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Submissions from 1995


Medical and Health Care Needs of Families Providing In-Home Care for Relatives with Developmental Disabilities, Mit Arnold, Dorothee Serpas, Thomas Louis Case, Max Burns, June DiPolito, and Earle Cummings

J. M. Q. Davies, ed. Bridging the Gap: Literary Theory in the Classroom, Christopher P. Baker

Freedmen, Friends, Common Schools and Reconstruction, Scott A. Beck

The Economic Impact of Cultural and Historic Resources in Georgia, James D. Bigley

The Economic Impact of Institutional Members of the Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries, James D. Bigley

The Economic Impact of the Coastal Museum Association (Savannah, GA) - Descriptive and Summary Statistics, James D. Bigley


A Content Analysis of the First Year of the HEDIR List: Implications for the Future, Helen W. Bland, Mark J. Kittleson, and Roberta J. Ogletree


Philosophical Trends in Health Education: Implications for the 21st Century, Helen W. Bland, Robert D. Russell, and Mark J. Kittleson

Modernizing Differential Equations, James P. Braselton and Martha L. Abell

Analysis of the Shewhart S-Chart with Runs Rules When No Standards Are Given, T. E. Burroughs, Steven E. Rigdon, and Charles W. Champ

Some Closed Form Expressions for the Sine and Cosine, Charles W. Champ and L. F. Lynde


National Stereotypes and Product Evaluations about Japan and the United States: A Hong Kong Perspective, Wah-Leung Cheung and Luther Trey Denton


AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Joanne Chopak-Foss

A Comparison of Two Phase One Control Charts, Shou-Peng Chou and Charles W. Champ

The Politics of the 1993 NAFTA Vote, Ronald W. Cox and Daniel Skidmore-Hess


Raining Backwards: Stylization and Mimicry, William O. Deaver


Food Selection and Consumption in Chinese Markets: An Overview, Luther Trey Denton and Xia Kaixuan


Encouraging Research through Electronic Mentoring: A Case Study, Tami Echavarria, W. Bede Mitchell, Karen Liston Newsome, Thomas A. Peters, and Deleyne Wentz

Evaluating the Run Length Distribution of a Generalized Control Charting Procedure Using a Markov Chain Approach, P. J. Falbe and Charles W. Champ

A Separate Track, Leslie B. Fletcher, H. W. Harrell, and K. H. Johnson

The Nature of the Predictability of German Stock Returns, John Hatem, G. G. Booth, C. Mustafa, and O. Loistl


Ethnicity and Identity of a Wine Growing Region, Barbara A. Hendry


A Comparison of the Validity, Predictiveness and Consistency of a Trait Versus Situational Measure of Attributions, John W. Henry and Constance Campbell

An Initial Analysis of Numerical Preferences among Accounting Students, R. M. Landry, R. M. Rogers, and J. Lowell Mooney

Trickle-up Report Writing: the Impact of a Pro-arrest Policy for Domestic Disturbances, Lonn Lanza-Kaduce and Michael E. Donahue


Variation in State Income Inequality: 1960-1990, William Levernier, Dan S. Rickman, and Mark D. Partridge


Basic Guidelines for Brain-Compatible Classrooms: Theory to Praxis, Delores D. Liston

Conflicting Commitments in the Classroom: The Paradox of Truth and Love, Delores D. Liston


The Convergence Rate of the Chebyshev SIM Under a Perturbation of a Complex Line-Segment Spectrum, Xiezhang Li


The Performance of Control Charts for Monitoring Process Variation, Cynthia A. Lowry, Charles W. Champ, and William H. Woodall


Training for Community-Oriented Policing, Vance McLaughlin and Michael E. Donahue

Evaluating Outsourcing Projects Using the Discounted Payback Model, J. Lowell Mooney


Letters of Credit in the Global Economy: Implications for International Trade, J. Lowell Mooney and Mark S. Blodgett

Standard Costing for World Class Manufacturers, J. Lowell Mooney and J. Harrison McCraw

Alternative perspectives of the movement for environmental justice Popular epidemiology and the fight for a healthy community, Patrick J. Novotny

Where We Live, Work, and Play: The Environmental Justice Movement and the Struggle for a New Environmentalism, Patrick J. Novotny


Evaluating Community Policing: Problems and Prospects, Michael J. Palmiotto and Michael E. Donahue

The Linear Discriminant Analysis Technique and an Application to Market Assessment, J. L. Radley and Charles W. Champ

Separate and Unequal: Women in The Islamic Republic of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand

Communes, William L. Smith


Race and Ethnicity, William L. Smith

Review of "Cities in a World Economy", William L. Smith


Review of "The Plough and the Pen: Paul S. Gross and the Establishment of the Spokane Hutterian Brethren", William L. Smith

Utopian Communities, William L. Smith


Transitive Inference in Pigeons: Simplified Procedures and a Test of Value Transfer Theory, Janice Steirn, Janice E. Weaver, and Thomas R. Zentall


