gregory Chamblee and S. Taylor

Building and Implementing Courses for K-8 Teachers: One University’s Journey, Gregory Chamblee and S. Taylor

Feminist Pedagogy in the Elementary Classroom: An Agenda for Research, Lee Woodham DiGiovanni and Delores D. Liston

Deweyan Perspectives on Teaching, Learning and Inquiry, Delores D. Liston

Joy as a Metaphor of Convergence, Delores D. Liston

A Philosophical Investigation of Pedagogies of Liberatory Educational Practice, Delores D. Liston and Lee Woodham DiGiovanni

Archetypal Artwork, Curriculum and Illness, Marla B. Morris

Illness, Music and Curriculum, Marla B. Morris

The State of Curriculum Studies, Marla B. Morris

Anchors of Integrity™: A Model for Implementing Ethical Practices, Fayth M. Parks

Keynote Speech given at Ronald E. McNair Post baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholars’ Luncheon, Fayth M. Parks

Preserving identity and culture in Gullah/Geechee communities, Fayth M. Parks

Women’s Emotional Health, Fayth M. Parks

Cultural Curriculum Studies and Lines of Flight, William M. Reynolds

Rhizomatic Running and Curriculum Theory, William M. Reynolds

Rhizomatics and War Machines, William M. Reynolds

Digital Aethetics, John A. Weaver

Submissions from 2003

Changing Mid-Stream: Advocacy for Migrants in an Era of Accountability and Conservatism, Scott A. Beck

Counseling and Culture: Working with Spanish Speaking Clients – Demographics & Immigration Status, Scott A. Beck

Oral Histories of Mexican American Women Pioneers in Rural Southern Schools, Scott A. Beck

Oral Histories of Mexican American Women Pioneers in Schools of the Rural South, Part II, Scott A. Beck

In Search of Identity: Claiming a Standpoint for Political Agency in Educational Research, Scott A. Beck, Delores D. Liston, and Lorraine S. Gilpin

Using Dot Paper as an Instructional Strategy, Gregory Chamblee

Mapping Out the 6-8 Mathematics Curriculum: One School’s Journey, Gregory Chamblee, B. Ross, and J. Callaway

Developing Standards-Based Middle Grade Mathematics and Science Concentrations: A Program Perspective, Gregory Chamblee and M. Schriver


Measuring Mathematics and Science Teachers' Perceptions of Technology and Change: A Yearlong Study, Gregory Chamblee, Scott W. Slough, and Gaye Wunsch

Feminist Pedagogy as a Democratic Response to the Hidden Curriculum in Elementary Schools, Lee Woodham DiGiovanni and Delores D. Liston

Black Caribbean and Latina Immigrant Women Educators in the Rural South: New Understandings from the Margins, Lorraine S. Gilpin and Scott A. Beck

Evaluating Online Instruction Using Principles of Instruction, Stephen J. Jenkins, Elizabeth A. Downs, Randal Carlson, and Judi Repman

Joy and Connected Pedagogy: An Exploration of Spiritual Possibilities in Curriculum Discourse, Delores D. Liston and Melissa L. Lickteig

On Jewish and German Holocaust Fiction and Educational Implications, Marla B. Morris

The Gift of Otherness: Central and Eastern European Jewish Intellectual Ancestors, Marla B. Morris

The State of Curriculum Studies and the Reconceptualization, Marla B. Morris

Teaching through the Ill Body, Marla B. Morris and Delese Wear

A Narrative Approach to Incorporating African American Folk Beliefs in Counseling and Psychotherapy, Fayth M. Parks

Making real the dream: King's vision of beloved community, Fayth M. Parks

Zora Neale Hurston’s Sanctified Church: Gullah traditions in sacred daily life, Fayth M. Parks

Harlequins and Pink Panthers Curriculum The Next Generation, William M. Reynolds

No Child Left Untested and Education Left Behind, William M. Reynolds

Talking about the Generations, William M. Reynolds


Reflections on a Two-Week Technology Immersion Workshop as Part of a Yearlong Professional Development Program, Scott W. Slough, Gregory Chamblee, and Gaye Wunsch

Submissions from 2002

Migrant Farmworkers in Children’s Picture Storybooks: Romanticism, (Mis-) Representations, and Realities, Scott A. Beck

Oral Histories of Mexican American Women Pioneers in Schools of the Rural South, Part I, Scott A. Beck

Recent Language Minority Education Policy in Georgia: Appropriation, Assimilation, and Americanization, Scott A. Beck and Martha Allexsaht-Snider

Recent Language Minority Education Policy in Georgia: Appropriation, Assimilation, and Americanization, Scott A. Beck and Martha Allexsaht-Snider

Exploring the Uses of Dot Paper as an Instructional Model, Gregory Chamblee


Improving the Preparation of Secondary Mathematics Teachers: A Dialogue Between Mathematicians and Mathematics Educators, Gregory Chamblee

Reforming College Algebra Instruction at Georgia Southern University, Gregory Chamblee

Standards-Based Teacher Education Project in Secondary Mathematics, Gregory Chamblee

Essential Instructional Design Competencies for Library Media Specialists, Elizabeth A. Downs, Stephen Jenkins, Judi Repman, and Randal Carlson

Academic Freedom: A Casualty of War?, Delores D. Liston

A Disputation of a Bad Reputation: The Impact of Adverse Sexual Labels on the Lives of Five Southern Women, Delores D. Liston and Regina Rahimi

Derrida and Education, Marla B. Morris and William M. Reynolds

Homophobia in the Schools: Student Teachers' Perceptions and Preparations to Respond, Jane Page and Delores D. Liston

Remembering community: Gullah religious traditions, Fayth M. Parks

Taking Care of Yourself in the Midst of It All, Fayth M. Parks

Cowboys Don’t Cry: Country Music and Schooling, William M. Reynolds

Curriculum Theory: The Debate, William M. Reynolds

Nostalgia, Debate and Ressentiment, William M. Reynolds

Rock and Roll and Curriculum Studies, William M. Reynolds

The Next Generation: Curriculum Studies, William M. Reynolds

www.Memory: Country Music and Nostalgia, William M. Reynolds


Graphing Calculators and Algebra I, Algebra II, IPC, and Chemistry Teachers’ Perceptions of Change, Scott W. Slough and Gregory Chamblee


Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions of Graphing Calculators and Change, Scott W. Slough and Gregory Chamblee

The Posthuman Condition, John A. Weaver