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Submissions from 2023

Milling Around in Scriven, M. Jared Wood

Submissions from 2022


Breastfeeding Support in Georgia: Rural Living as a Factor, Heidi Altman, Nandi A. Marshall, and Stacy Smallwood


Proximity to Care and Community: Rural Maternal Health Determinants in Georgia, Heidi Altman, Stacy Smallwood, and Nandi A. Marshall

Connecting the Past to the Present through Community Archaeology, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

The Past is Present: Historical Places and the African Diaspora, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Law Enforcement and Investigations, Amanda K. Graham

Best Practices for a Family and Consumer Science Textiles Workshop, Virginia Rolling

Family and Consumer Science Teachers’ Professional Insights About Their Careers, Virginia Rolling

Fashion Trend Board Project, Virginia Rolling

Outcomes of Providing Non-Traditional Mentorship Programs to Fashion Undergraduates, Virginia Rolling

Redesigning Coursework to Motivate Student Learning and Enhance Student Career Preparedness, Virginia Rolling

Boat Stories, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes

Foodways of the African Diaspora: The Legacy of Slavery, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes

Georgia's Working Waterfronts: A Social Census, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes

Greying of the Fleet, Weathering of the Vessels… and the Loss of the Docks: Commercial Fishing in Georgia, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, Bryan Fluech, and Tracy Yandle

Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Seafood, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Gina Louise Shamshak

’You Don’t Get Injured on a Shrimp Boat’: Masculinity, Injury, And Agency Among Commercial Fishers in Georgia, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Tracy Yandle

Submissions from 2021

Cautious Collaboration: Community/University Engagement in the COVID-19 Era, Ryan J. Couillou, Beth L. McGee, and S. Ball

Anonymizing Behaviors Impact on Illicit Pharmaceutical Trade, Cassandra Dodge

Black, White and Blue: A Conversation about Racialized Police Violence, White Nationalism and the Roots of Domestic Terror, Amanda Graham, Barry J. Balleck, and Akiv Dawson

Survey Design, Amanda K. Graham

Blinded by the White (Nationalism): How Separatist Ideologies Lead People to Discount Threats to Society, Amanda K. Graham and Francis T. Cullen

Punishing Social Distancing Deviance in a Pandemic: An Experiment on Attitudes Towards Individual- and Business-Owner Offenders, Heejin Lee, Justin T. Pickett, Amanda K. Graham, Francis T. Cullen, Cheryl L. Jonson, Melissa M. Sloan, and Murat Haner

ARTID 551B S21 Special Lecture on Biophilic Interior Design: An Introduction to Incorporating Nature-Based Variety in Interior Design, Beth L. McGee

E-B II S21 Special Lecture on Biophilic Interior Design: An Interior Design Specific Language, Beth L. McGee

Combined Effects of Parent and Teacher Involvement on the Development of Students’ Academic Engagement: A Growth Curve Analysis, Nicolette P. Rickert and Ellen A. Skinner


Differential Ecologies of Teacher and Parent Warm Involvement: A Pattern-Centered Analysis of Students' Academic Engagement, Nicolette P. Rickert and Ellen A. Skinner

Drag as a Resource, Baker A. Rogers

Drag as a Resource, Baker A. Rogers

Drag Kinging, Baker A. Rogers

Hit Like a Girl: A Transparent Conversation about the Mississippi Fairness Act, Baker A. Rogers

Trans Men in the South, Baker A. Rogers

Fun Workshop: Converting t-shirts into handbags!, Virginia Rolling

Sustainable Fashion Life Skills Taught by Fashion Undergraduates to Elementary Schoolers, Virginia Rolling

China’s Diplomatic Forays in the CARICOM Community in the Light of the Belt and Road Initiative, Nalanda Roy

Exploring the Culture of Digital Resistance in India: The Nirbhaya Case Study, Nalanda Roy

Is India Retreating to Act Indo-Pacific Policy?, Nalanda Roy

Life During Covid-19 Pandemic, Nalanda Roy

Navigating Uncertainty in the South China Sea Disputes: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Nalanda Roy

Reviewing CARICOM Diplomacy in the Belt and Road Initiative, Nalanda Roy

Sino-Indian “Great Games”: Enhancing Peacebuilding and Tranquility in the Indian Ocean, Nalanda Roy

The 'Global South' in Global Economic Governance, Nalanda Roy

Understanding The Face of Humanity- The Rohingya Genocide, Nalanda Roy

Navigating Cisnormativity in the Academy as a Trans Scholar, J. Erica Sumerau, Naomi Simmons-Thorne, Blu Buchanan, Baker A. Rogers, and Austin Johnson

Collaborative Conservation of Coastal Resources: Commercial Fishers in Georgia, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes

Fishing Traditions and Fishing Futures, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Preparing a Diverse and Inclusive Fisheries Workforce, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, Dionne Hoskins-Brown, and Kris Howard

Perspectives on Changing Climates in Georgia’s Fishing Communities, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Tracy Yandle

Social Census of Georgia’s Working Waterfronts, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, Tracy Yandle, Bryan Fluech, and Gina Shamshak

USVI Fishing Community Resilience, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, Tracy Yandle, and Cynthia Grace-McCaskey

USVI Fishing Community Resilience: Informing a Research Agenda, Tracy Yandle, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, and Cynthia Grace-McCaskey

