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Submissions from 2019

Conversations with Professors: Barry Balleck, Barry J. Balleck

Preparing Your Students for Academic Success, Barry J. Balleck


48th Annual Frank Church Symposium: The Best and the Worst of Us: Confronting Injustices in the World, Srobana Bhattacharya

Pro-Government Militias and Insurgency: The Maoist Conflict in India, Srobana Bhattacharya

The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar: Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing, Srobana Bhattacharya

Spain: A Society in Transition, William Biebuyck

Special Nominees: United States Attorneys and Federal Judicial Selection, Brett W. Curry and Banks Miller

Six Ways to Teach Creativity in Honors, Leslie A. Donovan, Steven Engel, Philip Frana, Assunta Kent, Marilyn Plotkins, and Lynn Sondag

Keynote Address, Duke Talent Identification Program, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Phi Eta Sigma Induction Ceremony, Steven Engel

Informações e Tecnologias de Comunicação Nova e o Acesso aos Medicamentos, Matthew Flynn

Criticizing and Legitimizing Patent Monopolies: The Struggle over Hepatitis C Medicines in Brazil's Digital Universe, Matthew Flynn and Eric O. Silva

Beyond Repression: State-Society Relations in the Persecution of LGBTIQ Persons in Uganda, Zachary Karazsia

Alternative Methodologies – Imaginary Politics, Tahseen Kazi

Biopolitics of Precarity: Slavery, Capitalism and the Transmutation of Life, Tahseen Kazi


Building Cross-Cultural Relationships, Tahseen Kazi

Precarity and the Problem of Sovereignty, Tahseen Kazi


On the Reg: Understanding the Nature of Governmental Growth in Context, Joshua B. Kennedy

Explaining Legislative Support for Transgender Bathroom Bills, Kimberly Martin

Missiles or Money? The Gendered Consequences of Foreign Policy Decisions on the Rise in Human Trafficking,, Kate Perry

Genre Crossing in Inglourious Basterds (2019): Tarantino’s Transatlantic Intervention in German Public Memory, Robert Pirro

Keynote Address: “The Politics of Tragedy: Encountering Hannah Arendt’s Thought and Reflecting on its Meeting.”, Robert Pirro

Better Lef Unsaid: The Connection Between Members of Congress, Presidents, and Political Ambiguity, Grace Pittman and Joshua B. Kennedy

ASEAN’s Ocean Governance in Asia, Nalanda Roy


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Security and Economic Consequences, Nalanda Roy

Doing Social Research - A Global Context, Nalanda Roy

Fearless: The Story of Nirbhaya, Nalanda Roy

The Lifestyle of Bengali Diaspora in the United States, Nalanda Roy


Understanding the Security and Economic Implications of the CPEC Project, Nalanda Roy

Brexit and the Future of EU Enlargement Policy, Jamie Scalera


How the Academy Looks at Marx is All Wrong; How to Change It, Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Executive Branch Socialization and Deference in Asylum Cases on the U.S Courts of Appeal, Maureen Stobb

Finding Justice: Women’s Rights Advocacy and the Courts, Maureen Stobb

Perceptions of the Global Judicial Dialogue: Citation to Foreign Law and Lower Court Compliance, Maureen Stobb

Power of the Pen or the Gavel? Determining Asylum Standards on the Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb

Justiciability: Examining Separation of Powers and Institutional Motivations for Dodging Disputes, Henry Christian Tecklenburg IV

Submissions from 2018

Socio-Political Identity Transformations: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis in South and Southeast Asia, Srobana Bhattacharya

Revisiting Effectiveness and Legitimacy: Social Demands, Regime Flexicurity, and Dynamic Representation in the Post-Modern World, Christopher M. Brown

Somos Martianos: Cuba Libre or Mentirita and the Legacy of José Martí on Divergent Concepts of Cubanidad, Christopher M. Brown

Field research: Sensitive Issues and Vulnerable Subjects, Courtney Burns and Srobana Bhattacharya


The Legitimization of the National Front and the Struggle for a European France, Alison Clifton and Jamie E. Scalera

Intelligence Sharing Among Agencies and Internationally, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Intelligence Sharing in the Post-Cold War Era, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

South America: A Perpetual Pursuit of an Union, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

U.S. Immigration: A World Perspective, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Is Brazil still a Relevant Regional Power? Brazil in the New Post-Cold War International System, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz and Joshua Kohler da Cruz

Honors at Georgia Southern, Steven Engel

Honors at Georgia Southern, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Sinn Féin Society of Savannah, Annual Meeting, Steven Engel

Application Ratings as a Metric for Student Success: Which Components are Better Predictors?, Steven Engel, Jonathan Roberts, and Francis Desiderio

Fármacos para Quien? Fármacos para Qué? Discursos sobre la Lucha para Medicamentos en Brasil, Matthew Flynn

Teoría Social y Salud Global, Matthew Flynn

The 2018 Georgia Elections, Employment, and Global Trade, Tahseen Kazi

By the 'Authority Vested in Me:' Executive Orders and Statutory Citation, Joshua B. Kennedy


Executive Orders and the Limits of Presidential Power, Joshua B. Kennedy


Federal Job Satisfaction in Political Context: Exogenous Political Factors and the Best Places to Work in Government, Joshua B. Kennedy


Immigration Policy Reform: International Students and Higher Education, Anna Kwiatkowski, Steven Engel, and Jamie E. Scalera

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Progressive Ambition and the Behavior of United States Attorneys, Banks Miller and Brett W. Curry

German Hollywood and World War Two Cinema: What Popular Cinema after Reunification Might Be Saying About the State of US-German Relations, Robert Pirro

Primo Levi as Theoros or Polis Pilgrim: Finding the Political Theoretical Resonances in his Journey Home from Auschwitz, Robert Pirro

The Politics of Tragedy, Robert Pirro


Coordination Sensation: When NGOs Strike Down Sex Trafficking, Megan Prangley, Courtney Burns, and Jamie E. Scalera


Beijing and Its Fast-Track Friendship, Nalanda Roy

Ocean Governance in Southeast Asia, Nalanda Roy

A Renewed Project for Europe: Brexit and the Future of EU Foreign Policy, Jamie Scalera

The Making of Modern Europe, Jamie Scalera

A Renewed Project for Europe: Brexit and the Future of EU Enlargement Policy, Jamie E. Scalera

A Misadventure in Revolution: Marx, the Working Class, and the Class Struggles of 1848, Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Constitution Day Panel: Non-Citizen Rights, Maureen Stobb

Executive Branch Socialization and Deference in Asylum Cases on the U.S Courts of Appeal, Maureen Stobb

How to Succeed in Political Science, Maureen Stobb

Power of the Pen or the Gavel? Determining Asylum Standards on the Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb

Sifting through Truth, Lies and Politics: Evaluating Country Conditions in Asylum Claims on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb and Bernadette O'Donnell

The Sounds of Poverty: An Analysis of Music and Political Behavior Among the Rural Poor, Lara Wessel