Excerpt: This essay is a brief story of SOTL in Eastern Europe as developed by the Curriculum Resource Center at Central European University (CEU) in its selected outreach programs over the past four years (see also, Renc-Roe, 2005). In accounting for the first steps towards SOTL, I would like to point out some general and context-specific problems that remain to be further studied. The story below is not so much a coherent narrative of all relevant developments, but is meant to be a discussion of the central points of tension and struggle for our own work in introducing SOTL, supported by some selected voices from our participants. Central to SOTL is one particular basic point of struggle; put simply, the tension between teaching and learning, and between a corresponding primary focus on reflection versus research (or scholarly teaching versus scholarship of teaching). But this tension has particular and specific meaning in this context and it is reflected well in our own institutional attempts to develop SOTL programs.

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