The Georgia Southern University Faculty Presentations series includes works authored and edited by Georgia Southern faculty members.


Submissions from 1996

Program Planning: International Challenges, Helen Bland

Fatism: How Cultures Perpetuates Fear of Fatness and Eating Disorders, Helen Bland and D. Hamilton

Hidden Stories: Teaching Health in the West Africa Tradition, Helen W. Bland

Eating Disorders Prevention and Intervention: A School-based Multidisciplinary Approach, Helen W. Bland and D. Hamilton

A Content Analysis of the First Year of HEDIR LISTSERV, Helen W. Bland, Mark J. Kittleson, and Roberta J. Olgetree

Disease Mnemonics: A Learner Centered Activity, Helen W. Bland and M. J. Ludwig

Multiculturalism: Teaching Students Its Implications for Health, Helen W. Bland and K. M. O'Rourke

A Single Dominant Philosophy for Health Education? ESG Faculty and SOPHE Members Respond, Helen W. Bland, Robert D. Russell, and Mark J. Kittleson

School Health Outreach Program of Southeast Georgia: Impacting the Health Outcomes of Students in Four Rural Schools, Joanne Chopak-Foss and T. Rogers

Gender Construction in Elías Miguel Muñoz's The Greatest Performance, William O. Deaver

Holy Radishes!: Image Is Everything, William O. Deaver

The Greatest Performance: Homosexual Bias or by Ass, William O. Deaver


Supplementary Manpower for Special Events Security Operations: an Analysis of Strategies for the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, Michael E. Donahue

Eating Disorders and Youth, D. Hamilton, Joanne Chopak-Foss, and Helen W. Bland

Educating Adults for Choice: Implications for Health Educators, Catherine A. Hansman and Helen W. Bland

Becoming Basques and Non-Basques in a Spanish-Basque Borderland: Contesting History and Negotiating Identity in Rioja and Rioja Alavesa, Spain, Barbara A. Hendry

Retrospect and Prospect: Cultural Heritage Work in Three Southern African American Communities, Barbara A. Hendry and Elizabeth Higgs

Establishing Score Improvement Targets: Can You Really Ever Have All the Answers?, V. Linscott and Sara S. Plaspohl

Changing Our Minds: The Struggle to Generate a Philosophical and Spiritual Analysis of Neuroscience Research, Delores D. Liston

Development of a Model for Interdisciplinary Education: New Century, New Challenges, M. Miller, Helen M. Taggart, and J. Lander

Man's Inhumanity to Man: The Case of International Terrorism, Dennis D. Murphy

Terrorism as Olympic Event, Dennis D. Murphy

The Gold Medal in Terrorism, Dennis D. Murphy

The Olympic Torch as Molotov Cocktail, Dennis D. Murphy

Driving Alone? Residential Mobility, Political Parties, and the Decline of Social Capital in the United States, Patrick J. Novotny

Environmental Pollution in Low Income Communities: Evaluating the Evidence, Responding to Critics, Patrick J. Novotny

Geographic Information Systems and the Mobilization of America’s Political Parties, Patrick J. Novotny

Whose Environment? Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, and the Language of Environmentalism, Patrick J. Novotny

Around the World of Addictions: A Teenagers Perception, K. M. O'Rourke and Helen W. Bland

Ersatz Feminism: The Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on the Policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand

The Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on the Demographic Changes in The Islamic Republic of Iran, Yassaman Saadatmand

Mass Communication Research Competition, Reed W. Smith


Are the Old Order Amish Becoming More Like the Hutterites?, William L. Smith

Submissions from 1995

Chair, panel on Shakespearean Comedy, Christopher P. Baker

"Nada: Sacred and Profane in Hemingway's " 'A Clean, Well-Lighted Place", Christopher P. Baker

