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The Association of Marketing Theory and Practice is an international academic marketing conference that focuses on bringing together both academic theory and real world marketing practices. We encourage the participation of both business professors and business managers in our annual conference and our affiliated journal. Our conference aims for an encouraging, collegial environment in which faculty and students as well as practitioners can share ideas, build research streams, and develop partnerships for future projects.

The AMTP Proceedings for 2011 are archived in this collection. The files for abstracts and full papers are not available for the 2011 conference session..


Submissions from 2011

What Do People Really Think About the Green Consumer?, Melinda Andrews and Jamye Foster

How Retailers Use Services Marketing Mix To Communicate Information On Sales Receipts, Ismet Anitsal, Tulay Girard, and Melek Meral Anitsal

Conceptualizing the Canadian Post-Modern Dinner Culture: Insights from Canadian Women Lived Experiences, Tatiana Astray, May Aung, Cristan Brown, and Crystal Sarantoulias

Art Speaks, Simon Audet, May Aung, Salma Aziz, Kenneth Field, Yutong She, Han Su, and Karen Thomson

Cross-Cultural Quotient: A Conceptual Development, Sally Baalbaki

The Path of Fandom, Brandom Brown and Gregg Bennett

Cultural Similarity Bias In An International Service Context: Evidence From Three Countries, Ed Bruning

Retailer Loyalty Cards in Retailing: An Exploratory Look at Consumers’ Attitudes, David J. Burns and Mark Toncar

The Influence of Core Service Quality and Peripheral Service Quality on Behavioral Intentions: Mediating Effect of Perceived Value, Kevin K. Byon and James J. Zhang

Perceptions Of Students, Faculty, And Administrators About Pregame Tailgate Parties At A Kentucky Regional University, Steve Shih-Chia Chen, Stephanie Teater, and Brian Whitaker

International Market Segmentation as Practice, Jennifer Miladys Cordero

2009-10 NBA Season - How has the Marketing of Tickets Changed?, Ronald Dick

Tales of Two Parks: The Promotion Efforts to Promote Healthy Lifestyles Using Community Open Spaces, Renee J. Fontenot and Rachel K. Smith

Superbowl Advertising Effect on Stock Prices, Renee Fontenot, Rick Mathisen, and Tom Miller

Group Work: What Do Marketing Students Really Think?, Sam Fullerton and Tammy McCullough

Perception of Questionable Behaviors Undertaken by Consumers in the Marketplace: Does the Size of the Loss Impact the Level of Acceptance Associated with an Action?, Sam Fullerton and Larry Neale

Price Dispersion In The Airline Industry: A Conceptual Framework And Empirical Analysis, Edward D. Gailey

The Costs and Benefits of AACSB Accreditation, Tulay Girard, Meral Anitsal, David Burns, Michael Latta, and John Lanasa

The Business of Terrorism and Sources of Organizational Operating Funds, Lawrence Milton Glisson and Ronald L. Campbell

The Dimensions Of Materialism: A Comparative Analysis Of Four Materialism Scales, Ronald E. Goldsmith, Leisa Reinecke Flynn, and Ronald A. Clark

Independent Consumers And Their Brands, Ronald E. Goldsmith, Christine Ye, and Ronald A. Clark

Ethics of Fiduciary Relationships in Marketing, J Allen Hall and Robert S. Yeh

Living in the Shadow of a Big Brand, Alyn Janis

Communities of Counterfet Consumption: An Exploratory Analysis, Martin Key, Mavis Adjei, and David Campbell

College Students' Preferences Of Retail Stores In The Neighboring Community, Young (Sally) K. Kim

Marketing Study Abroad Programs: Facilitating and Deterring Factors affecting Student Participation, Preliminary Findings, Christine A. Lai

NFL Programming “The Setting of a Strategic Agenda” for Growth and Profitability: a Preliminary Investigation, John M. Lanasa and Steve Greenberg

Predictive Analytics and Soft Skills: Are We Preparing Business Students for Real Job Requirements?, Michael Latta

Importance of Market Segments at Carolina Golf Clubs, Michael Latta, Mark Mitchell, Albert J. Taylor, and Charles M. Thrash

Geolocation Social Marketing: Where Traditional and Social Media Marketing Meet, Alan LeFleur and Eric C. Schwarz

Moral Foundation Theory and Sustainable Marketing: An Approach to Research, Stephen LeMay, James E. Coleman, Dave McMahon, and Wallace R. Wood

Marketing: The Greatest Invention of the Human Mind? A Look at Marketing, Materialism, and Status as Consumer Constructs, Stephen LeMay, James E. Coleman, and Kacey Rodgers

Japanese Wireless: A Okay in the USA?, Mark Michael Lennon

Acceptance and Rejection of Social Media by the Digital Native College Student, Deborah Hawkins Lester, David Albert, Dolly Loyd, and Tyra Mitchell

