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The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the College of Behavioral and Social Science.


Submissions from 2019

Board Governance: From Fiduciary Duties to High Impact, Patsy B. Kraeger and Colin Karnes

Knowledge, Application, and Articulation of Child Development Theory: Who's Accountable?, Jerri J. Kropp, Keliesha Jones, and Kelley Cowan


Hospital Playrooms: A Collaborative Child Life Playroom Design Project Incorporating the VIPAR and Biophilic Design, Jerri J. Kropp, Beth McGee, and Seema Patel


CrossFit as a Pathway to the Future Self: Using Hope and Strength to Guide Girls' Self-Determination, Nancy L. Malcom, Christina Gipson, Amy S. Rundio, Sarah Olin, and Tamerah Hunt

Unifying Yet Dividing: Exploring the Pussy Hat’s Meanings Among Women’s March Participants, Addie Martindale, Nancy L. Malcom, V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery, and Alexandra Howell

Explaining Legislative Support for Transgender Bathroom Bills, Kimberly Martin


What “counts” as SoTL? It depends on how you count!, Trent W. Maurer


Biophilic Interior Design: the Creation and Testing of an Interior Design Specific Language, Beth McGee

CHFD Child Life class presentation: Evidence-based design guidelines, Beth McGee

CHFD Child Life class presentation: Evidence-based design guidelines, Beth L. McGee


The Future of Biophilic Design Education: a Concrete Language for Interior Design Students, Beth McGee and Nam-Kyu Park

Fundamentals of Leadership for Emergency Service Managers, John Peden and C. Walton

Missiles or Money? The Gendered Consequences of Foreign Policy Decisions on the Rise in Human Trafficking,, Kate Perry


Generating Social Entrepreneurship: A Survey of Accelerators and Business Incubators, Rhonda Phillips and Patsy B. Kraeger

Genre Crossing in Inglourious Basterds (2019): Tarantino’s Transatlantic Intervention in German Public Memory, Robert Pirro

Keynote Address: “The Politics of Tragedy: Encountering Hannah Arendt’s Thought and Reflecting on its Meeting.”, Robert Pirro

Better Lef Unsaid: The Connection Between Members of Congress, Presidents, and Political Ambiguity, Grace Pittman and Joshua B. Kennedy

Narrative Approaches in Public Policy Pedagogy to Enhance Student Learning, Amanda J. Rich


Looking Inward: Enhancing Resilience Through the Integration of Mindfulness-based, Trauma-informed Stress Reduction and Self-care Strategies in Human Services Courses, Amanda J. Rich and Nikki DiGregorio


Trauma-informed Care in Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services, Amanda J. Rich, Nikki DiGregorio, and Carla G. Strassle

Drag as a Resource, Baker A. Rogers

National Coming Out Day – Conditionally Accepted: The Influence of Coming Out to Mississippi Christians on Lesbian and Gay Equality, Baker A. Rogers

Professional Social Scientists, Baker A. Rogers

Trans Summit, Baker A. Rogers

What’s the Q?, Baker A. Rogers

Publishing in Gender and Sexualities Journals, Baker A. Rogers, Jennifer Beggs Weber, Katie Acosta, and Dawn Baunach

ASEAN’s Ocean Governance in Asia, Nalanda Roy


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Security and Economic Consequences, Nalanda Roy

Doing Social Research - A Global Context, Nalanda Roy

Fearless: The Story of Nirbhaya, Nalanda Roy

The Lifestyle of Bengali Diaspora in the United States, Nalanda Roy


Understanding the Security and Economic Implications of the CPEC Project, Nalanda Roy

Brexit and the Future of EU Enlargement Policy, Jamie Scalera

The American Dream Down South, April M. Schueths, Ted Brimeyer, Megan Phillips, Jamekia Collins, Raisa Gallegos, Nayjha Harris, Michelle Hester, and Summer Stewart


Nature for All: Nature Based Design and Social Justice, Angelita Scott

Family Science and the Land-grant Mission, Bahira Sherif Trask and Nikki DiGregorio

Individual Differences in Decision-Making, C. Shipp and Ty W. Boyer


How the Academy Looks at Marx is All Wrong; How to Change It, Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Executive Branch Socialization and Deference in Asylum Cases on the U.S Courts of Appeal, Maureen Stobb

Finding Justice: Women’s Rights Advocacy and the Courts, Maureen Stobb

Perceptions of the Global Judicial Dialogue: Citation to Foreign Law and Lower Court Compliance, Maureen Stobb

Power of the Pen or the Gavel? Determining Asylum Standards on the Courts of Appeals, Maureen Stobb

The extent of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning published in Human Development and Family Studies Journals since 2009, A. Swenson, J. Reinke, Nikki DiGregorio, and Trent W. Maurer

Justiciability: Examining Separation of Powers and Institutional Motivations for Dodging Disputes, Henry Christian Tecklenburg IV

Fishing Traditions and Fishing Futures: Commercial Fishing in Georgia, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Bryan Fluech

On the Water and Beneath the Waves: Stories of Coastal Georgia, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Kurt Knoerl

Empowering Recreational Therapists, Brent Wolfe

Empowering Recreational Therapists, Brent Wolfe

It’s Time to Get Involved and Make a Difference, Brent Wolfe

Servant Leadership and the Recreational Therapist: Exploring Connections, Brent Wolfe

A Longitudinal Analysis of Commercial Fishing Infrastructure, Tracy Yandle, Gina Louise Shamshak, and Jennifer Sweeney Tookes

Aging in Place, Jennifer Zorotovich

Submissions from 2018

How are Law Enforcement and Victims’ Services Related to the Prevalence of Internal Trafficking across Nations?, Adom Abatkun and Laura E. Agnich

