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The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the College of Behavioral and Social Science.


Submissions from 2016


Negotiating Balance: Criminal Justice and Social Complexity in Fragile States, Laurie A. Gould and Matthew Pate


The Road to Deterrence: Motorized Patrol and its Effects on Hot Spots., Laurie Gould and Matthew Pate

School Mass Violence, Weapon Use, and Media-Reported Motives, Lilian Gray and Laura E. Agnich


Stroop Interference in a Match-to-Sample Task: Implications for Semantic and Response Competition Accounts, Marshall L. Green, Lawrence Locker, Ty W. Boyer, and Bradley R. Sturz


Geometric and Tactile Cue Conflict in the Absence of Visual Sense: Evidence From the Reorientation Paradigm, Marshall L. Green, Jonathan E. Roberts, and Bradley R. Sturz


Communication Disorders and Challenging Behaviors: Supporting Children’s Functional Communication Goals in the Classroom, Katy Gregg


The Impact of Geocoding Accuracy on Near Repeat Patterns, Jonathan A. Grubb


A Near-repeat Examination of Economic Crimes, Jonathan A. Grubb and Zachary A. Powell

Bullying Prevention and Education, Alice Hall

Learn How to Increase Diversity Awareness and Reduce Biases in Your Program, Alice Hall

Program Outcomes at Adventure-based Camps for Youth With Disabilities, Alice Hall, Jerri J. Kropp, John Peden, and Dan Matthews

Program Outcomes at Adventure-based Camps for Youth With Disabilities, Alice Hall, Jerri J. Kropp, John Peden, and Dan Matthews


Assessing Birth-5 Teaching Methods at a University Laboratory School, Alice Hall, John Peden, and Trent W. Maurer


Spatial Attention to Social Cues is not a Monolithic Process, Samuel M. Harding, Ty W. Boyer, and Bennett I. Bertenthal


Psychological Inflexibility Predicts Attitudes Toward Syrian Refugees and National Security Policies, Arthur T. Hatton Sr. and Michael Nielsen


Author Meets Critics: Assessing “cybercrime in Progress: Theory and Prevention of Technology-enabled Offenses” and Its Implications, Thomas Holt and Adam Bossler

The Origins and Manifestations of Narcissism, Nicholas S. Holtzman

The Evolution of Narcissism: Old and New Models, Nicholas S. Holtzman and M. Brent Donnellan

Using LIWC to Explore Potential Language Markers of Narcissism, Nicholas S. Holtzman, Allison M. Tackman, Angela L. Carey, Melanie S. Brucks, Albrecht C. P. Kufner, Fenne Grobe Deters, Mitja D. Back, M. Brent Donnellan, James W. Pennebaker, and Matthias R. Mehl

Mind Perception and Personality, Nicholas S. Holtzman, Mia Tharp, and Fade R. Eadch


The Lethality of Home-grown terrorism in the United States, Tony Hudson and Srobana Bhattacharya

Mass Casualty Attacks in Schools: A Qualitative Analysis of Perpetrators’ Manifestos, Kayla Hulon and Laura E. Agnich


Why the Welfare State Persists: A Comparative Analysis of the Welfare States in the US and the EU, Xavieria Jeffers and Jamie E. Scalera

Cyber Crime and Identity Theft, Kevin Jennings

The Apple iPhone and its Forensic Challenges, Kevin Jennings

The Lessons Learned from a University Digital Forensics Lab, Kevin Jennings

The Colonial and The International, Tahseen Kazi

Using SoTL to advance undergraduate research, Cassidy Keim, Karen Manarin, Trent W. Maurer, and Paul Taylor

Executive Orders and the Imperial Presidency, Joshua B. Kennedy

The Federal Register, the Code of Federal Regulations, and Variation in Governmental Growth, Joshua B. Kennedy

Capacity Building as Credible Commitment: A Theory of Nonprofit Budgeting, Patsy B. Kraeger


Organization, representation and Collective Action: Notes on the Sweet Briar College Turnaround,, Patsy B. Kraeger

