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5 Tips for Preventing Challenging Behavior You Can Start Using Tomorrow

Noelle Drake, QBS LLC

A Systemic Approach to Implementing Social Emotional Learning in Schools: What Worked

Yvonne Commodore, Dr. Yvonne Commodore

Active Shooter Attack Prevention and Preparedness

Mark Gibbons, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Adapting Systems of Support to Meet the Behavioral, SEL, and Mental Health Needs of Students

Eleajah McElroy
Kainita Taylor
Toniece Walker

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Beyond Self-Care

Christopher Haines, Greater Greenville Mental Health Center

Centering Student Voices in Understanding Restorative Practices Implementation

Laura Fittz, Vanderbilt University

Creating a Resilient Nervous System: Using the Superpower of Neuroscience to Cope with Stress and Trauma

Lauren Etu, Ahimsa Yoga 716

Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQIA+ Youth

Sin R. Guanci PhDc, The Ohio State University

Developing a Safe School Climate Through PBIS

John Vandenburgh, Protect Connect Educate Solutions

Digital Health & Safety : Post-Pandemic Issues & Solutions

Katelyn L. Greer

Engaging School Resource Officer in Behavioral Health - Addressing behavior issues in our schools: A systems approach.

Bob N. Stevens PhD, APBS

Expect Excellence in Everything: Support for Teachers and Students

Caroline Whitt

Followership in Education: How Competent Followers Develop Effective Leaders

Doris Adams Hill Ph.D., Auburn University Main Campus

From Pre-K to the Workplace: How PBIS Impacts At-Risk Students Achieving Success Beyond Graduation

Elesha Buckley, Marion County Schools

Got Student Voice?

John Vandenburgh

Gritty Kids

Christi Martelli, Mountain Empire Unified School District

Guided Reflection for High-Performance Practice

Katy Haughney, Georgia Southern University
Stephanie Devine, Georgia Southern University

Identifying and Responding to Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Adolescents

Angela Landers

Impactful Adult SEL = Improved Culture and Climate

Sabrina Pressley, Oak View Elementary School, DeKalb County School District
Dr. Torri Hornsby-Griffin, Division of Equity & Student Empowerment, DeKalb County School District

Implementing Supportive Consequences in the Classroom

Shawnna Helf, COE

Improve Students' Physical, Mental, and Academic Health with The Walking Classroom

Laura Fenn, The Walking Classroom

Is My School Climate Healthy? Aligning PBIS-School Climate- Healthy Living In Your Schools

Yolanda B. Reid-Wheeler Ms., Henry County Schools

Lead Where You Stand: Creating Access Through Perseverance

Ronald Gonzalez

Leading Others Through Mindful Self-Compassion

Vira Salzburn, Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council
Jessica Matthewson, Gateway Community Service Board

Live, Laugh, Learn: Connecting is Protecting in Safe Schools

Steve Webb, Safe School Systems

Managing Escalating Student Behavior

Terrance Scott, University of Louisville

PBIS Training Part 1: Addressing Behaviors in Schools

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

PBIS Training Part 2: Examining School-Wide Routines

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

PBIS Training Part 3: Establishing School-Wide Expectations (Cont)

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

PBIS Training Part 3:Establishing School-Wide Expectations

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

PBIS Training Part 4: Effective School-Wide Recognition

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

PBIS Training Part 5:Effective School-Wide Discipline Procedures

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

PBIS Training Part 6: School-Wide Data Collection & Effective Data Analysis

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

Portrait of a School Shooter: A threat assessment perspective

wanda c. shelton, Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents

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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Individualized Interventions: Schoolwide Skill Supports for Students with EBD

Gregory J. Benner, The University of Alabama
Stephanie Williams, The University of Alabama
Pam Bailey, The University of Alabama
Erica Lee, The University of Alabama
Elizabeth L. Michael, The University of Alabama
Sara Sanders, The University of Alabama
Daraius Guthridge, The University of Alabama

Practical Social and Emotional Learning Strategies for Youth with Mental Health Concerns

Gregory J. Benner, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa

Preventing School Violence: A User's Guide

Franklin Schargel P. Schargel

Question, Persuade, Refer: QPR Gatekeeper Training

Jadeshala Humphries, Georgia Southern University

Ready, S-E-T, Go, Building a Culture of SEL- learn how to create a culture of SEL by Supporting, Engaging, and Teaching

Katie Frazier, WINGS for Kids

Restorative Practices as a Structure for Equity

Victoria Forrester

Presentation Materials Available

Restorative Practices: A Continuum of Supports

Eleajah McElroy
Kainita Taylor
Cassandra Crawford

Presentation Materials Available

Restore the Emotional Health of Your Students and Teachers

Jewelisa Blanks, Jewelisa Blanks

ROUK: Beyond the Curriculum - Transforming School Culture

Aaron L. Polansky

School Behavioral Health: Implementing Effective Interventions in Tiers 1 and 2

Lori Fernald, The Citadel

School Behavioral Health: PBIS, Mental Health, and the Interconnected Systems Framework

Lori Fernald, The Citadel

School Violence and Safety - Using the PBIS Online Tools and Data to Improve School Safety

Bob N. Stevens PhD, APBS

Self-regulation and Self-management Strategies for K-12 Classrooms

Melissa S. Martin, University of South Carolina - Aiken
Michelle Rasheed, University of South Carolina - Aiken

Sex Trafficking in School Aged Children

Nancy Uveges, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Skill Not Will: A Mindset For Social-Emotional Growth for All

Anthony J. Colannino

Presentation Materials Available

Southeast Conference on School Climate Program

Georgia Southern University

Presentation Materials Available

Strategies for Building a Positive School Climate: Keeping Teachers Happy and Students Motivated!

Katherine L. Kelbaugh, The Museum School of Avondale Estates

Presentation Materials Available

Structuring Student Wellness Across Initiative

Jon Eyler, Collaborative Learning Solutions

Students’ Mental Health Needs Supported Through the School System

Jon Eyler
Gail Angus

Presentation Materials Available

Supporting Social Engagement for AAC Users

Katy Haughney, Georgia Southern University
Stephanie Devine, Georgia Southern University

Sustaining PBIS: Low Effort and High Impact Strategies for Everyday Use

Terrance Scott, University of Louisville

Teacher Self-Care in Times of Chronic Stress

Angela Landers, Georgia Southern University

The Neurobiology of Restorative Practices

Carlos A. Alvarez

Three Perspectives of Crisis: Students, Parents, and You

Regina Siez, University of South Carolina

Tier II Interventions

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University

Trauma-Informed Practices Part 1

Christopher Haines

Trauma-Informed Practices Part 2

Christopher Haines, Greater Greenville Mental Health Center

Under Construction: Building a District-wide SEL Program

Traci Wilke, Saint Lucie Public Schools
Christina Coppola, Saint Lucie Public Schools
Cassey Chang, St. Lucie Public Schools

Using Mental Health and Wellness for Teachers for Kids

Fred Latschar
Derrick Thomas

Using PBIS to Transform High School Culture and Climate

Darrin M. Peppard, Road to Awesome, LLC

What About Me?! Mindfulness for Educator's Self-Care

Gail Angus, Collaborative Learning Solutions

Presentation Materials Available

'Why' matters! Choosing to leverage the science of learning to shift student success

Tammy H. Pawloski, Francis Marion University

Presentation Materials Available

Wrapping Up The School-wide Plan

Eric Landers, Georgia Southern University