The Impact of Leader-member Exchange Relationships on the Performance Attributions of Sales Managers, Cathy Owens Swift and Constance Campbell

The Relationship of Osteoporosis Knowledge, Health Beliefs, and Exercise Habits in Female College Students, Helen M. Taggart and S. Conner

Element Stewardship Abstract for the Gila topminnow, Stephen Vives

Element Stewardship Abstract for the green sunfish, Stephen Vives

Element Stewardship Abstract for the red shiner, Stephen Vives

Element Stewardship Abstract for the western mosquitofish, Stephen Vives

Element Stewardship Abstract for the yellow bullhead, Stephen Vives

Spikedace and Loach Minnow Artificial Propagation, Stephen Vives

Survey and Study of Amphibians in Temporary Pond Habitats on Fort Stewart Military Reservation, Georgia, Stephen Vives

Submissions from 1994


Study of Average Run Length for Supplementary Runs Rules in the Presents Autocorrelation, Layth C. Alwan, Charles W. Champ, and Hazem D. Maragah


Chopin's The Storm, Christopher P. Baker

Frost's 'After Apple-Picking' as Hypnagogic Vision, Christopher P. Baker

James Howe, A Buddhist's Shakespeare: Affirming Self-deconstruction, Christopher P. Baker


An Approach to Identifying Motivations for Membership in Leisure Service Delivery Organizations, James D. Bigley, Daniel R. Fesenmaier, and Wesley S. Roehl


Impact of College Health Education and Physical Education Courses on Personal Wellness, Helen W. Bland and Mark J. Kittleson

A CUSUM Quality Control Chart Under 100% Sampling, Charles W. Champ, D. K. Blatterman, and Steven E. Rigdon

Adjusting the S-Chart for Detecting Both Increases and Decreases in the Standard Deviation, Charles W. Champ and Cynthia A. Lowry

Opening rate of the transverse cusp diffraction catastrophe in light scattered by oblate spherical drops, Cleon Dean and Philip L. Marston

The importance of proper fluid loading to the prediction of pseudo-Stoneley resonances form shell theories, Cleon Dean and Michael F. Werby

The prediction of pseudo-Stoneley resonances via proper fluid loading of thin shell theories, Cleon Dean and Michael F. Werby


The study of pulse returns from elongated elastic shells and the extraction of target characteristics, Cleon Dean and Michael F. Werby


A Deconstruction of Patriarchal Law in Camino de perfección, William O. Deaver


Teaching about Sexual Harassment Issues: A Sales Management Approach, Luther Trey Denton and Cathy Owens Swift

The Children’s Profile, Michael E. Donahue, D. W. Kingery, and Robert Magnus

Chatham County Juvenile Offenders: A Pilot Study, Michael E. Donahue and Robert Magnus


Accounting for Carjackings: An Analysis of Police Records in a Southeastern City, Michael E. Donahue, Vance McLaughlin, and L. V. Damm


The Role of Systematic Covariance and Coskewness in the Pricing of Real Estate: Evidence from Equity REITS, John Hatem, Tim Vines, and Cheng-Ho Hsieh

Community Prevention Plan for Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse, Vijay Kapur and Michael E. Donahue


The Japanese Management Theory Jungle - Revisited, J. Bernard Keys, Luther Trey Denton, and Thomas R. Miller

Ethical Decision-Making between Accounting and Non-Accounting Majors in a Computerized Environment, R. M. Landry, J. Lowell Mooney, and Harry R. Wright Jr.


A New Look at the Determinants of the Intrametropolitan Distribution of Population and Employment, William Levernier and Brian Cushing

The Real and the Shadow Labor Market for Business Faculty at AACSB Accredited Institutions, William Levernier, Morgan P. Miles, and John B. White

Connected Domination and Steiner Tree in Permutation Graphs, Y. Daniel Liang

Connected Domination and Steiner Tree in Permutation Graphs, Y. Daniel Liang

A Linear Algorithm for Finding Hamiltonian Circuits in circular-Arc Graphs, Y. Daniel Liang, G. K. Manacher, C. Rhee, and T. Mankus

Linear Algorithms for Two Independent Set Problems in Permutation Graphs, Y. Daniel Liang and Chongkye Rhee

Truth and Love in American Classrooms: Competing Impulses, Delores D. Liston


Property, Plant, and Equipment, Intangible Assets, Current Liabilities, Revenue Recognition, Income Tax, Pensions and Postretirement Benefits, Leases, and Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, J. Lowell Mooney


Software Revenue Recognition, J. Lowell Mooney

Teaching Accounting Information Systems as a Consulting Course, J. Lowell Mooney

First-Year Staff: Time Traps You Should Look For and Avoid, J. Lowell Mooney and J. M. McDonald

Lateral Relationships of Public Accountants: Could They be the Key to Advancement?, J. Lowell Mooney, J. M. McDonald, J. Bernard Keys, and Thomas L. Case

Pacioli 2000 Payroll Practice Set, Julian Mooney