Submissions from 1996

Shakespeare's Hamlet 1.5.23, Christopher P. Baker

Stuart Literature, Christopher P. Baker

Visitors to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum and Their Economic Impact in the Savannah Region, James D. Bigley and Simon P. Attle

Application of Multivariate Phase I Control Charts to Unreplicated Multivariate 2m Factorial and Fractional Factorial Designs, Charles W. Champ and H. T. Fuller

Knowledge, Behavior and Attitudes of College Student Athletes Regarding HIV/AIDS: Implications for Health Educators, Joanne Chopak-Foss, J. C. Andersen, and L. D. Bryant


Timing of First Sexual Intercourse: The Role of Social Control, Social Learning, and Problem Behavior, Lisa J. Crockett, C. Raymond Bingham, Joanne Chopak-Foss, and Judith R. Vicary


Species Differences in Activity Patterns During Oestrus, Bruce S. Cushing and J. Michelle Cawthorn


Gender Construction in Elías Miguel Muñoz's The Greatest Performance, William O. Deaver


Holy Radishes!: Image Is Everything, William O. Deaver


Menippean Satire and Skaz in Raining Backwards, William O. Deaver


Structure, Theme, Motif, and Dialogue in Raining Backwards, William O. Deaver


The Prodigal Son in the Structure of Raining Backwards, Crazy Love, and Latin Jazz, William O. Deaver


Una desconstrucción feminista de Camino de perfección, William O. Deaver


Supplementary Manpower for Special Events Security Operations: an Analysis of Strategies for the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Michael E. Donahue


Protecting the Confidentiality of Client Data, Leslie B. Fletcher, A. Lee Gurley III, and Judith Cassidy


Phenotypic Engineering: Using Hormones to Explore the Mechanistic and Functional Bases of Phenotypic Variation in Nature, Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr., J. Michelle Cawthorn, Patricia G. Parker, and Charles Ziegenfus


A Guide to Electronic Commerce, J. Lowell Mooney, William D. Pittman, and Michael Castellucio

Are Utilities Ready for Competition in Electricity Sales, Julian Lowell Mooney and D. Woodson

Man's Inhumanity to Man: The Case of International Terrorism, Dennis D. Murphy

Terrorism as Olympic Event, Dennis D. Murphy

The Gold Medal in Terrorism, Dennis D. Murphy

The Olympic Torch as Molotov Cocktail, Dennis D. Murphy

The Introductory CIS Course of GSU: Are We Still In The 3rd Generation?, Camille F. Rogers

Taking the Mystery Out of Research: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Helen M. Taggart


Merchant Vessel Chartering and Operation in International Trade: Ethical and Safety Issues, Cameron Williams and Luther Trey Denton

Submissions from 1995

J. M. Q. Davies, ed. Bridging the Gap: Literary Theory in the Classroom, Christopher P. Baker

The Economic Impact of Cultural and Historic Resources in Georgia, James D. Bigley

The Economic Impact of Institutional Members of the Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries, James D. Bigley

The Economic Impact of the Coastal Museum Association (Savannah, GA) - Descriptive and Summary Statistics, James D. Bigley


A Content Analysis of the First Year of the HEDIR List: Implications for the Future, Helen W. Bland, Mark J. Kittleson, and Roberta J. Ogletree


Philosophical Trends in Health Education: Implications for the 21st Century, Helen W. Bland, Robert D. Russell, and Mark J. Kittleson

Modernizing Differential Equations, James P. Braselton and Martha L. Abell

Analysis of the Shewhart S-Chart with Runs Rules When No Standards Are Given, T. E. Burroughs, Steven E. Rigdon, and Charles W. Champ

Some Closed Form Expressions for the Sine and Cosine, Charles W. Champ and L. F. Lynde


National Stereotypes and Product Evaluations about Japan and the United States: A Hong Kong Perspective, Wah-Leung Cheung and Luther Trey Denton


AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Joanne Chopak-Foss

A Comparison of Two Phase One Control Charts, Shou-Peng Chou and Charles W. Champ


Raining Backwards: Stylization and Mimicry, William O. Deaver


Food Selection and Consumption in Chinese Markets: An Overview, Luther Trey Denton and Xia Kaixuan


Encouraging Research through Electronic Mentoring: A Case Study, Tami Echavarria, W. Bede Mitchell, Karen Liston Newsome, Thomas A. Peters, and Deleyne Wentz

Evaluating the Run Length Distribution of a Generalized Control Charting Procedure Using a Markov Chain Approach, P. J. Falbe and Charles W. Champ

A Separate Track, Leslie B. Fletcher, H. W. Harrell, and K. H. Johnson

The Nature of the Predictability of German Stock Returns, John Hatem, G. G. Booth, C. Mustafa, and O. Loistl

An Initial Analysis of Numerical Preferences among Accounting Students, R. M. Landry, R. M. Rogers, and J. Lowell Mooney


Basic Guidelines for Brain-Compatible Classrooms: Theory to Praxis, Delores D. Liston

Conflicting Commitments in the Classroom: The Paradox of Truth and Love, Delores D. Liston


The Convergence Rate of the Chebyshev SIM Under a Perturbation of a Complex Line-Segment Spectrum, Xiezhang Li


The Performance of Control Charts for Monitoring Process Variation, Cynthia A. Lowry, Charles W. Champ, and William H. Woodall

Evaluating Outsourcing Projects Using the Discounted Payback Model, J. Lowell Mooney


Letters of Credit in the Global Economy: Implications for International Trade, J. Lowell Mooney and Mark S. Blodgett

Standard Costing for World Class Manufacturers, J. Lowell Mooney and J. Harrison McCraw

The Linear Discriminant Analysis Technique and an Application to Market Assessment, J. L. Radley and Charles W. Champ