California Social Benefit Firms: An Updated Analysis of Company Outcomes, Patsy B. Kraeger and Xianming Huang

California Social Benefit Firms: An Updated Analysis of Company Outcomes at the Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Colloquium, Patsy B. Kraeger and Xianming Huang

American State Arts Commissions: Incubators for Civic Engagement and Community Development, Patsy B. Kraeger and R. Phillips

A Framework for Philanthropic Institutional Logics: A Cross Discipline Approach, Patsy B. Kraeger and Robbie Robichau


Experiential Education: Arts to Philanthropy to Public and Nonprofit Administration, Patsy B. Kraeger, Robbie Robichau, Kerry Kuenzi, P. Cary Christian, Leigh Nanney Hersey, and H. Christian Carr

North Carolina’s L3c Legislation: A Story of Failure, Patsy B. Kraeger and Craig Talmage


How to Reduce Children's Fears of Doctor Visits Using Medical Play, Jerri J. Kropp and Mary Noe


Benefits of Having a Therapy Dog in the Classroom: A Review of Research, Jerri J. Kropp and Mikaela Shupp

Technology Matters: The Meaningful Integration of Technology into Preschool Classrooms, T. Lee, Jessica DeLaigle, Lauren Eades, L. Johnson, and Dina Walker-Devose PhD


Pushing the Boundaries: Ed Rossbach’s Fiber Arts as Inspiration for Apparel Design, Youngjoo Lee


ISIS and Al-Qaeda as Global Rebels: A Broader Historical Perspective, Jacek Lubecki

Ukrainian Military and Conflict with Russia 2014-2016, Jacek Lubecki

Conversations with Professors, Nancy L. Malcom


Teaching Children About Death: Storybooks as a Form of ‘Just in Time’ Socialization, Nancy L. Malcom

Giving voice to SoTL, Trent W. Maurer

Integrating Scaffolded Research with Service-Learning into a First-Year Two Semester Course Sequence, Trent W. Maurer, Jerri J. Kropp, and Caroline Lathi

How to get started in SoTL, Trent W. Maurer and Karen Manarin

How the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning can advance undergraduate research, Trent W. Maurer, Karen Manarin, Paul Taylor, and Ben Connolly

Closing the loop: Using the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning to reframe thinking about assessment data, Trent W. Maurer and Diana Sturges

Spear Superiority and (un)Knightly Warfare: Reconstructing and Modelling the Conflict Landscape of Bannockburn (AD1314) with GIS and KOCOA’, Ryan K. McNutt

Rethinking Patent Law: Assessing the Practical Implications of Statutory Reform on Judging and Policy, Banks Miller and Brett W. Curry

The Patent Pilot Program: Congress-Induced Specialization on the Federal District Courts, Banks Miller and Brett W. Curry

Exploring the Arrest and Novel Psychoactive Substance (NPS) Relationship: Observations from a Young Adult Population, Bryan Lee Miller, John M. Stogner, and Laura E. Agnich

Quality of Life and Adults with Intellectual/developmental Disabilities: A Qualitative Examination of a Camp Experience Implementing Recreational Therapy Services, M. Monk, Erika Teilhaber, and Brent Wolfe


No Statute of Limitations: Will 2017 Bring Closure to the Murder of John Kennedy?, Dennis D. Murphy

Assessing APA Undergraduate Program Goal 5: The introduction of the Value of Psychology in Professional Domains Scale, Karen Naufel, Kent D. Bodily, Nicholas S. Holtzman, Rebecca G. Ryan, and J. N. Steirn

Personalities and Appearance, J. R. Odom-Dixon and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Can We Talk About Racism?, Nathan S. Palmer

Dare Greatly: Doing the Work That Scares you the Most, Nathan S. Palmer

How to Use Social Media to Do Your Research, Teach Your Students, and Launch Your Career, Nathan S. Palmer

Using Social Media and Technology to Improve Student Learning, Nathan S. Palmer

Using Social Media to Prepare for Your Classes & Teach Sociology, Nathan S. Palmer

