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Submissions from 1999


Visualization of Symmetric and Antisymmetric Lamb Waves Via the Elastodynamic Poynting Vector, James P. Braselton and Cleon Dean


Randomly Walking Through Wall Street, James P. Braselton, John Rafter, Patricia B. Humphrey, and Martha L. Abell

Poynting vector fields in a perpendicularly ensonified fluid loaded elastic cylinder, Cleon Dean and James P. Braselton


Interior-Point Methods and Modern Optimization Codes, Goran Lesaja

Submissions from 1998


A Georgia Initiative: Calculus, The TI-92, Distance Learning and Support via The Internet, Sharon Barrs and Cindy Gonzalez


Poisson EWMA Control Charts, Connie M. Borror, Charles W. Champ, and Steven E. Rigdon

Monitoring Variability Using the Run Sum Chart, Charles W. Champ and Steve E. Rigdon


Visualization of a surface wave in an elastic medium via the complex Poynting vector, Cleon Dean and James P. Braselton


Visualization of the energy flux in an ensonified fluid-loaded elastic sphere, Cleon Dean and James P. Braselton


Random Vector Clustering Using Fuzzy C-Means, Richard J. Hathaway, G. Wesley Rogers, and James C. Bezdek

An Adaptive Chebyshev SIM Based on Perturbation Theory, Xiezhang Li


Two Non-Parametric Models for Fusing Heterogeneous Fuzzy Data, Witold Pedrycz, James C. Bezdek, Richard J. Hathaway, and G. Wesley Rogers

Submissions from 1997


Equivalence Between Different Formulations of the Linear Complementarity Problem, Mihai Anitescu, Goran Lesaja, and Florian A. Potra


A New Geometric Interpretation of the Elastodynamic Poynting Vector, James P. Braselton and Cleon E. Dean


An Analysis of the Run Sum Control Chart, Charles W. Champ and Steven E. Rigdon


Signal Probabilities of Runs Rules Supplementing a Shewhart Control Chart, Charles W. Champ and William H. Woodall


Fusing Heterogeneous Fuzzy Data for Clustering, Richard J. Hathaway, G. Wesley Rogers, James C. Bezdek, and Witold Pedrycz


An Infeasible-Interior-Point Predictor-Corrector Algorithm for the P*-Geometric LCP, Goran Lesaja, Mihai Anitescu, and Florian A. Potra


A Uniform Error Bound for the Overrelaxation Methods, Xiezhang Li


Assessment of Multivariate Process Control Techniques, Robert L. Mason, Charles W. Champ, Nola D. Tracy, Siebrand J. Wierda, and John C. Young

Probability Limits for Shewhart Phase I X-Charts, P. B. Newton and Charles W. Champ

An Analysis of the Run Sum X Chart When No Standards Are Given, H. S. Ross, Charles W. Champ, and Steven E. Rigdon

Submissions from 1994


Study of Average Run Length for Supplementary Runs Rules in the Presents Autocorrelation, Layth C. Alwan, Charles W. Champ, and Hazem D. Maragah

A CUSUM Quality Control Chart Under 100% Sampling, Charles W. Champ, D. K. Blatterman, and Steven E. Rigdon

Adjusting the S-Chart for Detecting Both Increases and Decreases in the Standard Deviation, Charles W. Champ and Cynthia A. Lowry


Design Strategies for Individual and Moving Range Control Charts, Steve E. Rigdon, Emma N. Cruthis, and Charles W. Champ

Submissions from 1993

An Analysis of Shewhart Quality Control Charts to Monitor Both the Mean and Variability, Keith Jacob Barrs and Charles W. Champ

Topics in Applied Mathematics with Mathematica, James P. Braselton, Martha L. Abell, and John W. Davenport

Implementing Calculus as Formal Laboratory Courses using Mathematica, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

Technology in the Mathematics Curriculum at Georgia Southern University, James P. Braselton, John W. Davenport, and Arthur G. Sparks

An Analysis of Shewhart Charts with Runs Rules When No Standards Are Given, T. E. Burroughs, Steven E. Rigdon, and Charles W. Champ


Subsets of Rn Which Become Dense in any Compact Group, Francois Ziegler

Submissions from 1991

Integrating a Computer Algebra System into a Calculus Sequence: Differential and Integral Calculus, James P. Braselton

Mathematica: Beyond Calculus, James P. Braselton and Martha L. Abell

Integrating Technology into the Mathematics Curriculum, James P. Braselton, Arthur G. Sparks, and John W. Davenport

Submissions from 1990


A Note on the SOR and USSOR Iterative Methods Applied to P-Cylic Matrices, Xiezhang Li and Richard Varga