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The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the College of Behavioral and Social Science.


Submissions from 2014

Balancing the Joint Force to Meet Future Security Challenges, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

China’s Role in the African Continent: Appetite for Resources, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Political Institutions, Economic Policy and Economic Development in Latin America, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz


Scientific Methods of Inquiry for Intelligence Analysis, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Social and Political Changes and Conflicts in Contemporary Latin America, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Dilma Roussef: Brazil’s Policy Entrepreneur-in-Chief?, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz and Evangelia Petridou

Same-Sex Marriage Policies and Lesbian Family Life, Nikki DiGregorio


Navigating Professional Personalization Within Family Science, Nikki DiGregorio, Joshua Titus, and Barbara H. Settles


An Asymmetry in Shape and Shape Word Interference: Evidence for Core Geometric Knowledge, Joshua E. Edwards, Ty W. Boyer, and Bradley R. Sturz

Keynote Address, Duke Talent Identification Program, Steven Engel

Wexford-Savannah Axis, Steven Engel and Howard Keeley

From Wexford to Savannah: An Inter-Region Migration Pathway, Steven Engel, Howard Keeley, Richard Hayes, and Sean Reidy

Sexual Orientation and the Likelihood to Intervene as a Bystander in Cases of Sexual Assault, Shanna N. Felix, Alexandra Breed, Laura E. Agnich, Laurie Gould, and Christina Policastro


The Effects of Self-Control, Sex, and Sexual Orientation on Dating Violence Victimization, Shanna N. Felix, Christina Policastro, Laura E. Agnich, and Laurie Gould

Complexity Theory and Health Care Reform, Matthew Flynn

On the Maturation of Immigration Detention: Theoretical Approaches and Evidence, Matthew Flynn

Theoretical Perspectives on Pharmaceutical Autonomy, Matthew Flynn


Exploring Student Commitment to Use Peer Advice, Delena Gatch and Trent W. Maurer


Numeracy and Proportional Reasoning, Carolyn E. Gibson and Ty W. Boyer


Experiential Learning in Diverse Criminal Justice Contexts: Issues for Assessment, Laurie Gould, Laura E. Agnich, and Bryan Miller


The Case for a Criminological Explanation of State Failure, Laurie A. Gould and Matthew Pate

Organized Interests and Administrative Rulemaking: An Ecological Study of the State of Wisconsin, Nathan Grasse, Brett W. Curry, and Brianne Heidbreder


Orientation via Enclosure Geometry by Blind-folded Adults: Evidence Against View-based Matching Theories of Spatial Orientation, Marshall L. Green, Katherine A. Gaskin, Jonathan E. Roberts, and Bradley R. Sturz


Acting or Reacting?: Creating High Quality Supportive Environments to Prevent Challenging Behaviors, Katy Gregg

Data Collection in Qualitative Research, Katy Gregg


Tier 1 of the Pyramid Model – Acting or Reacting: Creating High Quality Supportive Environments to Enhance Social Emotional Development, Katy Gregg

Exploring the relationship between the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) and teacher self-efficacy, Katy Gregg, Caitlyn Cofer, Emily Urbanski, and John Peden


Tier 1 of the Pyramid Model – Acting or Reacting: Creating High Quality Supportive Environments to Enhance Social Emotional Development - Part 1 of 2, Katy Gregg and Courtney May


Pupillometry: Perceptual Disfluency as Cognitive Load, Juan Diego Guevara Pinto and Ty W. Boyer

A Cross-National Study of the Death Penalty, Meghan Hale, Laura E. Agnich, and Laurie Gould

Children’s Perceptions of Summer Day Camp Program Staff, Alice Hall and Alexius Coleman


Aligning Best Practices in Antibias Education and Inclusion With Internships and Field Placements in Higher Education, Alice Hall, Katy Gregg, and Sharleen Espinet

