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Submissions from 2013

Plasticity of the Human Brain: Clinical Implications, J. Neils-Strunjas and April W. Garrity


Relationships Between Trunk Kinematics at the Critical Time Points in Baseball Pitching, Sakiko Oyama, Yu Bing, J. Troy Blackburn, Darin Padua, Li Li, and Joseph Meyers


Improper Trunk Rotation Sequence is Associated with Increased Maximal Shoulder External Rotation Angle and Shoulder Joint Force during Baseball Pitching, Sakiko Oyama, Bing Yu, Darin A. Padua, J. Troy Blackburn, Li Li, and Joseph B. Myers


Diversity Attitudes and Achievement Goals in Physical Education Pre-Service Teachers, Paul Rukavina, Anne Gibbone, Chisty Greenleaf, Jody Langdon, Jayne Jenkins, Penelope Portman, and Lynda Ransdell

The Effect of Scapular Fatigue on Upper Extremity Power, E. Schneider, C. Smith, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis

The Effectiveness of Online Education Interventions on Coaching Students’ Concussion Knowledge, B. Simons, Thomas Buckley, Jody Langdon, and Glenn Burdette

Introduction to Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics, Diana Sturges

Moldova and its foods, Diana Sturges

SoTL projects in the classroom: benefits of assessment at a course level, Diana Sturges

Why study Human Anatomy and Physiology?, Diana Sturges

Doing SoTL: Inquiring into Teaching and Learning, Diana Sturges and Lorraine S. Gilpin

Patterns of Smokeless Tobacco Use in Rural Women: Their Own Stories, Brenda Talley, Alison Rushing, and Rose M. Gee

Males and Females Perform Differently on Tests Related to Core Stability, Andy Waldhelm and Li Li

The Effects of Simulated Computerized Shoulder Model Training on the Accuracy and Consistency of Shoulder Mobilizations in First-year Physical Therapy Students, L. Webb, C. Ezell, J. Dunaway, K. Stroer, D. Benkeser, T. Cunningham, David Bringman, and George J. Davis


Concussion Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions in English Football (Soccer), Joshua Williams, Thomas Buckley, Jody Langdon, and Jim McMillan


Concussion Knowledge and Attitude in English Soccer (Football), Joshua Williams, Jody Langdon, James McMillan, and Thomas A. Buckley

H-Index Is Independent From Other Sensory Measures Among People With Peripheral Neuropathy, Shuqi Zhang, Matthew L. Holmes, Duckchan Jang, and Li Li


Central Nerve System Adaptation in People with Peripheral Neuropathy, Shuqi Zhang, Matthew L. Holmes, and Li Li

Submissions from 2012


Weight Management Goals and Practices at a Southeastern University, Lauren Bigham, Bridget Melton, Jody Langdon, and Rebecca Riggs

The Effectiveness of Isolated Exercise Shoulder Rehabilitation Program on Patients With Shoulder Pain; and Detraining Effects, C. Birke, Michael J. Tankovich, M. Gignilliat, T. McCullouch, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davies

Impairments in Dynamic Postural Stability Following a Lateral Ankle Sprain, Anne Bryan, Thomas Buckley, Barry Munkasy, and Jody Langdon

NASM Movement Analysis Screening: reliability, construct validity and association with static physical performance measurements, M. Bush, C. Griffin, K. Willenbring, David Bringman, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis

Everyone Out of the Pool: The Pediatric Drowning Epidemic, Sheri K. Carey

Intrasession Reliability and the Relationship Between the Explosive Bench Press and Medicine Ball Chest Pass Assessments of Upper Extremity Power, Jayme D. Eitner, G. Ken Limbaugh, George J. Davis, and Bryan L. Riemann

A Randomized Prospective Training Study of Open Kinetic Chain and Closed Kinetic Chain Perturbation Training in Clients With Shoulder Pain, W. C. Ewin, K. E. King, A. Kirksey, George J. Davis, David Bringman, A. Wilcox, and Bryan L. Riemann

