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The Association of Marketing Theory and Practice is an international academic marketing conference that focuses on bringing together both academic theory and real world marketing practices. We encourage the participation of both business professors and business managers in our annual conference and our affiliated journal. Our conference aims for an encouraging, collegial environment in which faculty and students as well as practitioners can share ideas, build research streams, and develop partnerships for future projects.

The AMTP Proceedings for 2015 are archived in this collection. The files for the abstracts and full papers are not available for the 2015 conference session.


Submissions from 2015

Student Expectations versus Faculty Perceptions of Online Programs, Melek Meral Meral Anitsal and Ismet Anitsal

Perceptions of Social Media and Online Shopping: A Comparison of Chinese and USA College Students, Anne H. Batory, Stephen S. Batory, Kathleen Houlihan, and Ge Xiao

Larger Beyond Amateurism: The Rebranding of Major College Athletics, Dallas Branch Jr., Olin L. Adams, and Marie Kraska

Metaphorical Linkages Between Sports Properties and Sponsors, Carol L. Bruneau

Consumer Ethics: A Cross-National Study, David J. Burns, Pola B. Gupta, and Günter Buerke

Global and Cross-Cultural Innovation, Elizabeth Cruickshank and Perry Haan

Transforming a University Athletic Brand: Success to Failure A Case Study, Ronald Dick

Marketing Business Incubators and Accelerators: A Profile of Centers in the Southeast United States, Renee Fontenot and Rick Mathisen

Effective Use of Social Media in Creating Brand Engagement, Jamye Foster, Gary Daniel Futrell, and Laura Hunt

An Assessment of Business Ethics in a Technology-Driven Environment: Consumer Attitudes Germane to an Emerging Array of Strategic Initiatives, Sam Fullerton and Larry Neale

An Assessment of Consumers’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Emerging Technology-Based Marketing Strategies, Sam Fullerton, Larry G. Neale, and Tammy McCullough

Testing the Semiotic Associations, Industry Representation, Recognition and Consumer Sentiments of Logos, Tulay Girard, Melek Meral Meral Anitsal, and Ismet Anitsal

"Hi, My Name is Pat and I Am Both an Extravert and a Market Maven”: an Update and Extension of Research on Market Mavenism and the Big Five Personality Scale, Ronald E. Goldsmith and Leisa Reinecke Flynn

A Test of the Effects of Covert Marketing: Should Marketers Proceed with Caution?, Sarah B. Gordon and Julia E. Blose

Managing the Brand Life Cycle, James S. Gould and Janet Loren

An Exploratory Investigation of Aspirational Consumption at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Shruti Gupta and Pratish Srivastav

Is It Interrupted Time Series or Just a Simple Dummy Variable?, Craig G. Harms

An Investigation into the Impact of Advertising, Intangible Assets, and Goodwill, on Investor Holding Period Returns in the Retailing Industry, Richard A. Heiens, Robert T. Leach, Paul D. Newsom, and Leanne C. McGrath

Examining Inter-Relationship among Atmospherics, Emotion, and Behavioral Intention: Moderating Effects of Level of Team Identification and Gender, William W. Jang, Brian H. Yim, and Kevin K. Byon

In-store Use of Mobile Phones for Point-of-Purchase Product Information Searches in the US (Dec 2012), Kristine Johnson and Manuel C. Pontes

Social Media Marketing Use in Georgia’s Institutions of Higher Education, James Kelly, Lindsay R. Larson, and Trey Denton

Equestrian Marketing, Alexaandra Kemp-Thompson and Perry Haan

Gender Differences in Assurance of Learning in a Marketing Strategy Capstone Course: An Exploration, Michael Latta and Albert J. Taylor

Job Satisfaction and Driver Turnover: a Brief History of a Supply Chain Research Theme, Stephen LeMay, Dave McMahon, Jeffery A. Periatt, and Rose Opengart

Individualism vs. Collectivism and Masculinity vs. Femininity's Effect on Brand Loyalty among Diverse Consumers in the United States, Neleen Leslie

The State of Multicultural Marketing & Advertising, Neleen Leslie

Stereotyping or Segmentation? An Analysis of Gender in Children’s Advertising Across Networks, Jill K. Maher and Alexis Jones

Does Emotional Intelligence Moderate the Effectiveness of Emotionally Laden Persuasive Appeals?, Michael McCall, Rose Opengart, and Kristina King

Let the Mayhem Begin: Branding a Public University, Lynn W. McGee

Mediation: A Review and Analysis of the Approaches for Discovering Mediating Relationships, William J. Montford and Ronald E. Goldsmith

Exploring Product to Service Brand Extensions in B2C Markets, Michael Musante

Rival Team Influence on Perceived Sincerity and Supportive Behaviors: A Study of Cause-Related Sports Marketing in Major League Baseball, Bridget S. Nichols, Joe Cobbs, and David Ras

Buyer-Seller Relationships: Material versus Logistical Transactions, Harash J. Sachdev and Russell Merz

Characteristics and Motivations of Die-hard Sport Fans, Ryan Smart, Steve Shih-Chia Chen, and Kenneth Henderson

Assessing Business Student Interest in Witnessing Production Process in the Marketplace, Greg Turner, Mark Mitchell, Mark Hartley, and Robert Montgomery

Consumers’ Perceptions of Multi-Tier Private Brand Quality, Hayes Wade and Perry Haan

Segmentation and Market Strategy: Qualitative Insights from B2B Technology Executives, Art Weinstein and William C. Johnson

The Marketing Lessons Learned by Shiseido in China and The United States, Paul M. Wellen and Allen Marber

Sales Force Adoption and Usage of LinkedIn, Lisa Witzig, Joe Spencer, Dave McMahon, and Katlyn Myers

Is Emotion Stable for Sport Fans? Structural Relationship among Positive Emotion, Negative Emotion, Game Satisfaction, Service Satisfaction, and Sport Consumption: Moderating Roles of Team Identification and Performance Priming, Brian H. Yim and Kevin K. Byon

Segmentation and Loyalty: Strategies for Increasing Park Trail Physical Activity and Community Exercise, Dino Zanon and John Hall

Location-Based Social Features for Meeting Strangers Online – Who Uses Them?, Lixuan Zhang and Yilin Chen