Using Social Media to Teach Sociology and Engage with Students, Nathan S. Palmer

Punishment, Penality and Progress: Meeting Needs While Meting Out Justice, Matthew Pate and Laurie A. Gould

Fundamentals of Leadership for Emergency Service Managers, John Peden and P. German

Mainstreaming Scientology as an Official Religion in Germany’s Pluralist Order: Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie (2008), Robert Pirro

The Road as State of Nature: Cormac McCarthy’s Post-Apocalypse and Social Contract Theory, Robert Pirro

Delinquent Behavior among Adopted Youth, Grace Pniewski, Laura E. Agnich, and April M. Schueths


A Propensity Score Matching Approach for Exploring the Victim-offender Overlap, Chad Posick


What We Know and Don’t Know (Yet): The Contributions of Biosocial Criminology, Chad Posick


Revisiting the Measurement of Imbalance: an Empirical Test of IAT, Aggravated Assaults, and Violence Against Women, Chad Posick and Adam Bossler


A Crime Script Analysis of Brute Force Attacks Against Israeli and Chinese University Computer Networks, Wuling Ren, Adam Bossler, Tamar Berenblum, David Maimon, and Ido Sevilla

From Awareness to Advocacy to Activism: Using Ecological Systems to Conceptualize Faculty Roles for Addressing Sexual Violence, Amanda J. Rich, Nikki DiGregorio, and Bethany Willis Hepp

Savannah Tourism: Theory and Practice, Ned Rinalducci


Analyzing Beijing’s Movements in Asia, Nalanda Roy

Reviewing the Lifestyle of the Bengali Diaspora in the United States, Nalanda Roy

The Implication of Beijing’s Movements in Asia, Nalanda Roy


Trick or Treat: The Implication of Beijing’s Motives in Asia, Nalanda Roy


Trading on Good Governance: Political Transformation and WTO Membership, Jamie E. Scalera


When Relations Sour: The Negative Consequences of Partnership with an International Organization, Jamie E. Scalera

When Relations Sour: Does WTO Membership Predict Peace?, Jamie E. Scalera and Srobana Bhattacharya


When Relations Sour: Does WTO Membership Predict Peace, Jamie E. Scalera, Srobana Bhattacharya, and Courtney Burns

Deportation Policies and Health: U.S. Citizen Spouses’ Perspectives, April Schueths

Stress and Coping of Children in Mixed-Status Couples, April Schueths


Intersections of Interior Design, Well-being, and the Home Environment, Angelita Scott and Denise A. Guerin

Aging in place: Enjoying your home for a lifetime, Angelita Scott, K. Moore, and T. Christner


Marx's Eurocentric Theories of History and Revolution and their Hegelian Sources, Daniel Skidmore-Hess


Family Encouragement and Life Experiences: The Road to the Monastic Life, William L. Smith


Jewish Identity in a Deep Southern City, William L. Smith and Pidi Zhang


The Archaeological Utility of ACTUS: An Alternative Method of Contingency Table Analysis Using Simulation, Elizabeth Sobel and Virginia Estabrook

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Cognitive Processing of Norms and Interests on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb

Conversations with Professors: Women in the Academy, Maureen Stobb


Knowledge is Power: Filling the Courts’ Information Gap in Foreign Policy Cases, Maureen Stobb

Mobilization that Matters: Identifying Domestic NGOs that Impact Human Rights Practices, Maureen Stobb

Political Issues Forum, Maureen Stobb


They Were Getting High on What? A Qualitative Evaluation of Novel Psychoactive Drug Knowledge among Practitioners, John Stogner, David Khey, Laura E. Agnich, and Bryan Lee Miller


Introduction to SoTL, Diana Sturges and Trent W. Maurer

Student motivation and academic performance: Application of the Self-Determination Theory in undergraduate education, Diana Sturges, Trent W. Maurer, Deborah Allen, Delena Gatch, and Padmini Shankar