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The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the College of Behavioral and Social Science.


Submissions from 2016

Crossing Boundaries in Early Archaic Research, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Mapping Variation in the Early Archaic Coastal Plain, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Chibariyo! Navigating Cultural Resources Compliance on U.S. Military Installations in Japan, Kara Bridgman Sweeney and Alexander Y. Sweeney

Administrative Court Curbing: Patrolling and Preventing Judicial Oversight of Executive Implementation, Henry Christian Tecklenburg IV


You Can't Catch 'Em and Sell 'Em:' Perceptions of Obstacles to Direct Marketing among Georgia Fishermen, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Tracy Yandle


You Can't Catch 'Em and Sell 'Em:' Perceptions of Obstacles to Direct Marketing among Georgia Fishermen, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Tracy Yandle

Exploring Trust in the Parent-Teacher Relationship, Dina Walker-Devose PhD

Build Bridges NOT Walls!, Dina Walker-Devose PhD and Nadia Flanigan


Building Bridges Not Walls, Dina Walker-DeVose and Nadia Flanigan

Parental Involvement and Low-SES Families, Dina Walker-Devose PhD and J. Taliaferro

Gender, Sexual Identity, and Families: The Personal is Political, Clare F. Walsh

Pushing Boundaries: Expanding Reach and Amplifying Voice in Social Science Research, Clare F. Walsh

Sexualities, Clare F. Walsh

Sexualities, Clare F. Walsh

The Politics of Marriage: From Intimacy to Public Policy, Clare F. Walsh

Eye Contact and Social Attention, M. Wang and Ty W. Boyer

Maintaining Attention: The Presidential Agenda and the Weekly Address, Lara Wessel

Policy, Politics, and Messaging: 2016 Presidential Election, Lara Wessel

The Female Electorate & the 2016 Presidential Election, Lara Wessel

ATRA – Moving RT Forward Toward the Future, Brent Wolfe

Leading Activities and Engaging Participants, Brent Wolfe

What is Recreational Therapy?, Brent Wolfe

Examining the Myth of the Clinical vs Community Discussion in Recreational Therapy, Brent Wolfe, Erica P. Teilhaber, and M. Monk

Mapping Kolomoki: LiDAR, Space, Structure & Place, M. Jared Wood and Thomas J. Pluckhahn

Terra incognita, M. Jared Wood and Thomas J. Pluckhahn


Situational Influences on Experiences of Long Trail Hikers: An Application of Means-End Theory, Justin Yun and John Peden

Experiments and Judicial Politics Research, Christopher Zorn, Nancy Scherer, David Glick, and Brett W. Curry

Aging in Place, Jennifer Zorotovich

See the World through My Eyes and Walk in My Shoes: An Aging Simulation, Jennifer Zorotovich


Using a Phenomenological Approach in Research with Non-students and Other Underrepresented Populations, Jennifer Zorotovich

What is It Like to Age?, Jennifer Zorotovich

Working With the Dying and Their Families, Jennifer Zorotovich, M. Lewin, and T. Joiner

Submissions from 2015

Comparative Perspectives on School Shootings: The Aftermath for Communities in the U.S. and Finland, Laura E. Agnich


Fear of School Shootings and Active Shooter Event Preparedness in the Rural South, Laura E. Agnich


School Shootings: Prevalence, Media Portrayals, and Community Responses, Laura E. Agnich

Sexual Dating Violence: The Effects of Alcohol, Drug Use, and Sexual Orientation, Laura E. Agnich


Victimization among LGBTQ College Students in the Rural South: Strategies for Coping and Resiliency, Laura E. Agnich


"It's Kind of Difficult to Have Fun, Especially if You're Not 'Out:'" Drug and Alcohol Abuse as Coping Strategies in Response to Strain among College Students Who Identify as Gender and Sexual Minorities, Laura E. Agnich, Bryan Lee Miller, and John M. Stogner


Not Necessarily Unsafe, but Vulnerable: Perceptions of Safety and Harassment among LGBT Students at a Rural University, Laura E. Agnich, Bryan Lee Miller, and John M. Stogner

Self-determination theory as a predictor of students’ motivation and academic performance, Deborah Allen, Trent W. Maurer, Delena Gatch, Diana Sturges, and Padmini Shankar

Social Media: Ammunition for Civil War, Social Change, and Revolution, Amber Bailey and Christopher M. Brown

International Field Research in Conflict Zones, Srobana Bhattacharya

Rebellion and Maoist Conflict in India, Srobana Bhattacharya

Terrorism and ISIS in the aftermath of Paris attacks, Srobana Bhattacharya

The Migration Crisis in Europe, Srobana Bhattacharya

Who Supports terrorism? A Comparative Study of Terrorist Resource Networks, Srobana Bhattacharya

Women in the Academy, Srobana Bhattacharya

Post conflict Effects on Gender Rights, Srobana Bhattacharya and Courtney Burns

Advice on How to Successfully Navigate Graduate School and Academia, Brenda Blackwell


The Effects of Beacons and Surface Features on Human Spatial Reorientation, Kent D. Bodily, Bradley R. Sturz, and Zachary Kilday


Evaluation of the Savannah SPI, Adam Bossler

Future Steps for Cybercrime Research: Moving the Field Toward Internet Usage Data and Honeypots, Adam Bossler


Roundtable: Making Smart Policing Happen: Facing Challenges in Policy Agency Organizational Change, Adam Bossler

Thunderdome II: Internet Usage Data Vs. Survey Data, Adam Bossler

Examining Differences in Open Web and Tor-Based Data Markets, Adam Bossler, Thomas Holt, and Olga Smirnova


