Excerpt: A few years ago I attended a Faculty Development Conference sponsored by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. One of the keynote addresses was given by Dr. Robert Weisbuch, President of Drew University. At the time of the conference, Dr. Weisbuch was the President of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and his talk focused on the role of liberal arts in higher education. Throughout his talk he paraphrased a quote from William Wordsworth. Dr. Weisbuch words were “Others will love what we have loved, and we must teach them.” I had never heard that quote before and hearing those words brought back many fond memories. They reminded me of the chemistry experiments in my grandmother’s bathroom, my own undergraduate education and the many late nights in the laboratory during graduate school. My teachers and mentors had an attentive student on their hands as I loved my discipline and wanted to learn about all aspects of the chemical sciences. Since becoming a teacher and a research mentor, I have encountered many students with a love and passion for my discipline and it has been a pleasure working with these young men and women.

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