Excerpt: At last, here is the book many have been asking for: a practical, concise introduction to doing the scholarship of teaching and learning. If Huber and Hutchings’s The Advancement of Learning: Building the Teaching Commons leaves the reader wanting more,” as John Tagg wrote in the first issue of IJ-SoTL (2007), this small book answers that desire. Written as a “how to” guide, its structure is logical and user-friendly, its prose easy and accessible, and (perhaps most strikingly) its general points consistently grounded in specifics and examples. It just may be the perfect book for SoTL newbies and faculty development programs. Even SoTL veterans will also appreciate it as a resource for the latest advice on doing SoTL lit reviews, ideas for mentoring newbies, responses to persistent questions about SoTL, and thoughtful predictions about SoTL’s future.

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