Technology, Communication, and Rural Law Enforcement Agencies, Adam Bossler and Justin Hoyle

Revisiting Imbalance: An Expansion of Institutional Anomie Theory and Violent Crime Rates, Adam Bossler and Chad Posick


Proportional and Whole Number Reasoning, Ty W. Boyer and Natalie Branch


Proportional Reasoning, Whole Number Comparison, and Numerical Estimation, Ty W. Boyer and Carolyn E. Gibson


Reflecting Realities: Aging Through the Eyes of Women Gerontologists, Dana Burr Bradley, Pamela Pitman Brown, Adrienne L. Cohen, and Carroll Estes


Children's Understanding of Probability and Proportionality, Natalie Branch, Brandon Poston, and Ty W. Boyer


Labor’s Legitimacy: Visibility, Consonance, and Dissonance of the Employee Free Choice Act in major Newspapers, Ted Brimeyer

Anachronistic Transitions: From Command to Demand and the Lessons for 'Revolutionary' Cuba, Christopher M. Brown

Featured Workshop Participant: Coming in From the Cold War: Cuba and the Normalization of US-Cuban Relations, Christopher M. Brown

Governability is Not Democracy: Representation, Co-optation, and the Sustainability of Poor- Quality Democratic Systems in the Developing World, Christopher M. Brown

Relieving Abjection: Post-Modern Transitions, Cuban Liberalization, and a Reconciliation via Cultural Unity, Christopher M. Brown

Rethinking Post-Modern Governance: The Contributions and Challenges from Gross National Happiness as a Development Model, Christopher M. Brown


Becoming a Gerontologist: Lessons From the WIGL Project, Pamela Pitman Brown, Adrienne L. Cohen, Dana Burr Bradley, Colleen R. Bennett, A. Dawson, and Carroll L. Estes


"I Knew What to Expect..." Reflections on Knowledge of Aging Versus Personal Experiences of Female Gerontologists, Pamela Pitman Brown, Adrienne L. Cohen, Dana Burr Bradley, and Carroll L. Estes


Does Observational Learning Influence Spatial Pattern Learning for Humans?, Matthew Bruster, Kent D. Bodily, Michael F. Brown, and Bradley R. Sturz


Post conflict Effects on Gender Rights, Courtney Burns and Srobana Bhattacharya


Shifts in Students’ Attitudes Toward Elders Through Service Learning With Well and Frail Elders, Adrienne L. Cohen

Ideology, Judicial Specialization, and the Diffusion of Precedent: Citation Patterns in the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Brett W. Curry and Banks Miller

Judicial Deference and Opinion Specialization on the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Brett W. Curry and Banks Miller

The Racial Experiences of College Students at a Southeastern University, Akiv Dawson, April Schueths, Ted Brimeyer, and Dina Walker-DeVose

Argentina, Brazil, and Chile: The Promotion of Women’s Empowerment at the Ballot Box and Through Revolution, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Cybersecurity in the Americas: U.S. National Security Implications, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Ladies Like No Others: Dilma, Kirchner, and Bachelet, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Megacities in the 21st Century: The New Battlefield and its National Security Implications, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Relations between European Union and Latin America, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Seminar in Global Politics, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Urban Conflict in the Megacities in the Twenty-first Century, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz


Transformational Learning: the Connection Between Student Transitions and Growth, Nikki DiGregorio, Amanda J. Rich, Caitlin E. Bailey, and Kelley J. Perkins

Assessing and Facilitating Learning in the Family Science Classroom: An Application of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Nikki DiGregorio, Bahira Sherif Trask, and Barbara H. Settles


Using a Delayed Match-to-Sample Task to Further Investigate the Isolated Processing of Geometric Shapes and Their Corresponding Shape Words, Joshua E. Edwards, Candyce Asby, Travis Baker, Destiny Brooks, Allison Dyches, Ty W. Boyer, and Bradley R. Sturz

Depression and First-Person Pronoun Usage Revisited, To'Meisha S. Edwards and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Beyond Replacing Gen Ed: The Future of Honors Curricula, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Duke Talent Identification Program, Steven Engel

Celebrating Irish Savannah and the Wexford-Savannah Axis Research Project, Steven Engel and Howard Keeley

Wexford-Savannah Axis, Steven Engel and Howard Keeley

Wexford-Savannah Axis, Steven Engel and Howard Keeley


Bioarchaeology of Gendered Labor in the Middle and Upper Paleolithic, Virginia Estabrook


In Search of Women in the Paleolithic, Virginia Estabrook and Caroline VanSickle


Racial Disparities in the American Child Welfare System, Shanna N. Felix, April M. Schueths, Chad Posick, and Laura E. Agnich

Inclusionary State Activism or Particularistic Bureaucratic Rings? Evaluating Industrial Policies in Brazil’s Pharmaceutical Sector, Matthew Flynn


Bureaucratic Capitalism and the Immigration Industrial Complex, Matthew B. Flynn


The Dilemma of High-Priced Medicines, Matthew B. Flynn


Exploring the Emergence of the Islamic State: a Case Study, Laurie A. Gould and Jack Lightfoot


Boko Haram and the Islamic State: Variations in Terror, Laurie A. Gould, Matthew Pate, and Jack Lightfoot


Non-Goal Cues Can Be Used to Disambiguate the Correct From the Rotationally Equivalent Location: Evidence From Blind-Folded Adults, Marshall L. Green, Alicia C. Evans, Jonathan E. Roberts, and Bradley R. Sturz