This reflective essay charts and reflects on the progress of a scholarly engagement in curriculum change. Grounded on planning for syllabus and assessment change in a first year university subject, it aimed at evolving that subject from skill learning to problem-based learning. The challenge was to develop problem-based curriculum as authentic, equitable and integrated curriculum for a large, multi-modal and novice student cohort. Using the opportunity for reflective commentary on the author's engagement of both curriculum development and scholarly process, the essay presents parallel narratives that describe the scholarly context of the case study, and predominantly, the author’s reflection on his engagement with this. The former enhances the author’s understanding of curriculum development, whereas the latter provides a foundation for self-learning and an awareness of his relationship with SoTL scholarship. In doing so, it provides a salutary tale reflecting the trials and tribulations of what is probably a common process

in universities: ad hoc curriculum development.

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