Submissions from 2020

High-dimensional Biological Data in Criminiology & Criminal Justice, B. Cooper, C. Covert, R. Kail, J. C. Barnes, and Amanda Graham

College Sex Education, Nikki DiGregorio

Intersectional identities and inclusive language, Nikki DiGregorio

Leveraging Student Engagement With Difficult Topics in an Online Diversity Course, Nikki DiGregorio and Amanda J. Rich

Measuring Procedural Justice: A Case Study in Criminometrics, Amanda Graham and Francis T. Cullen

Building a Restorative Community: External Crisis Team Outside of the Police Department, Amanda Graham, Micahel Edwards, Curtis Singleton, Elder Ned Williams, Flora Devine, Rossie Norris, and Luis Zaldivar

Concept Creep of Collective Narcissism, N. Holtzman, W. Chopik, B. Donellan, Ty W. Boyer, and S. Konrath

Biophilic Interior Design Preferences of Generation Z for Hotel Guest Room Visual Art and Technology, Kelly A. Lesh and Beth L. McGee

Access to Nature and the Workplace, Angela Loder and Beth L. McGee

Biophilic design webinar, Beth L. McGee

CHFD Child Life class presentation: Evidence-based design guidelines, Beth L. McGee

CHFD Child Life class presentation: Evidence-based design guidelines, Beth L. McGee

CHFD class presentation: Evidence-based design guidelines, Beth L. McGee

Breaking Down Silos Through Collaboration and Service Learning: Perceptions of an Applied Design Project, Beth L. McGee and Ryan J. Couillou

Supporting student well-being from inside the classroom: Scaffolding Mindfulness and Compassion Training, Amanda J. Rich, Nikki DiGregorio, Laura M. Evans, and Robyn Maitoza

Conditionally Accepted Book Discussion, Baker A. Rogers

Drag as a Resource, Baker A. Rogers

Drag Kinging in the South, Baker A. Rogers

Publish Me: Advancing Trans, Nonbinary, and Intersex Scholarship, Baker A. Rogers

Southern LGBT Experience Panel, Baker A. Rogers

Invited Lecture, Digital Resistance in India and Nirbhaya Case, Nalanda Roy

Invited Lecture for International Webinar, Paradigm Shift in Gender Equality During COVID-19- A Historical and Interdisciplinary Approach, Nalanda Roy

Invited Speaker for theHonorary Rosalind Member of London Journals Press, Nalanda Roy

Navigating the Uncertainty in South China Sea Disputes, Nalanda Roy

Sino-Indian “Great Games”: Enhancing Peacebuilding and Tranquility in the Indian Ocean, Nalanda Roy

Living at the Intersection of Family and Immigration Law, April M. Schueths and Danshanique Adkins

To Root up the Foundations of Society:’ The Life and Thought of Abner Kneeland and His Contribution to the American Radical Tradition, Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Obstacles and Opportunities in Seafood Direct Marketing: A Georgia Case Study, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Gina Louise Shamshak

Anthropological Perspectives on Diet and Food, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Matthew Williamson

Perspectives on Climate Change in Georgia’s Fishing Communities, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Tracy Yandle

Submissions from 2019

School Shootings, An Anatomy, Laura E. Agnich

Conversations with Professors: Barry Balleck, Barry J. Balleck

Preparing Your Students for Academic Success, Barry J. Balleck

Effects of Socioeconomic Characteristics and Food Promotion Framing on Low Income Consumers’ Purchase of Healthy and Unhealthy Foods, Tannista Banerjee, Veena Chattaraman, Christin Seifert, and Gopikrishna Deshpande


48th Annual Frank Church Symposium: The Best and the Worst of Us: Confronting Injustices in the World, Srobana Bhattacharya

Pro-Government Militias and Insurgency: The Maoist Conflict in India, Srobana Bhattacharya

The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar: Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing, Srobana Bhattacharya

Spain: A Society in Transition, William Biebuyck


Ascending to Managerhood: An Examination of the Career Paths of Local Government Executives, Candice Pippin Bodkin and Casey J. Fleming


Examining The On And Offline Correlates Of Willingness To Commit Politically Motivated Cyberattacks, Adam Bossler

Testing Infants’ Action-Perception with an Observational A-Not-B Search Task, Ty W. Boyer and B. I. Bertenthal

Everyday Anti-Racism: Images, Institutions and You, Alicia Brunson, Dina Walker-Devose PhD, and Christopher Cartright

Municipal Fiscal Condition Research, P. Cary Christian

Weathering the Great Recession: Evidence from Small to Medium Cities Across 18 States, P. Cary Christian

Behavioral and Mental Health Services among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Gavin T. Colquitt, Oluwaseun Oguntomole, John Peden, Ashley D. Walker, and Stephanie Bailey

We are not bad: Nonprofit communications after a scandal, Chandra Commuri, Patsy B. Kraeger, and Viola Fuentes

Special Nominees: United States Attorneys and Federal Judicial Selection, Brett W. Curry and Banks Miller

Six Ways to Teach Creativity in Honors, Leslie A. Donovan, Steven Engel, Philip Frana, Assunta Kent, Marilyn Plotkins, and Lynn Sondag

Keynote Address, Duke Talent Identification Program, Steven Engel