Submissions from 2012

Non-Visual Spatial Learning of Array Geometry via Touch, Marshall L. Green, Alicia C. Evans, Katherine A. Gaskin, April A. Graves, Jonathan E. Roberts, and Bradley R. Sturz


"Me and My Drank:" Exploring the Relationship between Exposure to Popular Music and 'Purple Drank' Experimentation, Melanie Hart, Laura E. Agnich, Bryan Lee Miller, and John M. Stogner

Orientation via Enclosure Shape: Observations and Implications, Bradley R. Sturz and Kent D. Bodily


Enclosure Size and the Use of Local and Global Geometric Cues for Orientation, Bradley R. Sturz, Martha R. Forloines, and Kent D. Bodily


A Room With a (Different) View: A Role for Field of View in the Reorientation Process, Bradley R. Sturz, Zachary Kilday, Samuel P. Police, and Kent D. Bodily

Submissions from 2011


Native Language-Based Paradigms for Indigenous Midwifery, Heidi M. Altman

Social Supports as Predisposing Factors in Rural and Non-Rural Nursing Home Admissions, Adrienne L. Cohen and Jennifer Roebuck Bulanda

Submissions from 2009

Cherokee Place Names and Naming Places, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt


Facilitation of Learning Spatial Relations among Goal Locations does not Require Visual Exposure to the Configuration of Goal Locations, Bradley R. Sturz, Debbie M. Kelly, and Michael F. Brown

Submissions from 2008


Cherokee Health and Healing: A Language-Based Approach, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt


Cherokee Language, Memory and Worldview, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

Submissions from 2007

Divining the Past: Cherokee History through a Cherokee Lens, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

Doctor, Doctor: Health Choices Among Contemporary Cherokees, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

The Will West Long Materials at the Gilcrease Museum, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

Tohi: The Cherokee Concept of Well­being, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt