This collection contains the publications produced by faculty members in the College of Education- Department of Middle Grades and Secondary Education at Georgia Southern University.

This page represents a comprehensive collection of publications from the faculty of the Middle Grades and Secondary Education department. Works published prior to the merger with Armstrong Campus in 2018 are also available from the Teaching and Learning department collection at

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Submissions from 2018

An Invitation to Modeling: Building a Community of Shared Explicit Practices, M. Aikens, K. D. Dahlquist, J. T. Dauer, S. Donovan, C. D. Eaton, and Robert Mayes


Évangélisme contre théorie de l’évolution dans le Sud-Est des États-Unis: Tenter de dépasser les conflits par la littératie scientifique et le dialogue, Amanda L. Glaze

21st Century STEM Reasoning, Robert Mayes and B. Gallant

Interdisciplinary STEM Through Engineering Design-Based Reasoning, Robert Mayes, B. Gallant, and E. Fettes

Impact of Interdisciplinary STEM on Student Affect and Reasoning, Robert Mayes, K. Rittschof, and B. Gallant

Real STEM: An Interdisciplinary STEM Program, Robert Mayes, K. Rittschof, C. Martin, and B. Gallant

Seeking Gender Fair Measurement of STEM Reasoning Among Middle Grades and Secondary Students, K. A. Rittschof, Robert L. Mayes, and B. Gallant

Submissions from 2014

Mathematics and Computational Thinking., Robert Mayes, R. Lehrer, and G. Jones


Discovery/Computational Science, Robert L. Mayes and Bryan Shader

Helpful Guidelines and Strategies for Explicit Vocabulary Instruction of Greek and Latin Morphemes, Amanda Wall

Submissions from 2013


Interactive Whiteboards and Teaching: Are We Repeating History?, Gregory Chamblee


Teaching Algebra and Geometry with GeoGebra: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Middle Grades/Secondary Mathematics Classrooms, Jeffery Hall and Gregory Chamblee


An Analysis of Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Observed Use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom, Jeffery Hall, Gregory Chamblee, and Scott Slough


An Examination of Interactive Whiteboard Perceptions using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model Stages of Concern and the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Model of Instructional Evolution., Jeffery Hall, Gregory Chamblee, and Scott Slough


Quantitative Reasoning in Environmental Science: A Learning Progression, Robert L. Mayes, Jennifer Forrester, Jennifer Cristus, Nissa Yestness, Franziska Peterson, and Rachel Bonilla


Complex Adaptive Systems and Quantitative Reasoning in an Interdisciplinary STEM Mathematics Classroom, Robert L. Mayes and K. Greer


Quantitative Reasoning in Mathematics and Science Education: Papers from an International STEM Research Symposium, Robert L. Mayes and L. Hatfield

Teaching Math and Science in the Context of Energy and Climate: Building Students Quantitative Reasoning Skills and Scientific Understanding, Robert L. Mayes, J. Myers, and Mark Lyford

Quantitative Reasoning in Environmental Science: Learning Progression for 6th to 12th Grades, Robert L. Mayes and Franziska Peterson

Quantitative Reasoning in Environmental Science: Learning Progression for 6th to 12th Grades., Robert L. Mayes and Franziska Peterson


Quantitative Reasoning Learning Progressions for Environmental Science: Developing a Framework, Robert L. Mayes, Franziska Peterson, and Rachel Bonilla

Submissions from 2001

Cumberland Island: A Refuge for Unique Classroom Experiences, Marti Schriver and Gregory Chamblee


Integrating Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education Goals: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Scott W. Slough, Gregory Chamblee, and Jon Aull

Submissions from 1999

The Minnesota Population Problem, Gregory Chamblee and Julie Silva


Implementing Technology in Secondary Mathematics and Science Classrooms: Do We Have Common Goals? Barriers? Models for Change?, Julie Silva, Scott W. Slough, Cynthia Louden, and Gregory Chamblee

Submissions from 1998


Assessing Concerns of Algebra Teachers During a Curriculum Reform: A Constructivist Approach, Ann R. Crawford, Gregory Chamblee, and Russell J. Rowlett