Conference Dates: April 19-20, 2024
Conference Location: Virtual
Proposal Deadline: February 21, 2024
Conference Theme: Information Literacy in the Age of AI

Register for the virtual Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy through April 18, 2024.

The Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy (GICOIL) invites proposals for presentations at our upcoming virtual conference on the theme of "Information Literacy in the Age of AI." GICOIL is a peer-reviewed, international conference that brings together K-12 and higher education faculty and staff, including librarians, media professionals, and writing instructors, to share research and methods for teaching and learning information literacy.

With the release of OpenAI in 2022 and the subsequent proliferation of technologies using generative artificial intelligence (AI), we face new possibilities and challenges teaching students and publics to navigate and critically evaluate texts. Educators and librarians must understand the potentials and problems of AI in our work and communicate our vital importance in developing critical information literacy skills.

We invite proposals that speak to the theme of information literacy in the age of AI, including, but not limited to, teaching critical information literacy, ethical considerations in using AI in research and teaching, the role of AI in misinformation and disinformation, AI technologies for research, assessing student work, librarian-educator partnerships, challenges and possibilities for diversity and inclusion in the age of AI, and the importance of human librarians and instructors in information literacy.

Proposals for presentations, workshops, or poster sessions should be around 350 words and include a title, session goals, and intended audience.

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Presenters for the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy are invited to upload their presentation materials to the site in order to preserve their research. The invitation is open for presentation materials from any year of the conference.

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What can you upload? PowerPoint Slides, papers, handouts, video, audio, and any other documents you used during your presentation.

Need Help? Email for help on submitting proposals and presentations. If you have questions about the conference (ex. registration), please visit the Conference Homepage for further information including contact numbers and emails.

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