Quality of Life in Aphasia: Comparing Group and Individual Settings, April W. Garrity and K. G. Wostbrock

Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Rural Women in the S.E. U.S.A., Rose M. Gee, Brenda Talley, Deborah Allen, Alison Rushing, and Dellaire Schilling

Health Disparities in the Underserved Communities of Rural Southern Georgia, Godfrey A. Gibbison, William A. Amponsah, Marian Tabi, and W. Fuller


Making key clinical assessment tools accessible for global nursing practice, Lucia Gonzales, Rose M. Gee, and Anne Floyd Koci

Risk for adverse health outcomes in women globally, Lucia Gonzales, Anne Floyd Koci, Rose M. Gee, A. Marsh, F. Magno, A. Nogovitsyn, H. Previl, K. Marsh, E. Beliard, S. Hutchins, J. Malig, D. Duarte, S. Moore, E. Cianci, B. Sullivan, A. Dorsey, A. O’Keefe, and L. Kass

Using a Computerized Instrumented Shoulder Model to Determine Intra-tester Reliability for Accessory Movement Forces, J. E. King, George J. Davies, and T. C. Cunningham

Objective Quantification of Forces Used With Joint Play and Manual Therapy Techniques for the Shoulder, J. E. King, George J. Davis, Michael J. Tankovich, C. A. Jacobs, and Bryan L. Riemann

Effects of Unweighting on Heart Rate Response and Speed/incline Adjustments Necessary in Elite Runners, Robert G. LeFavi, Aubrey G. Morris, Jayme D. Eitner, Ernest Ledesma, and Bryan L. Riemann

Risk factors in women globally: Field research in Haiti, A. Marsh, L. Cianci, D. Duarte, L. Kass, J. Malig, S. Moore, A. O’Keefe, B. Sullivan, Lucia Gonzales, Anne Floyd Koci, Rose M. Gee, K. Marsh, and S. Hutchins

Intra-session and Inter-session Reliability of a Modified Trunk Rotation Flexibility Test, Laura Moore, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis

NCAA Division I Student-Athlete’s Lived Experience of an In-Season Sports Related Concussion, Matthew Moreau, Thomas Buckley, Daniel R. Czech, and Jody Langdon

Ground Reaction Force Analysis of the Anterior and Crossover Single Leg Hop Tests, M. J. Nelson, Brent R. Sloss, and Bryan L. Riemann

Shoulder Muscle Activation of Novice and Experienced Weightlifters During Dumbbell Bench Press Exercises, A. L. Phillips, Joshua Luczak, George J. Davis, and Bryan L. Riemann

Limb, Gender and Anthropometric Factors Influencing Normative Data for the Biodex SD Athletic Single Leg Stability Test, Bryan L. Riemann and George J. Davies

Asymmetry in Parkinson’s Disease is Reflected in the Timed Up and Go, K. M. Rose, A. W. A. van Gemmert, Jan M. Hondzinski, and Li Li

Shoulder Muscle Activation of Novice and Weight-trained Females During Push-ups on an Unstable Surface, B. Russel, J. L. Newsome, and Bryan L. Riemann

Hip Muscle Strength, Bilateral Ratios, Antagonistic Ratios and Single Leg Squat Performance in Persons With Low Back Pain and Controls, Jennifer Satterfield, Ken Queliza, George J. Davis, and Bryan L. Riemann

Impact of Low Carbohydrate and High Protein Fad Diets on Prevalence of Obesity in College Students, Padmini Shankar, Macaulay Okwuokenye, Laura H. Gunn, Diana Sturges, and Suman Ahuja

Human Anatomy and Physiology in Health Careers, Diana Sturges

What is SoTL and how to get involved?, Diana Sturges

A comparison of students academic motivations in anatomy and physiology, nutrition and physics, Diana Sturges, Trent Maurer, Deborah Allen, Delena Gatch, and Padmini Shankar

