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The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the College of Behavioral and Social Science.


Submissions from 2018

Diversity and Intersectionality, Nikki DiGregorio


Language Appropriation Practices of Gay Men After the Legalization of Same-sex Marriage, Nikki DiGregorio


Prompting Student Reflection in Diversity-Centered Courses, Nikki DiGregorio

Documentation of SoTL Trends: a Pilot Investigation in Family Science, Nikki DiGregorio and Trent Maurer

SoTL in Family Science: Present and future approaches, Nikki DiGregorio and Trent W. Maurer

Vulnerable Narcissism and First-Person Singular Pronoun Use, Hannah L. Dorough and Nicholas S. Holtzman


Family-Centric Model: Building Trust to Educate and Empower Families, Meghan K. Dove, Johnnye Rogers, Michael O'Neal, Paul Fisher, Katy Gregg, and Alice Hall


Defining and Treating Male Sexual Dysfunction in Traditional and Alternative Medicine Contexts in Salta Province (Argentina) and Georgia (U.S.A.), Timothy Eller and Virginia Estabrook

Honors at Georgia Southern, Steven Engel

Honors at Georgia Southern, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Sinn Féin Society of Savannah, Annual Meeting, Steven Engel

Application Ratings as a Metric for Student Success: Which Components are Better Predictors?, Steven Engel, Jonathan Roberts, and Francis Desiderio

Not Our First Rodeo: Sampling Biases and Re-Evaluating the Frequency of Neandertal Injury, Virginia Estabrook


Skin color, emojis and the reification of racist paradigms: The misuse of the Fitzpatrick Scale, Virginia Estabrook

Navigating Career Paths, David Euscher, Kelsey Kees, B. Fox, and Angelita Scott


Citizen Judgement of Rule Breaking in City Hall: An Experiment of Race, Gender, Age, and Violation Motives, Casey J. Fleming and Candice Pippin Bodkin

Fármacos para Quien? Fármacos para Qué? Discursos sobre la Lucha para Medicamentos en Brasil, Matthew Flynn

Teoría Social y Salud Global, Matthew Flynn


Critical Factors Identified to Manage and Maintain Diverse Partnerships for CrossFit Programs Serving Underserved Youth: Promoting Health and Physical Activity, Christina Gipson, Natalie Campbell, and Nancy L. Malcom


She's not my ideal: Mixed messages about CrossFit women, Christina Gipson, Nancy L. Malcom, Caitlyn Hauff, and Hannah Bennett


School Readiness: One State’s Path to a Common Framework, Hanah Goldberg and Katy Gregg


Quality Rated & NAEYC Accreditation: You can have it all!, Katy Gregg, Michelle Carter, Michelle Smith-Lank, Cindy Britt, Megeda Edwards, and Nadia Jones


Working Within Your Bandwidth: From Surviving to Thriving as a Small NAEYC State Affiliate, Katy Gregg, Jaime Dice Moore, and Courtney May


Teaching and Research Done in Service (TARDIS): Opportunities to Expand University and the Communities We Serve, Judy O. Grissett, Karen Wheel-Carter, Jeannette Diaz, Allison Foley, Jane Hercules, Natalie Stickney, Mariana Stoyanova, Lydia Watkins, and Jennifer Zorotovich

Getting involved: What you can do, Jonathan A. Grubb

Overview of human trafficking in the U.S. and Georgia, Jonathan A. Grubb

Overview of human trafficking in the U.S. and Georgia, Jonathan A. Grubb

Overview of human trafficking in the U.S. and Georgia, Jonathan A. Grubb

Overview of human trafficking in the U.S., Georgia, & South Carolina, Jonathan A. Grubb

Overview of human trafficking in the U.S., Georgia, & South Carolina., Jonathan A. Grubb

Overview of human trafficking in the U.S. and Georgia, Jonathan A. Grubb and H. Bilton


Examining Variation in Near Repeat Burglaries for Single and Serial Offenders, Jonathan A. Grubb, Chad Posick, and Cedric L. James


Barriers to Domestic Violence Service Provision: Recognizing the Influence of the Rural/Urban Divide, Jonathan A. Grubb and Ebony Robinson


Dialoguing Anti-bias Methods of Including Holiday Programs in Early Childhood Programs, Alice Hall

Promoting Inclusion and Tolerance in Your Program, Alice Hall

Indiana Jones and “Bones:” Exploring Perceptions of Anthropology and Selection of Majors at a Southern University, Barbara A. Hendry

Examining Variation in Near Repeat Burglaries for Single and Serial Offenders, Cedric L. James and Jonathan A. Grubb

Methods for Teaching Cybercrime in a University Setting, Kevin Jennings


Challenges of Teaching about Cybercrime and Technology to Social Science Student, Kevin Jennings and Adam Bossler


Race and Gender in Cyber Criminality, Kevin Jennings and Steven Ericksen

Blockchain and Bitcoin, Kevin Jennings and S. Scheidt

Sexual Strategies in Relation to Appreciative Humility and Self-Abasing Humility, Clint E. Johnson and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Color Temperature and Classroom Environment Lighting Condition: Effects on Occupant Well-being in University Learning Environments, Lindsey Junger and Angelita Scott

The 2018 Georgia Elections, Employment, and Global Trade, Tahseen Kazi

By the 'Authority Vested in Me:' Executive Orders and Statutory Citation, Joshua B. Kennedy


Executive Orders and the Limits of Presidential Power, Joshua B. Kennedy


Federal Job Satisfaction in Political Context: Exogenous Political Factors and the Best Places to Work in Government, Joshua B. Kennedy

Nonprofits: Nuts and Bolts Third Annual Native Leadership Summit, Patsy B. Kraeger