Preschool Methods: An Evaluation of Laboratory School, Alice Hall and John Peden


A Comparative Analysis of Print Media Coverage of the Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedies, James E. Hawdon, Laura E. Agnich, Robert Wood, and John Ryan

Applying the Contrast Analysis of Semantic Similarity to Ideological Speeches, Nicholas S. Holtzman

Text Analytic Approaches in Psychology, Nicholas S. Holtzman

Comparison of Student Learning Outcomes: Online Section vs. Face-to-Face Section, S. Hunter and Jennifer Zorotovich


Actions and Reactions: The Effect of Being Imitated, R. Jubran and Ty W. Boyer

Using Multiple Modalities to Engage Students in a Freshman Honors Course, Jerri J. Kropp, Helen D. Barrett, K. Mahoney, and Mikaela Shupp

The Effects of Animal-assisted Therapy in Various Settings, Jerri J. Kropp and Mikaela Shupp


Assessing an elaborate visual analogy in an undergraduate chemistry course, Shainaz Landge, Diana Sturges, Trent W. Maurer, and Shannon Rhodes

Pilsudski in World War One, Jacek Lubecki

Exploring Student Commitment to Use Peer Advice, Kyle M. Mahoney, Trent W. Maurer, and Delena Bell Gatch

Exploring Student Commitment to Use Peer Advice, Kyle M. Mahoney, Trent W. Maurer, and Delena Bell Gatch

Conversations with Professors, Nancy L. Malcom

Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning in financial literacy education, Trent W. Maurer

Reducing prejudice through a classroom activity using the Bogardus Social Distance Scale: Meaningful change or conformity?, Trent W. Maurer

Using SoTL as a bridge for interdisciplinary undergraduate research, Trent W. Maurer


The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning: Who, what, when, where, why, and how?, Trent W. Maurer, Diana Sturges, Nancy M. Arrington, and Hsiu-Lien Lu

Opinion Specialization and Decision Making on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Banks Miller and Brett W. Curry


Cheating the American Dream: A Comparative Analysis of Strain and Principal Reported Cheating, Bryan Lee Miller, Laura E. Agnich, and Chad Posick


The Role of Cause Involvement, Attitude Toward Cause-related Marketing and Perceived Motivations in Predicting Consumers’ Intentions to Participate in a CRM Campaign, Beth Myers

Advice from Still New Professors to Brand New Professors, Nathan S. Palmer

A New Teacher's Guide to Student Learning, Having Fun, and Surviving your First Class, Nathan S. Palmer

Austerity, The New Normal in Academia?: How Sociologists Are Adjusting to the Changing Political and Economic Landscapes Affecting Higher Education, Nathan S. Palmer

Don't Sacrifice Today's Opportunity For Yesterday's Dream, Nathan S. Palmer

How to Create an Online Platform for Your Research, Nathan S. Palmer

Issues in Education, Nathan S. Palmer

Social Media Training Pre-Conference Workshop, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching 2.0 - Open Education Resources and Social Media in the Classroom, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching Large Lecture Classes: Strategies for Student Engagement, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching Large Lecture Classes: Strategies for Student Engagement, Nathan S. Palmer

Truth Has No Color, Nathan S. Palmer

Using Social Media as a Professional Development Tool, Nathan S. Palmer

When You Play in Dirt, You Get Dirty: Why Everyone Needs to Work Against Racism, Nathan S. Palmer

Why it is Smart to Think of Yourself as Dumb and Dumb to Think of Yourself as Smart, Nathan S. Palmer


Assessing Community Formation on Online Educational Resource Networks, Nathan S. Palmer and April M. Schueths


A Service Learning Partnership for Wilderness Education in Coastal Georgia, John Peden, Monica Harris, Phillip Brice, James Fritz, Kristin Love, Mady Russell, Julie Swantek, and Scott Waters

Aesthetic Legacies and Dashed Political Hopes: David Caspar Friedrich Motifs in Roland Emmerich’s Post-9/11 Popcorn Message Movies, Robert Pirro

