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Submissions from 2023


Launching a 3D Printing Program for Students: Recommendations and Best Practices for Libraries, Wilhelmina Randtke and Lee Bareford

Submissions from 2022

Intersectionality, ICD-11, and Black Women Librarians in the Midst of a Pandemic, Vivian F. Bynoe and Kay G. Coates


Mindfulness And Technology: Can They Be Two Sides Of The Same Coin?, Katia G. Karadjova-Kozhuharova and Ruth L. Baker


Culturally Grounded Approaches to Information Literacy Understanding: The Case of Bulgaria, Katia G. Karadjova-Kozhuharova and Tania Y. Todorova

Submissions from 2020


Georgia Librarians Returning to Work In-Person during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kristen Bailey, Benjamin Bryson, Jessica Garner, Adam Griggs, Rebecca J. Hunnicutt, Jennifer Ivey, Tomeka L. Jackson, Gail Morton, Lee Olson, Jasmine Rizer, Janice Williams, Ashley Wilson, and Virginia C. Feher


Scholarly Communications Resources for Liaisons, Ruth L. Baker

Chapter 105. Paint Chip Poetry, Dawn Cannon-Rech


From Soup to Nuts: Expanding Liaison and Technical Services for OER Development, Dawn Cannon-Rech and Jeffrey M. Mortimore


Navigating the COVID-19 slipstream: A case study on living and managing access services during a global pandemic, Jessica Garner and Natalie Logue


Escape the Swamp: Integrating Immersive Gaming into Archival Programming, Autumn M. Johnson

Popping the Filter Bubble on Internet News and Recognizing Bias, Lauren McMillan and Vivian F. Bynoe


Embrace the Hive Mind: Engaging ILL and Research Services in Unsubscribed and OA Content Discovery, Jeffrey Mortimore, Ruth L. Baker, Rebecca Hunnicutt, Natalie Logue, and Jessica Minihan Rigg


Book Review - Coming of Age in a Hardscrabble World: A Memoir Anthology, Kristi L. Smith


Georgia Library Association-Technical Services Interest Group, Linh Uong, Rachel S. Evans, and Rebecca J. Hunnicutt


Georgia Library Association - Technical Services Interest Group, Linh Uong, Rachel S. Evans, Rebecca J. Hunnicutt, Kelly Ansley, and Bernard Bulemu

Submissions from 2013

America’s Music, Ruth Baker

Banned Books Week, Ruth Baker

Bridging Cultures/Muslim Journeys, Ruth Baker


Developing a Topic-Centered First-Year Seminar with an Emphasis on Information Literacy at a Large Regional University, Wendy L. Chambers, Lisa Smith, Jessica N. Orvis, and Christopher Caplinger


A Note on Civil Disobedience and Professional Ethics Codes, W. Bede Mitchell

Zach S. Henderson Library Newsletter, W. Bede Mitchell, Ann Hamilton, Sonya S. Shepherd, and Fred W. Smith

Techno-Stress in the Higher Education Environment, Sonya S. Shepherd

New and Emerging Technology in Education, Sonya S. Shepherd and M. D. Richardson

The Increasing Momentum of Technological Change in Higher Education, Sonya S. Shepherd and Michael D. Richardson

Submissions from 2011


Collective Serials Analysis: The Relevance of a Journal in Supporting Teaching and Research, Jason Dewland and Jessica Minihan Rigg


Online Teaching: Perceptions of Faculty at a Research University, Charles B. Hodges, Raleigh Way, and Sonya S. Shepherd


Review of The Ethical Archivist by Elena S. Danielson, W. Bede Mitchell

The Globalization of Higher Education through the Lens of Technology and Accountability, Howard C. Woodard, Sonya S. Shepherd, Mindy Crain-Dorough, and Michael D. Richardson