Critic, Authors Meet Critics: Routledge Handbook of Critical Criminology (2nd ed.), Laura E. Agnich

#MeToo: Implications of a National Movement, Laura E. Agnich

Roundtable: Strategies for Success: Navigating the Criminology Classroom/Department as a Young Woman, Laura E. Agnich

Student Activism and the Principles of Community, Laura E. Agnich

Accelerating Diversity In Design Leadership, Gracie Andraos, Nina Briggs, Sarah Barnard, Kelsey Kees, Bridget Schmitt, Angelita Scott, and Brooke Williams

Piloting STAIR Delivered via Telehealth for Rural Women Veterans Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault: Implications for Reducing Health Disparities, K. J. Azevedo-Mendoza, Brandon J. Weiss, K. Webb, J. Gimeno, and M. Cloitre

Infants’ Visual Experience with Others’ Actions Primes Their Motor Representations, B. I. Bertenthal and Ty W. Boyer

Socio-Political Identity Transformations: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis in South and Southeast Asia, Srobana Bhattacharya


Supporting Women’s Path the Academe: An Examination of Family-Friendly Policies in Public Affairs Doctoral Programs, Candice Pippin Bodkin

Does Mentoring Matter? Investigating the Role of Mentoring in Nonprofit Leadership Development, Candice Pippin Bodkin, Kerry Kuenzi, and A. Stewart


Examining the Impact of Deterrence on the Willingness to Commit Politically Motivated Cyber Attacks, Adam Bossler


Examining the Impact of Deterrence Perceptions on the Willingness to Commit Politically Motivated Cyber Attacks, Adam Bossler


Deterrence, Anonymity, and Techniques of Neutralization: Examining the Willingness to Commit Politically Motivated Cyber Attacks, Adam Bossler and Theron Webber


Promises of The American Dream and the Realities of Race: Black College Students Views of Social Mobility in the Age of Trump, Ted Brimeyer, Baker Rogers, Clare F. Walsh, and April M. Schueths

Revisiting Effectiveness and Legitimacy: Social Demands, Regime Flexicurity, and Dynamic Representation in the Post-Modern World, Christopher M. Brown

Somos Martianos: Cuba Libre or Mentirita and the Legacy of José Martí on Divergent Concepts of Cubanidad, Christopher M. Brown


"I Don't See Color" vs. "I Don't Care": Why Race and Ethnicity Courses Are a Necessity, Alicia Brunson

Field research: Sensitive Issues and Vulnerable Subjects, Courtney Burns and Srobana Bhattacharya


The Legitimization of the National Front and the Struggle for a European France, Alison Clifton and Jamie E. Scalera


Identifying and Overcoming the Challenges of Professional and Family Collaborations in Caregiving, Adrienne L. Cohen


Identifying and Overcoming the Challenges of Professional and Family Collaborations in Caregiving, Adrienne L. Cohen

Community Needs Assessment, 2018, Adrienne Cohen and Jennifer Zorotovich


Community Solutions to Improve Health, Jonathan Cohen, Angela Loder, Larry Zarker, Kevin Kennedy, Dominic Ruiz, Beth McGee, and Rachel MacCleery

Diversity & Inclusion in the Classroom: What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa A. Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy Smallwood, and Clare F. Walsh

Diversity & Inclusion in the Classroom: What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa A. Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy W. Smallwood, and Clare F. Walsh

What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy Smallwood, and Dina C. Walker-DeVose

What’s the D.I.F.F.?, Lisa Costello, Nikki DiGregorio, Stacy W. Smallwood, and Dina C. Walker-DeVose

Justice Leah Ward Sears: Seizing Serendipity, Rebecca Davis

Intelligence Sharing Among Agencies and Internationally, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Intelligence Sharing in the Post-Cold War Era, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

South America: A Perpetual Pursuit of an Union, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

U.S. Immigration: A World Perspective, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

Is Brazil still a Relevant Regional Power? Brazil in the New Post-Cold War International System, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz and Joshua Kohler da Cruz

Diversity and Intersectionality, Nikki DiGregorio


Language Appropriation Practices of Gay Men After the Legalization of Same-sex Marriage, Nikki DiGregorio


Prompting Student Reflection in Diversity-Centered Courses, Nikki DiGregorio

Documentation of SoTL Trends: a Pilot Investigation in Family Science, Nikki DiGregorio and Trent Maurer

SoTL in Family Science: Present and future approaches, Nikki DiGregorio and Trent W. Maurer

Vulnerable Narcissism and First-Person Singular Pronoun Use, Hannah L. Dorough and Nicholas S. Holtzman


Family-Centric Model: Building Trust to Educate and Empower Families, Meghan K. Dove, Johnnye Rogers, Michael O'Neal, Paul Fisher, Katy Gregg, and Alice Hall


Defining and Treating Male Sexual Dysfunction in Traditional and Alternative Medicine Contexts in Salta Province (Argentina) and Georgia (U.S.A.), Timothy Eller and Virginia Estabrook

Honors at Georgia Southern, Steven Engel

Honors at Georgia Southern, Steven Engel

Keynote Address, Sinn Féin Society of Savannah, Annual Meeting, Steven Engel

Application Ratings as a Metric for Student Success: Which Components are Better Predictors?, Steven Engel, Jonathan Roberts, and Francis Desiderio

Not Our First Rodeo: Sampling Biases and Re-Evaluating the Frequency of Neandertal Injury, Virginia Estabrook


Skin color, emojis and the reification of racist paradigms: The misuse of the Fitzpatrick Scale, Virginia Estabrook