`Politics of Tragedy’: Ein Konzept für die Politikwissenschaft, Robert Pirro

Primo Levi’s Machiavellian Moment, Robert Pirro

Tragedy and the Tragic in German Literature, Art & Thought, Robert Pirro


The Generality of the Victim-Offender Overlap: Examining Cultural Contingencies, Chad Posick and Laurie Gould


Assessing a “mail man” analogy to understand nomenclature topic in organic chemistry course, Shannon Rhodes, Shainaz Landge, Diana Sturges, and Trent W. Maurer

Globalization and Family Science: Assessing Students’ Aptitude for Social Change, Amanda J. Rich, Nikki DiGregorio, and Caitlin E. Bailey

Crouching Dragon - The Role of Beijing in the South China Sea Dispute, Nalanda Roy

Will Beijing Reconsider Its Maritime Strategy in the South China Sea Following the Melting of the Arctic?, Nalanda Roy

Crisis of Confidence: The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Public Trust in the European Central Bank, Jamie Scalera

Euroskeptic Voting in European and National Elections: A Coalition Theory of European Voting, Jamie Scalera, Robert Pahre, and Elizabeth Radziszewski

Gendered Deportation Regimes: The Experiences of Exiled and Fractured Mixed-Status Couples, April Schueths

Just Like a Nightmare: Coping among Mixed-Status Couples, April M. Schueths


Inclusive Same-sex Marriage Research: An Integrative Theoretical Model, Barbara H. Settles, Nikki DiGregorio, and Amanda J. Rich

Down Home: Understanding the Legacy of Property Rights, Spoiled Water Quality, Poverty, and Lax Regulation for Families in Appalachia, Barbara H. Settles, Nikki DiGregorio, and Joshua Titus

“Free Thought and Owenite Socialism in the Antebellum United States: The Intersecting Lives of Frances Wright and Abner Kneeland, Cathy Skidmore-Hess and Daniel Skidmore-Hess


Impractical Lives: The Prayer Lives of Cistercian Monks in the American Southeast, William L. Smith


The Sights and Sounds of Action: Visual Attention to Action Effectors During an Image-verb Processing Task, Christopher P. Snyder, Josita Maouene, Nitya Sethuraman, and Ty W. Boyer

Expanding our understanding of visitor displacement: Voluntary and involuntary. Does the difference matter?, Bill Spain, Steven Burr, Dale Blahna, Jascha Zeitlin, and John Peden

Study guides in Human Anatomy and Physiology and students’ perceptions and academic performance, Diana Sturges and Trent W. Maurer

Students’ academic motivation and grade estimation accuracy in a Human Anatomy and Physiology class, Diana Sturges, Trent W. Maurer, Deborah Allen, Delena Gatch, and Padmini Shankar


Students’ Academic Motivation and Grade Estimation: Should We Care?, Diana Sturges, Trent W. Maurer, Deborah Allen, Delena Gatch, and Padmini Shankar

Multiple Scales of Interaction and Tradition in the Early Side-Notched Horizon, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Subregional Side-Notched Traditions in the Coastal Plain, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

The Typology of Early Side-Notched Bifaces and Unifaces, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Perception of Mind and Big Five Personality Traits, M. Tharp, Nicholas S. Holtzman, and Fade R. Eadch


Gender and Sexual Minority Literature: A Tool for Understanding, Caren Town, Trina Smith, Laura E. Agnich, Dina C. Walker-DeVose, and Scott A. Beck

Impact of Judicial Instructions and Motivation on Suppressing Prejudicial Thoughts, C. Vitiello, J. Chau, Amy A. Hackney, and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Becoming a Better Recreational Therapist: Four Strategies for Success, Brent Wolfe

Facilitator Training, Brent Wolfe

Recreation Therapy Education on Licensure and Developing a State-Wide Recreation Therapy Organization, Brent Wolfe


The Bennett Grove School: Bulloch County’s Last One Room African American Schoolhouse, Inger Wood