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Submissions from 1991

Integrating Technology into the Mathematics Curriculum, James P. Braselton, Arthur G. Sparks, and John W. Davenport

Information technology in R&D: Enhancing organizational competitiveness via R&D information systems, Thomas L. Case and John R. Pickett

Target shape and material composition from resonance echoes of submerged elongated elastic targets, Cleon Dean and Michael F. Werby


Conditional Dependence in Precious Metal Prices, John Hatem, V. Akgiray, G. G. Booth, and C. Mustafa

The Gold/Silver Spread Ratio and the Presence of Long-Term Equilibrium, John Hatem, G. G. Booth, and C. Mustafa


Increased urotensin I and II Immunoreactivity in the Urophysis of Gillichthys Mirabilis Transferred to Low Salinity Water, Brett A. Larson and Zahra Madani

Independent Regulation of Coexisting Neuropeptides, Brett A. Larson, Z. Madani, and M. Covington


Rat Endometrial Stromal-Epithelial Response to Estrogen Infusion, Lynn A. Lavia and Brett A. Larson

The Implied Warranty of Habitability: A Multi-state Housing Price Variable, William Levernier, Mark S. Blodgett, and John Budack


Review of The White Labyrinth: Cocaine and Political Power, Dennis D. Murphy


Guidelines for implementing expert systems in R&D, John R. Pickett and Thomas L. Case


The Islamic Republic of Iran: Continuity and Change, Yassaman Saadatmand

Element Stewardship Abstract for the desert sucker, Stephen Vives

Element Stewardship Abstract for the longfin dace, Stephen Vives

Element Stewardship Abstract for the Sonoran sucker, Stephen Vives

Element Stewardship Abstract for the speckled dace, Stephen Vives

Submissions from 1988


How Managers Influence Superiors: A Study of Upward Influence Tactics, Thomas L. Case, Lloyd N. Dosier, Eugene Murkison, Richard Stapleton, and J. Bernard Keys


How Managers Influence Subordinates: An Empirical Study of Downward Influence Tactics, Lloyd N. Dosier, Thomas L. Case, and J. Bernard Keys


Decision Support Package in a Business Game: Performance and Attitudinal Effects, J. Bernard Keys, O. Maxie Burns, Thomas L. Case, and Robert A. Wells


On the Use of Positive Reinforcement to Minimize the Problem of Overdue Library Materials, W. Bede Mitchell

Review of Alchemists of Revolution: Terrorism in the Modern World, Dennis D. Murphy


Review of Appointment of Judges: The Johnson Presidency, Dennis D. Murphy

Submissions from 1986

Review of Defending White Collar Crime, Dennis D. Murphy

Chan ak Istwa Pou Edikasyon Sante: Yon Pwogram Pou Prepare Promote Sante an Ayiti, B. Weaver and Helen W. Bland

Submissions from 1983

Review of College of Character, Dennis D. Murphy