Submissions from 1994


Study of Average Run Length for Supplementary Runs Rules in the Presents Autocorrelation, Layth C. Alwan, Charles W. Champ, and Hazem D. Maragah

Chopin's The Storm, Christopher P. Baker

Frost's 'After Apple-Picking' as Hypnagogic Vision, Christopher P. Baker

James Howe, A Buddhist's Shakespeare: Affirming Self-deconstruction, Christopher P. Baker


Impact of College Health Education and Physical Education Courses on Personal Wellness, Helen W. Bland and Mark J. Kittleson

A CUSUM Quality Control Chart Under 100% Sampling, Charles W. Champ, D. K. Blatterman, and Steven E. Rigdon

Adjusting the S-Chart for Detecting Both Increases and Decreases in the Standard Deviation, Charles W. Champ and Cynthia A. Lowry


A Deconstruction of Patriarchal Law in Camino de perfección, William O. Deaver


Teaching about Sexual Harassment Issues: A Sales Management Approach, Luther Trey Denton and Cathy Owens Swift


The Role of Systematic Covariance and Coskewness in the Pricing of Real Estate: Evidence from Equity REITS, John Hatem, Tim Vines, and Cheng-Ho Hsieh


The Japanese Management Theory Jungle - Revisited, J. Bernard Keys, Luther Trey Denton, and Thomas R. Miller

Ethical Decision-Making between Accounting and Non-Accounting Majors in a Computerized Environment, R. M. Landry, J. Lowell Mooney, and Harry R. Wright Jr.

Truth and Love in American Classrooms: Competing Impulses, Delores D. Liston


Property, Plant, and Equipment, Intangible Assets, Current Liabilities, Revenue Recognition, Income Tax, Pensions and Postretirement Benefits, Leases, and Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, J. Lowell Mooney


Software Revenue Recognition, J. Lowell Mooney

Teaching Accounting Information Systems as a Consulting Course, J. Lowell Mooney

First-Year Staff: Time Traps You Should Look For and Avoid, J. Lowell Mooney and J. M. McDonald

Lateral Relationships of Public Accountants: Could They be the Key to Advancement?, J. Lowell Mooney, J. M. McDonald, J. Bernard Keys, and Thomas L. Case


Design Strategies for Individual and Moving Range Control Charts, Stegen E. Rigdon, Emma N. Cruthis, and Charles W. Champ

Submissions from 1993

An Analysis of Shewhart Quality Control Charts to Monitor Both the Mean and Variability, Keith Jacob Barrs and Charles W. Champ

Topics in Applied Mathematics with Mathematica, James P. Braselton, Martha L. Abell, and John W. Davenport

Implementing Calculus as Formal Laboratory Courses using Mathematica, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

Technology in the Mathematics Curriculum at Georgia Southern University, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

An Analysis of Shewhart Charts with Runs Rules When No Standards Are Given, T. E. Burroughs, Steven E. Rigdon, and Charles W. Champ


Pregnancy Prevention in Early Adolescence: A Developmental Perspective, Lisa J. Crockett and Joanne Chopak-Foss

Communicating in Public: Key Concepts and Application Activities, Chris B. Geyerman and Beverly L. Graham

Do Prime Rate Changes Affect the Stock Market?, John Hatem and Shawn M. Forbes

Identifying Non-Value Added Activities of Accountants, J. M. McDonald and J. Lowell Mooney


Access: The Key to Public Service, W. Bede Mitchell


New Accounting Rules for Investments Hit Banks' Bottom Lines, J. Lowell Mooney

The Relationship between Cash Flow and Firm Risk during Differing Economic Conditions, J. Lowell Mooney


Letters of Credit in the Accounting Curriculum, J. Lowell Mooney and Mark S. Blodgett


State Capitalism: Theory and Application, Case of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand


Representation Strength in Pigeon Short-Term Memory: Effect of Delay Training, Janice Steirn, Thomas R. Zentall, and Lou M. Sherburne


Common Coding and Stimulus Class Formation in Pigeons, Thomas R. Zentall, Lou M. Sherburne, and Janice Steirn


Subsets of Rn Which Become Dense in any Compact Group, Francois Ziegler

Submissions from 1991

Arnold's 'To a Friend' and Sidney's 'Astrophil and Stella, Christopher P. Baker

Integrating a Computer Algebra System into a Calculus Sequence: Differential and Integral Calculus, James P. Braselton

Mathematica: Beyond Calculus, James P. Braselton and Martha L. Abell

Integrating Technology into the Mathematics Curriculum, James P. Braselton, Arthur G. Sparks, and John W. Davenport


Conditional Dependence in Precious Metal Prices, John Hatem, V. Akgiray, G. G. Booth, and C. Mustafa

The Gold/Silver Spread Ratio and the Presence of Long-Term Equilibrium, John Hatem, G. G. Booth, and C. Mustafa

The Islamic Republic of Iran: Continuity and Change, Yassaman Saadatmand

Submissions from 1989

Gid Kolaboratris Pou Fe Edikasyon Nan Domen LaSante, Helen W. Bland

Submissions from 1986

Chan ak Istwa Pou Edikasyon Sante: Yon Pwogram Pou Prepare Promote Sante an Ayiti, B. Weaver and Helen W. Bland

Submissions from 1985


Publication Requirements and Tenure Approval Rates: An Issue for Academic Librarians, W. Bede Mitchell and L. Stanislava Swieszkowski