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Submissions from 1993

An Analysis of Shewhart Quality Control Charts to Monitor Both the Mean and Variability, Keith Jacob Barrs and Charles W. Champ

Topics in Applied Mathematics with Mathematica, James P. Braselton, Martha L. Abell, and John W. Davenport

Implementing Calculus as Formal Laboratory Courses using Mathematica, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

Technology in the Mathematics Curriculum at Georgia Southern University, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

An Analysis of Shewhart Charts with Runs Rules When No Standards Are Given, T. E. Burroughs, Steven E. Rigdon, and Charles W. Champ


Subsets of Rn Which Become Dense in any Compact Group, Francois Ziegler

Submissions from 1990


Cretaceous and Eocene Lignite Deposits, Jackson Purchase, Kentucky, James C. Hower, Fredrick J. Rich, David A. Williams, Alan E. Bland, and Faith L. Fiene


A Note on the SOR and USSOR Iterative Methods Applied to P-Cylic Matrices, Xiezhang Li and Richard Varga