Scene One, The Meeting
Creation comes from an impulse and an urge. November 2006, Washington D.C., ISSOTL pre-conference Carnegie Leadership Program meeting. I sit at one end of a long table in the Washington Hilton Hotel, facing a window that reveals the dome of the nation’s capitol. Patti Owen-Smith leads a meeting of the Cognitive Affective Learning (CAL) Group. We talk definitions, action plans, meeting dates. At the other end sits Maureen Hall. She and I have never met until this meeting. But we slowly connect with each other as the day progresses, a connection developed through an imperceptible filament across the long table as each of us occasionally contributes to the group’s discussion. Later when we discuss this connection, she will recall my comments on feminist theory at the meeting. I will remember Maureen’s reference to Mary Rose O’Reilley, a writer significant to both of us.

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