State Arts Commissions: Engaging Leaders for the Arts, Patsy B. Kraeger

Public-Private Partnerships: Philanthropy Building Local and State Government Capacity, Patsy B. Kraeger and Chandra Commuri

Missing Bureaucratic Accountability Costs the Public, Patsy B. Kraeger and Viola Fuentes

Asia’s Benefit Corporations: The Emergence of Social Enterprise, Patsy B. Kraeger and Xianming Huang

Using Bibliotherapy to Help Children and Youth Cope With Emotional Issues, Jerri J. Kropp and A. Allmond

Helping College Students Understand, Apply, and Articulate Theory, Jerri J. Kropp, Keliesha Jones, and Kelly Cowan

Older Adults, Therapy Dogs, and College Students: Analysis of Service-learning Blog Posts, Jerri J. Kropp and C. Morris


Immigration Policy Reform: International Students and Higher Education, Anna Kwiatkowski, Steven Engel, and Jamie E. Scalera


Designing Research Methods for 3D Virtual Apparel Simulation System: Part I. Creating a Virtual Apparel on a Virtual Body, Youngjoo Lee, Beth Myers, and Hope Wallace Simpara

Bridging the Gap, Nancy L. Malcom


The Looking Glass Athlete: Female CrossFitters Reflect on Self, Nancy L. Malcom, Christina Gipson, Hannah Bennett, and Caitlyn Hauff


The 2017 National Women's March and the Pink Pussyhat: Symbol of Solidarity?, Nancy L. Malcom, V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery, and Alexandra Howell


Incorporation of an Online Fashion News Publication into a Fashion Merchandising Course: Perceived Benefits and Educational Impact, Addie Martindale and Beth Myers

Fostering a departmental culture of undergraduate research: A five-year case study, Trent W. Maurer

SoTL in Family Science: Is the glass half empty or half full?, Trent W. Maurer

Biophilic Interior Design and Healthcare., Beth McGee

CHFD Child Life class presentation: Evidence-based design guidelines, Beth McGee

Grey Ghosts: Searching for Confederates at Camp Lawton, Ryan K. McNutt

Grey Ghosts: Searching for Confederates at Camp Lawton, Ryan K. McNutt

Panopticonism, Pines and POWS: Applying Conflict Landscape Tools to The Archaeology of Internment, Ryan K. McNutt

Panopticonism, Pines and POWS: Foucault’s Theories and The Archaeology of Internment, Ryan K. McNutt

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Progressive Ambition and the Behavior of United States Attorneys, Banks Miller and Brett W. Curry


#AdvancedStyle: How Sharing Fashion on Social Media Creates an Opportunity for Positive Social Engagement for Aging Adults, Mackenzie Miller and Addie Martindale


How Do the Women of Crossfit Use Social Media? An Exploratory Study to Examine Influences and Impacts, Rebekah Mitchell, Christina Gipson, Hannah Bennett, Caitlyn Hauff, and Nancy L. Malcom

Therapy Dogs, Older Adults, and College Students: Content Analysis of Service-learning Blog Posts, C. Morris and Jerri J. Kropp

Personality and the Likelihood of Believing Conspiracy Theories, J. Noguera-Sepulveda and Nicholas S. Holtzman

Social Location, Ideology, and Undergraduate Explanations of Social Inequality, Nathan S. Palmer

Succeeding Through Struggle, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching with Technology, Nathan S. Palmer

The Development of Students’ Sociological Imaginations in the Journal Teaching Sociology, Nathan S. Palmer


Same Time, Next Year: Evolution of the Pussyhat’s Symbolism, V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery, Alexandra Howell, Nancy L. Malcom, and Addie Martindale


Impact Zone LGBT: LGBT Centers and their Impact on the Student Population, Zachary Glenn Payne, Clare Walsh, and Laura E. Agnich

Fundamentals of Leadership for Emergency Service Managers, John Peden and D. Lenzie

German Hollywood and World War Two Cinema: What Popular Cinema after Reunification Might Be Saying About the State of US-German Relations, Robert Pirro

Primo Levi as Theoros or Polis Pilgrim: Finding the Political Theoretical Resonances in his Journey Home from Auschwitz, Robert Pirro

The Politics of Tragedy, Robert Pirro

Prisoner Reentry and Labor Market Issues, Chad Posick and Jonathan A. Grubb


Coordination Sensation: When NGOs Strike Down Sex Trafficking, Megan Prangley, Courtney Burns, and Jamie E. Scalera

Power, Consensus, and Popular Hegemony in Cuba, Ned Rinalducci and Humberto Miranda

‘Despite Everything I Said’: The Contradictions of ‘Passing’ in the South, Baker Rogers

Drag in Transition: How Trans & Non-Binary Individuals Use Drag Kinging as a Resource in the South, Baker Rogers

Gender Panel, Baker Rogers

Intersectionality, Advocacy, and Activism, Baker Rogers

Lavender Graduation Panel, Baker Rogers

Lavender Vitaes and Navigating the Job Market, Baker Rogers

Masculinities, Baker Rogers

‘Dude, You’re a Slut’: An Exploratory Analysis of Sexual Harassment Among Transmen Before and After Transition, Baker Rogers and Sarah A. Rogers


Beijing and Its Fast-Track Friendship, Nalanda Roy

Ocean Governance in Southeast Asia, Nalanda Roy

How to Incorporate Service-learning Into Gerontology Focused Higher Education Courses: Benefits for Students, Educators, Community Partners, Agencies, and Older Adults, Rebecca G. Ryan, Jennifer Zorotovich, and Adrienne Cohen

A Renewed Project for Europe: Brexit and the Future of EU Foreign Policy, Jamie Scalera

The Making of Modern Europe, Jamie Scalera