Dear colleagues,

The International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning is undergoing some major changes.

  • The layout of the journal has been overhauled, giving it a look that better aligns with the quality of the content. As we continue to struggle with SoTL “counting” as scholarship at some institutions, it is important to package our work in a way that reinforces its value. We hope you enjoy the new look!
  • Articles are being assigned DOI (digital object identifier) numbers. All articles, past and present, will be tagged and linked to metadata as indexing is completed over the next year.
  • Review Board membership is being updated. Reviewers play a critical role in maintaining the quality of publications, so it is important to keep a robust board with diverse expertise. Current board members will be notified and asked to verify their status and willingness to continue to serve. We will also be adding new members; nominations or self-nominations for the Review Board can be sent to sotlij@georgiasouthern.edu.

While many things are changing, the scope of the journal will remain the same. We encourage everyone to continue to submit research articles or reflective SoTL essays.

This is an exciting time for us and we welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have concerning these changes!


Delena Bell Gatch & Laura B. Regassa


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