Separate and Unequal: Women in The Islamic Republic of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand


Transitive Inference in Pigeons: Simplified Procedures and a Test of Value Transfer Theory, Janice Steirn, Janice E. Weaver, and Thomas R. Zentall

The Relationship of Osteoporosis Knowledge, Health Beliefs, and Exercise Habits in Female College Students, Helen M. Taggart and S. Conner

Submissions from 1994


Study of Average Run Length for Supplementary Runs Rules in the Presents Autocorrelation, Layth C. Alwan, Charles W. Champ, and Hazem D. Maragah

Chopin's The Storm, Christopher P. Baker

Frost's 'After Apple-Picking' as Hypnagogic Vision, Christopher P. Baker

James Howe, A Buddhist's Shakespeare: Affirming Self-deconstruction, Christopher P. Baker


An Approach to Identifying Motivations for Membership in Leisure Service Delivery Organizations, James D. Bigley, Daniel R. Fesenmaier, and Wesley S. Roehl


Impact of College Health Education and Physical Education Courses on Personal Wellness, Helen W. Bland and Mark J. Kittleson

A CUSUM Quality Control Chart Under 100% Sampling, Charles W. Champ, D. K. Blatterman, and Steven E. Rigdon

Adjusting the S-Chart for Detecting Both Increases and Decreases in the Standard Deviation, Charles W. Champ and Cynthia A. Lowry


A Deconstruction of Patriarchal Law in Camino de perfección, William O. Deaver


Teaching about Sexual Harassment Issues: A Sales Management Approach, Luther Trey Denton and Cathy Owens Swift


The Role of Systematic Covariance and Coskewness in the Pricing of Real Estate: Evidence from Equity REITS, John Hatem, Tim Vines, and Cheng-Ho Hsieh


The Japanese Management Theory Jungle - Revisited, J. Bernard Keys, Luther Trey Denton, and Thomas R. Miller

Ethical Decision-Making between Accounting and Non-Accounting Majors in a Computerized Environment, R. M. Landry, J. Lowell Mooney, and Harry R. Wright Jr.

Truth and Love in American Classrooms: Competing Impulses, Delores D. Liston


Property, Plant, and Equipment, Intangible Assets, Current Liabilities, Revenue Recognition, Income Tax, Pensions and Postretirement Benefits, Leases, and Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, J. Lowell Mooney


Software Revenue Recognition, J. Lowell Mooney

Teaching Accounting Information Systems as a Consulting Course, J. Lowell Mooney

First-Year Staff: Time Traps You Should Look For and Avoid, J. Lowell Mooney and J. M. McDonald

Lateral Relationships of Public Accountants: Could They be the Key to Advancement?, J. Lowell Mooney, J. M. McDonald, J. Bernard Keys, and Thomas L. Case


Let's Evaluate Community-oriented Policing, Michael J. Palmiotto and Michael E. Donahue


Design Strategies for Individual and Moving Range Control Charts, Stegen E. Rigdon, Emma N. Cruthis, and Charles W. Champ

Submissions from 1993

An Analysis of Shewhart Quality Control Charts to Monitor Both the Mean and Variability, Keith Jacob Barrs and Charles W. Champ

Topics in Applied Mathematics with Mathematica, James P. Braselton, Martha L. Abell, and John W. Davenport

Implementing Calculus as Formal Laboratory Courses using Mathematica, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

Technology in the Mathematics Curriculum at Georgia Southern University, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

An Analysis of Shewhart Charts with Runs Rules When No Standards Are Given, T. E. Burroughs, Steven E. Rigdon, and Charles W. Champ


Pregnancy Prevention in Early Adolescence: A Developmental Perspective, Lisa J. Crockett and Joanne Chopak-Foss

Accounting for Carjackings: An Analysis of Police Records in a Southeastern City, Michael E. Donahue and Vance McLaughlin

An Empirical Description of the Conditions Fostering Police Vehicular Accidents, Michael E. Donahue and Vance McLaughlin

Communicating in Public: Key Concepts and Application Activities, Chris B. Geyerman and Beverly L. Graham

Domestic Pro-arrest Policy Impact: a Research Note on Frustrated Reform, Richard G. Greenleaf, Lonn Lanza-Kaduce, and Michael E. Donahue

Do Prime Rate Changes Affect the Stock Market?, John Hatem and Shawn M. Forbes

Identifying Non-Value Added Activities of Accountants, J. M. McDonald and J. Lowell Mooney


Access: The Key to Public Service, W. Bede Mitchell


New Accounting Rules for Investments Hit Banks' Bottom Lines, J. Lowell Mooney

The Relationship between Cash Flow and Firm Risk during Differing Economic Conditions, J. Lowell Mooney


Letters of Credit in the Accounting Curriculum, J. Lowell Mooney and Mark S. Blodgett


State Capitalism: Theory and Application, Case of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand


Representation Strength in Pigeon Short-Term Memory: Effect of Delay Training, Janice Steirn, Thomas R. Zentall, and Lou M. Sherburne


Common Coding and Stimulus Class Formation in Pigeons, Thomas R. Zentall, Lou M. Sherburne, and Janice Steirn


Subsets of Rn Which Become Dense in any Compact Group, Francois Ziegler

Submissions from 1992


Giving Meaning to the Circular Membrane Problem with Mathematica, Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton

The Assessment of Museum Member Motivations: A Case Study, James D. Bigley, Mark Lane, Daniel R. Fesenmaier, and Wesley S. Roehl

A Shewhart Control Chart Under 100% Inspection for Markov Dependent Attribute Data, D. K. Blatterman and Charles W. Champ

An Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Chart for Poisson Data, Connie M. Borror, Steven E. Rigdon, and Charles W. Champ