Instrument for Use in Women Globally, A. Sulaiman, A. Altman, A. Andrews, J. Bautista, B. Birkhoff, S. Bonenfant, S. Chae, A. Curtiss, E. Degelman, A. Dorsey, D. Duarte, K. Elayda, N. Edwards, C. Haggett, A. Herweck, C. Hines, K. James, J. Malig, Melissa Meadows, S. O’Leary, J. Oliver, J. Organ, N. Oppenheimer, A. Palma, G. Palomera, A. Placko, A. Poreda, A. Prendergast, V. Ryan, L. Sharon, J. Sorrentino, B. Sullivan, A. Zimmerman, Lucia Gonzales, Anne Floyd Koci, and Rose M. Gee

RUN 2 Nursing: A Nursing Workforce Diversity Project, Marian Tabi

RUN 2 Nursing: An Innovative Pipeline Project to Increase Diversity in Nursing, Marian Tabi, M. Pung, and LaShauna L. Hunt

Exploring Facilitators and Barriers to Healthy Ageing, Helen M. Taggart, C. Gilbert, and Debra L. Hagerty


Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Rural Women in the S.E. U.S.A, Brenda Talley, Deborah Allen, Alison Rushing, Dellaire Shilling, and Rose M. Gee

Effects of Drop Landing Height on Bilateral Asymmetry on Ground Reaction Forces During Depth Jumps, Nathan Tamargo, William Thomsen, George J. Davis, and Bryan L. Riemann

NASM Movement Analysis Screening: Reliability, Construct Validity and Association with Dynamic Physical Performance Measurements, K. Weiland, G. Woodward, M. Worsley, David Bringman, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis

Effects of Stance Width on Hip Displacement During Parallel Squat in Women, Leeanna Woodworth, K. Marshall, George J. Davis, and Bryan L. Riemann


Differential Effects Of Foot Sole Sensory Impairment On Balance And Gait, Shuqi Zhang and Li Li

The Relations Between sEMG and Knee Angles of 24 Style Tai Chi (TC), D. T. Zhu, Li Li, H. Hua, S. Luo, G. Cheng, and S. Wang

Submissions from 2011

Families Standing Tall as Integral Members of the Care Team, Sheri Carey

Best Practices in Health and Skill Related Fitness Testing, Gavin T. Colquitt, Starla McCollum, Tony Pritchard Dr., Jody L. Langdon, and GSU HPE Majors Club


Meeting the NASPE Initial Teacher Standards Through Comprehensive Program Assessment, Gavin T. Colquitt, Tony Pritchard, Starla McCollum, and Jody Langdon

Action Research in the Gym: It’s Not a Dirty Word!, Gavin T. Colquitt, Ashley Walker, Jody Langdon, Starla McCollum, and Tony Pritchard

Reliability and Validity of the Boston Biomotion Instrument in the Measurement of Upper Extremity Power and a Comparison to the Seated Shot Put Test, George J. Davies, David Lake, Bryan L. Riemann, J. S. Campbell, J. W. Waterman, and L. Miller

EMG analysis and pain ratings of 3 lunge directions with a matched-cohort of symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects with patella-femoral pain syndrome, George J. Davies, Bryan Riemann, C. A. Carter, and M. L. Yang

The Effectiveness of Blocked Vs Random Exercise Training Programs Using Isolated Shoulder Exercises and Selected Outcome Measures, George J. Davies, Bryan L. Riemann, L. Simpson, and G. Stephens

The Impact of the PEP Grant on Elementary Physical Education, Steve Elliott, Starla McCollum, Tony Pritchard, and Gavin Colquitt

The SoTL: Impact in the Classroom and Beyond Georgia Southern SoTL Travelers, Laura Frost, Delena Gatch, Judith Longfield, and Diana Sturges


