Volume 11, no. 1 presents ten articles addressing SoTL from various perspectives as teachers, learners and researchers. Two articles focus on peer support to enhance teaching and learning: one with a focus on a teacher-to-teacher support program for innovative teaching, and one with a focus on student-to-student support utilizing various Apps to enhance writing development.

Five articles call our attention to the activities and strategies taking place in classrooms. One of these articles is a replication study of student perceptions of the first day of class. A second article in this set presents a study of the effectiveness of Team Based Learning (TBL) in teacher education classrooms. Third, is an exploration of both digital and analog teaching tools in the teaching of history. A fourth article in this set utilizes SoTL as an assessment tool for contemplative pedagogies. And, the fifth article provides an exploration of the concept of inspirational teaching.

Two articles in this volume provide research on Play Therapy in the field of counselor education. One study reports on self-perceived competence of students in using Play Therapy following intensive coursework; and the other study uses a constructivist-developmental framework to evaluate the teaching of Play Therapy in counseling courses.

The final article in this issue explores the impact of “taking Fordism into the university sector.” This essay worries about the homogenizing of the ideal of the university. Marketing to reach larger and larger audiences with larger and larger class sizes results in the university becoming “a distilled version of its former self.”

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