Submissions from 2013

Does Neuropsychological Testing Aid in the Prediction of Concussion?, Kassandra Johns, Thomas Buckley, George Shaver, and Jody Langdon


Predictors of Cultural Pluralism and Diversity Among Undergraduate Kinesiology Majors, Jody Langdon, Paul Rukavina, Christy Greenleaf, and Anne Gibbone


Reliability of Nerve Function Assessment in People with Peripheral Neuropathy, Li Li, Matthew L. Holmes, Shuqi Zhang, and Duckchan Jang


Attitude, Awareness, and Behaviors Related to Nutrition and Health Among College Youth, Eric Lutzenberger, Padmini Shankar, and Jody Langdon

Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes in Amateur Motocross, Kristina Miller, Glenn Burdette, Thomas Buckley, and Jody Langdon


NCAA Division I Student Athletes’ Lived Experience of an In-Season Concussion, Matthew Moreau, Jody Langdon, Daniel Czech, and Thomas Buckley


Relationships Between Trunk Kinematics at the Critical Time Points in Baseball Pitching, Sakiko Oyama, Yu Bing, J. Troy Blackburn, Darin Padua, Li Li, and Joseph Meyers


Improper Trunk Rotation Sequence is Associated with Increased Maximal Shoulder External Rotation Angle and Shoulder Joint Force during Baseball Pitching, Sakiko Oyama, Bing Yu, Darin A. Padua, J. Troy Blackburn, Li Li, and Joseph B. Myers


Diversity Attitudes and Achievement Goals in Physical Education Pre-Service Teachers, Paul Rukavina, Anne Gibbone, Chisty Greenleaf, Jody Langdon, Jayne Jenkins, Penelope Portman, and Lynda Ransdell

The Effectiveness of Online Education Interventions on Coaching Students’ Concussion Knowledge, B. Simons, Thomas Buckley, Jody Langdon, and Glenn Burdette

Males and Females Perform Differently on Tests Related to Core Stability, Andy Waldhelm and Li Li


Concussion Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions in English Football (Soccer), Joshua Williams, Thomas Buckley, Jody Langdon, and Jim McMillan


Concussion Knowledge and Attitude in English Soccer (Football), Joshua Williams, Jody Langdon, James McMillan, and Thomas Buckley

H-Index Is Independent From Other Sensory Measures Among People With Peripheral Neuropathy, Shuqi Zhang, Matthew L. Holmes, Duckchan Jang, and Li Li


Central Nerve System Adaptation in People with Peripheral Neuropathy, Shuqi Zhang, Matthew L. Holmes, and Li Li

Submissions from 2012


Weight Management Goals and Practices at a Southeastern University, Lauren Bigham, Bridget Melton, Jody Langdon, and Rebecca Riggs

Impairments in Dynamic Postural Stability Following a Lateral Ankle Sprain, Anne Bryan, Thomas Buckley, Barry Munkasy, and Jody Langdon

NCAA Division I Student-Athlete’s Lived Experience of an In-Season Sports Related Concussion, Matthew Moreau, T. Buckley, Daniel Czech, and Jody Langdon

Asymmetry in Parkinson’s Disease is Reflected in the Timed Up and Go, K. M. Rose, A. W. A. van Gemmert, Jan M. Hondzinski, and Li Li

Exploring Facilitators and Barriers to Healthy Ageing, Helen M. Taggart, C. Gilbert, and D. Hagerty


Differential Effects Of Foot Sole Sensory Impairment On Balance And Gait, Shuqi Zhang and Li Li

The Relations Between sEMG and Knee Angles of 24 Style Tai Chi (TC), D. T. Zhu, Li Li, H. Hua, S. Luo, G. Cheng, and S. Wang

Submissions from 2011

Best Practices in Health and Skill Related Fitness Testing, Gavin Colquitt, Starla McCollum, Tony Pritchard, Jody Langdon, and GSU HPE Majors Club


Meeting the NASPE Initial Teacher Standards Through Comprehensive Program Assessment, Gavin Colquitt, Tony Pritchard, Starla McCollum, and Jody Langdon

Action Research in the Gym: It’s Not a Dirty Word!, Gavin Colquitt, Ashley Walker, Jody Langdon, Starla McCollum, and Tony Pritchard

Moving to Success: Rhythm Transfer, Jody Langdon


Physical Fitness Components as Predictors of Academic Achievement in an Urban Minority Population, Jody Langdon, Gavin Colquitt, Tony Pritchard, and Starla McCollum


Addressing Both Health and Academic Achievement Gaps in Rural Contexts, Jody Langdon, Ashley Walker, and Gavin Colquitt

Increasing Physical Activity During Skill Practice, Starla McCollum, Gavin Colquitt, K. Pruitt, Jody Langdon, and GSU HPE Majors Club

Submissions from 2010

Developing Professionalism in Undergraduates: Effective Major's Clubs, Gavin Colquitt, Starla McCollum, Tony Pritchard, S. Williams, and A. Kendrick

Health and Physical Activity as a Vehicle for School Improvement, Gavin T. Colquitt, Tony Pritchard, and Starla McCollum

East Meets West: Cultural Immersion Experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, S. Conroy and Helen M. Taggart

Impact of Cultural Immersion Experience on Student Perceptions about Chinese Medicine and Healthcare, S. Conroy and Helen M. Taggart

Pump up the Heart with Aerobics, Starla McCollum, K. Pruitt, and Gavin T. Colquitt

Using Patient & Nursing Perceptions of Excellence to Define Policy, B. Riner, S. Howell, and Helen M. Taggart

International Collaboration Provides Cultural Immersion Experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Helen M. Taggart and S. Conroy

Embracing Diversity: Are We There Yet?, Helen M. Taggart, P. Tillman, and S. Warnock

Submissions from 2009

Project FAME: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Fitness, Mathematics, and Technology, Gavin T. Colquitt

Instructional Strategies for High School Weight Training, Gavin T. Colquitt and Tony Pritchard

Action Research in Graduate and Undergraduate PETE Programs, Starla McCollum, Tony A. Pritchard, and Gavin Colquitt

Project Success: Accomplishments in Nursing Education Innovation, M. O'Mallon, Helen M. Taggart, and G. Robertson

Outcomes of Tutorial Program for Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Helen M. Taggart, M. O'Mallon, G. Robertson, and C. Jackson

Submissions from 2006

Changes in Leadership Practices of Staff Nurses Attending a Leadership Development Program, S. Howell and Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 2005

Symposium on Dependent Care Agency, M. Hart, R. Powell, and Helen M. Taggart

Establishing Evidence-Based Teaching: On-Line vs. In-Class Methodologies, C. P. Stern and Helen M. Taggart

Strategic Planning for Program and Faculty Development and Evaluation, C. P. Stern, Helen M. Taggart, and C. Gilbert

Development and Implementation of a Collaborative Nursing Research Program, C. P. Stern, Helen M. Taggart, and S. Howell

Submissions from 2003

Murphy’s Law for Clinical Research, C. L. Arslanian and Helen M. Taggart

Do You Want to Be a Hero? Be a Nurse, E. St. Aubin and Helen M. Taggart

Effects of T’ai Chi Exercise on Fibromyalgia and Health, Helen M. Taggart

Hormone Replacement Therapy: What Every Woman Should Know, Helen M. Taggart

T’ai Chi Exercise: Effects on Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Helen M. Taggart

T’ai Chi for the Orthopaedic Patient, Helen M. Taggart