Dimensions of Problem Gambling Behavior Associated with Purchasing Sports Lottery, Hai Li, Luke Lunhua Mao, and James J. Zhang

Salesperson Counterproductive Work Behaviors, Bryan Lilly and Bryan Hochstein

A Preliminary Investigation of Website Sustainability Communication by FIFA Member Associations, Ryan Luchs, John Lanasa, Diane P. Ramos, and Dorene Ciletti

Consumer Decision-Making: Critical Factors for M-Commerce, Moutusy Maity

The Five-factor Consumer Behavior Model For Intercollegiate Football Tickets Consumption, Jennifer Y. Mak and Siu Yin Cheung

Building Consumer-Based Brand Equity through Sport Sponsorship: Roles of Consumers’ Involvement, Emotions, and Attitude Towards the Sponsored Event, Luke Lunhua Mao and James J. Zhang

Exploring the Factors Affecting the Perceived Program Quality of International Sports Education Programs, Luke Lunhua Mao and James J. Zhang

Services Marketing: Past Perspective and Future Opportunities, Jon Martin and Perry Haan

Blending Theory and Practice: Increasing Collaboration and Relevance, Michael McCall

Nonprofits Websites: Adoption, Type, and Optimization, Dsve McMahon and Samuel Seaman

Modeling The Effects Of Business Operations On Media Vehicle Satisfaction, Engagement And Future Intentions: An Exploratory Newspaper Study, G. Russell Merz

Impact of Parent Satisfaction toward the Quality of After School Programs on Their Conative Behaviors: A Path Analysis, Sophia D. Min, Luke Lunhua Mao, James J. Zhang, Charles E. Byrd, and Liyan Jin

Dimensions of Market Demand Associated with Professional Women Basketball Game Events in Korea, Sophia D. Min, James J. Zhang, Chong Kim, and Daehyun Kim

Risk as a Decision-Making Variable in Travel Destination Selection, Mike Musante, David Bojanic, and Rodney Warnick

Personal Values And Fashion Involvement: An Investigation Of The Role Of Brand In Purchasing Decision, Iman Naderi

Changes in Student Consumer Behavior and Materialism During a Recession, Harold J. Ogden, Vinod Nair, and Monowar Mahmood

The Relationship Between Consumer Acculturation And Brand Engagement Among U.s. Hispanics, Brian Parker, Felipe Korzenny, and Leisa Reinecke Flynn

Is ‘Fair-Trade-Certified’ the New Green Marketing? Leveraging the Rise of the Ethical Shopper in America, Julie M. Pharr

Making the Final Decision, Emily J. Plant and Robert F. Dahlstrom

Organizational Ethics in a Developing Country: A Comparative Analysis between Managers and Employees, Mohammed Yahya Rawwas

Required Donations: Prospect Theory & Framing of Per-Seat Contributions in Intercollegiate Athletics, Jason Daniel Reese and Gregg Bennett

One Step Closer to the Field: Visual Method in Marketing and Consumer Research, Laila Rohani, May Aung, and Khalil Rohani

A Framework for Cross-Cultural Consumer Research, Laila Shin Rohani and Khalil Rohani

Athletic Foundation Membership: Marketing to Local Constituencies, James W. Satterfield, Edna Martinez, Adam McFarlane, Tony F. Franklin, Jennifer Horace, and Mike Godfrey

Social Marketing as a Catalyst for Building New Relationships between Sport Practitioners and Academicians, Eric C. Schwarz and Dallas Branch

Metadiscrete Experiential Learning4.0: Integrating Sales-Training with Research, Customer Service, and Scholarly Service Components, Richard Michael Southall

Sacred Brands: An Investigative Look At Brand Meaning Within A Brand Community, Sarah M. Stanley and Mark J. Arnold

Toward An Understanding Of Brand Loyalty In Tough Economic Times: The Role Of Optimum Stimulation Level, Eric Van Steenburg and Nancy Spears

The Credit Card Reform Act of 2009: Is it Ethical? Is it What College Students Wanted or Needed?, Cassandra Wells

Service Quality Experiment of Leisure Cruises, Justin Wilcox

The Effect Of Personal Traits On Customers’ Online Shopping Preference, Atefeh Yazdanparast

A Critical Theoretical Exploration of Municipal Marketing of Sustainability, Staci M. Zavattaro

Promoting Tai Chi to the American People: A Marketing Perspective, James Jianhui Zhang, Minkil Kim, and Luke Lunhua Mao

A Cross-cultural Study Of The Effects Of Perceived Belongingness And Firm’s Receptivity On Consumers Dissatisfaction, Haithem Zourrig, Jean-Charles Chebat, Narjess Haj-Salem, and Lamia Kerzazi