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Submissions from 2001


Structural Adjustment and Educational Attainment of Women in Latin America, Yassaman Saadatmand and Chris Paul

Submissions from 2000

Distrust Divides Russians From Government, Gregory J. Brock

The Impact of Agribusiness on the Economy of Southeast Georgia and the Middle Coastal Unified Development Authority, Gregory J. Brock


Telecommunications and Economic Growth in the Former USSR, Gregory J. Brock and Ewan Sutherland


Cheating Goes High Tech: Online Term Paper Mills, Constance Campbell, Cathy Owens Swift, and Luther Trey Denton


Employing Internet Technology to Investigate and Purchase Travel Services: A Comparison of X'ers, Boomers, and Mature Market Segments, H. Leslie Furr and Mark A. Bonn

Cheating via Online Paper Mills in Logistics Education, Kathleen H. Gruben, Cathy Owens Swift, and Luther Trey Denton


The Cutting Edge of Corporate IT: Are You Where You Should Be?, Horace W. Harrell, Leslee Higgins, Stephen E. Ludwig, and Camille F. Rogers

Software Applications and Computer Projects: A Comparison of What AIS Professors and Other Accounting Faculty Are Doing in Their Courses, Leslee N. Higgins and J. Lowell Mooney


A Reexamination of Institutions and Individuals at the Turn of the Year, Ken Johnston, Don R. Cox, and Anthony G. Barilla


Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts Test Bank, J. Lowell Mooney


Audit Software that Helps Your Company Stop Fraud, J. Lowell Mooney, Horace W. Harrell, and Stephen E. Ludwig

Let’s Eliminate Financial Accounting Principles as a Prerequisite for Managerial Accounting, J. Lowell Mooney and Stephen E. Ludwig


Blue Hose Manufacturing Company, J. Lowell Mooney, J. Harrison McCraw, and Noyan Arsan


A Guide to Selecting Cost Management Software, J. Lowell Mooney, Camille F. Rogers, and Harry R. Wright Jr.

Finishing School for Accounting Majors, Julian Lowell Mooney, G. B. Thompson, and Stephen E. Ludwig

Socioeconomic Factors and Population Policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand

Structural Adjustments and Women’s Health in Six Latin American Countries, Yassaman Saadatmand and Chris Paul

India Economic Reform: An Evaluation, Yassaman Saadatmand and K. C. Reddy


Gender Differences in Weighting of Supplier Selection Criteria, Cathy Owens Swift and Kathleen H. Gruben

Submissions from 1999


Predicting a Behavioral Profile for Pleasure Travelers on the Basis of Internet Use Segmentation, Mark A. Bonn, H. Leslie Furr, and Alex M. Susskind

Exporting the Right Way, Leslie B. Fletcher, Lynda S. Hamilton, and Luther T. Denton


An IRR Analysis of Defined Benefit Versus Defined Contribution Retirement Plans, John Hatem, Shawn M. Forbes, and Ken Johnston


Accounting Information Systems Test Bank, J. Lowell Mooney

It’s Time to Reinvent CPE, J. Lowell Mooney and W. J. Bostwick

Are We Teaching Our Students the Software That CPAs Use?, J. Lowell Mooney and Leslee N. Higgins

Class Computer Projects: Are We All on the Same Page?, J. Lowell Mooney and Leslee N. Higgins

Data Analysis Using Excel, L. Parrish, L. Pickett, and J. Lowell Mooney

A Preliminary Look at IS Job Listings On The Internet, Camille F. Rogers and T. Case

The Information Systems Industry: Another Look at the Southeastern U.S., Camille F. Rogers, T. Case, and B. Price


Simultaneous vs. Sequential Scheduling of Multiple Resources which Constrain System Throughout, Jacob V. Simons, M. D. Stephens, and Wendell P. Simpson III


Process Design in a Down-Sizing Service Operation, Jacob V. Simons, Christopher Wicker, Michael Garrity, and Mark E. Kraus


Assessing the Risks of Y2K Reporting, Harry R. Wright Jr., J. Lowell Mooney, and G. Benjamin Thompson IV

Submissions from 1996


Protecting the Confidentiality of Client Data, Leslie B. Fletcher, A. Lee Gurley III, and Judith Cassidy


A Guide to Electronic Commerce, J. Lowell Mooney, William D. Pittman, and Michael Castellucio

Are Utilities Ready for Competition in Electricity Sales, Julian Lowell Mooney and D. Woodson

The Introductory CIS Course of GSU: Are We Still In The 3rd Generation?, Camille F. Rogers


Merchant Vessel Chartering and Operation in International Trade: Ethical and Safety Issues, Cameron Williams and Luther Trey Denton

Submissions from 1995


National Stereotypes and Product Evaluations about Japan and the United States: A Hong Kong Perspective, Wah-Leung Cheung and Luther Trey Denton


Food Selection and Consumption in Chinese Markets: An Overview, Luther Trey Denton and Xia Kaixuan

A Separate Track, Leslie B. Fletcher, H. W. Harrell, and K. H. Johnson

The Nature of the Predictability of German Stock Returns, John Hatem, G. G. Booth, C. Mustafa, and O. Loistl

An Initial Analysis of Numerical Preferences among Accounting Students, R. M. Landry, R. M. Rogers, and J. Lowell Mooney

Evaluating Outsourcing Projects Using the Discounted Payback Model, J. Lowell Mooney


Letters of Credit in the Global Economy: Implications for International Trade, J. Lowell Mooney and Mark S. Blodgett

Standard Costing for World Class Manufacturers, J. Lowell Mooney and J. Harrison McCraw

Separate and Unequal: Women in The Islamic Republic of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand

Submissions from 1991


Conditional Dependence in Precious Metal Prices, John Hatem, V. Akgiray, G. G. Booth, and C. Mustafa

The Gold/Silver Spread Ratio and the Presence of Long-Term Equilibrium, John Hatem, G. G. Booth, and C. Mustafa

The Islamic Republic of Iran: Continuity and Change, Yassaman Saadatmand

Submissions from 1990


The Supreme Court of Statistics, Gregory J. Brock

An Analysis of Single-Family Housing Affordability in Louisiana for Eight Selected Cities, John Hatem, J. L. Glascock, and C. F. Sirmans