Multidisciplinary POGIL - A faculty learning community, Laura J. Frost, Abbie Parham, Trent W. Maurer, Joanne Chopak-Foss, Rose M. Gee, Alison Rushing, Dena Hale, Linda Mullen, Cathie Johnson, and Don Slater

Faculty Development Through Service Learning: Combining Teaching, Service, and Scholarship, April W. Garrity

Grammatical Judgment Tasks: Evidence From AAE Speakers, April W. Garrity, S. L. Pruitt-Lord, and Janna Oetting

Assessment of Smokeless Tobacco Use in the History and Physical Examination by Primary Health Care Providers, Rose M. Gee, Brenda Talley, Elaine Marshall, and D. Allen

Assessment of Smokeless Tobacco Use in the History and Physical Examination by Primary Health Care Providers, Rose M. Gee, Brenda Talley, Elaine Marshall, and D. Allen

Moving to Success: Rhythm Transfer, Jody Langdon


Physical Fitness Components as Predictors of Academic Achievement in an Urban Minority Population, Jody Langdon, Gavin T. Colquitt, Tony Pritchard, and Starla McCollum


Addressing Both Health and Academic Achievement Gaps in Rural Contexts, Jody Langdon, Ashley Walker, and Gavin T. Colquitt

Ground Reaction Forces From Depth Jumps at Different Heights Do Not Support Standard Weight Limitations, Robert G. LeFavi, Bryan L. Riemann, and William Thomsen

Effects of Medicine Ball Load on Chest Pass Performance and Selected Underlying Kinematics, G. Ken Limbaugh, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis

Increasing Physical Activity During Skill Practice, Starla McCollum, Gavin T. Colquitt, Katherine Pruitt, Jody Langdon, and GSU HPE Majors Club

Bring It Home: A Call for Radical Transformation at GSU, Summary of Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation (Benner, P. Sutphen, M. Leonard, V. Day, L. (2010) and its’ future applications for GSU School of Nursing, DaNell Moore and Christy Dubert

Kinematic Analysis of Four Plyometric Push-up Variations, Laura Moore, Michael J. Tankovich, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis

SCRUBS/Run 2 Nursing: A “Pipeline Program to Increase Diversity in the Nursing Workforce, M. Pung, LaShauna L. Hunt, and Marian Tabi

Biomechanical Comparison of Forward and Lateral Lunges Using Standardized and Self Selected and Step Lengths, Bryan L. Riemann, Amanda Congleton, Rebecca Ward, and George J. Davies

Process-oriented guided-inquiry learning: A student-centered approach to learning, Alison Rushing, Rose M. Gee, Christy Dubert, and Annie M. Graf


Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL): A New Paradigm in Professional Practice Education, Alison Rushing, Rose M. Gee, Christy Dubert, and Annie M. Graf

Voices of Serenity: Experiences of Recovery and Healing of Addiction, Alison Rushing, Rose M. Gee, and Cathie Johnson

Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning: A Student-Centered Approach to Learning, Alison M. Rushing, Rose M. Gee, Christy Dubert, and Annie Graf

How “brain” smart are you?, Diana Sturges

Human Anatomy and Physiology in Health Careers, Diana Sturges


Infant and Maternal Factors Affecting Neonatal and Post-neonatal Infant Mortality among Georgia Residents (1995-2004), Diana Sturges, Laura H. Gunn, Vaibhav Garg, and Priyanka Thumar Garg

Minority Nursing Students Perception of their Baccalaureate Education, Marian Tabi, K. Thornton, Alison Rushing, and M. Garno

Kinematic Analysis of the Landing Phase Onto an Elevated Surface in Box Drop Plyometric Push-ups, Michael J. Tankovich, Laura Moore, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis

Spine and Hip Kinematic Differences Between Dominant and Non-dominant Kicking in Collegiate Women Soccer Players, Leeanna Woodworth, Bryan L. Riemann, and George J. Davis