New Perspectives in International Relations Theory, Barry J. Balleck

The Rhetorical Themes of American Foreign Policy: 1789-1995, Barry J. Balleck

An Anthropological Presentation on Haiti: People, Culture, and Artifacts, Helen Bland

The Highs and Lows of Drug Use and Abuse: An Interplay of Motivations, Helen W. Bland and Robert D. Russell

Exploring Commonalities in the Philosophies of Health Education and Adult Education, Helen W. Bland, Robert D. Russell, and R. Verdiun

Knowledge, Attitudes, Perception of Risk and Prevention Behaviors Related HIV/AIDS in College Student Athletes and Non-athletes, Joanne Chopak-Foss, J. C. Andersen, and L. D. Bryant

Eating Disorders Among Athletes 1985-1995: What Have We Learned?, Joanne Chopak-Foss and Wanda Koszewski

Applying Hawkin's Model to HIV Prevention, Joanne Chopak-Foss and D. W. Maney

Raining Backwards: Stylization and Mimicry, William O. Deaver

The Virgin, Biblical Knowledge, and the Papal Smear, William O. Deaver

The Art of Gentle Eating, D. Hamilton and Helen Bland

We are not Basque-Basques: An Ethnographic Perspective on Language Planning in a Basque Borderland, Barbara A. Hendry

The Uneasy Alliance of Southern Blacks and Whites in Defining and Promoting African American Cultural Heritage Projects, Barbara A. Hendry and Elizabeth Higgs

Whose Knowledge? Whose Power? Ethical Dilemmas in Public Programming, Barbara A. Hendry and Elizabeth Higgs

The Relationship Among Levels of Distress, Personality Types, and Modes of Relaxing Among College Students, M. J. Kittleson, B. Ragon, Helen W. Bland, and Carl L. Hanson

Brain Compatible Classrooms: Theory to Praxis, Delores D. Liston

The Struggle Against Anti-Intellectualism in Teacher Education Programs, Delores D. Liston

Joy and the Quantum: Non-Dualistic Interpretations of Educational Experience, Delores D. Liston and Jane Hinson

Palynological and Depositional History of Pleistocene Sediments From Ulmers Pond, Valdosta, Georgia, USA, Fredrick J. Rich

Development and Gender Inequality in the Muslim World, Yassaman Saadatmand

The Public Perception of the U.S. Government Expenditures, Yassaman Saadatmand and Khondker


A Profile of Foreign-born Irish Roman Catholic Priests in the United States, William L. Smith

The Capstone Course, William L. Smith

The Research Trilogy: The Teaching of Statistics, Research Methods, and Data Analysis, William L. Smith and Michael Delucchi

Submissions from 1992

Negotiating Identity in a Basque Borderland, Barbara A. Hendry

Identities in Spain: the 1980s and Beyond, Barbara A. Hendry and Heidi Kelley

Chronostratigraphic and Paleoclimatic Data for Quaternary Loess and Fluvial Deposits in the Mississippi River Valley of Arkansas and Tennessee, H. W. Markewich, H. T. Millard, D. T. Rodbell, Fredrick J. Rich, E. M. Rutledge, L. Ward, S. Van Valkenberg, and D. Wysocki

Antithetical Effects of U.S. Military and Trade Policy, Yassaman Saadatmand

The U.S. Economy and Global Competitiveness, Yassaman Saadatmand and Kearnes Dr.

Petrography and Depositional Environment of a Lignite From Lauderdale County, Tennessee, Bruce G. Sterns and Fredrick J. Rich

The Eisenhower Program and Development of In-Service Teacher Training in Geology at Georgia Southern University, Robert K. Vance and Fredrick J. Rich

Submissions from 1991

Chair, "Rhetoric and Style in a Print Culture", Christopher P. Baker

'Glittering Tinsel:' English Popular Fiction in 1900, Christopher P. Baker

The Quaint and Curious War, Dennis D. Murphy

Submissions from 1989

Their Perch and Not Their Terror, Dennis D. Murphy