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Submissions from 2006

Solving Algebra Word Problems Using Simple Diagrams, Deborah Bell

The Eggsperiment and the Largest Plant, James P. Braselton, Martha L. Abell, and Lorraine Braselton

Visualization of the energy flow for guided waves near the surface of an ensonified fluid loaded elastic cylindrical shell via the Poynting vector field, Cleon Dean and James P. Braselton

Non-Uniform and Local Variational Subdivision, Scott N. Kersey

A New Class of Primal-Dual Interior-Point Algorithms for Linear Optimization, Goran Lesaja


A Spatiotemporal Database for Ozone in the Conterminous U.S., Lixin Li, Xingyou Zhang, and Reinhard E. Piltner

Relative Perturbation Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Diagonalizable and Singular Matrices - Application of Perturbation Theory for Simple Invariant Subspaces, Xiezhang Li, Yimin Wei, Fanbin Bu, and Fuzhen Zhang


Multifractal Structure of Noncompactly Supported Measures, Sze-Man Ngai

Spectral Dimension of Fractal Laplacians Defined by Iterated Function Systems With Overlaps, Sze-Man Ngai


On Fixed and Random Designs for Estimation with Comparisons, Broderick O. Oluyede

Using SmartView Smartly, Marshall R. Ransom


A Class of Quasilinear Elliptic Problems With Large Diffusion, Chunshan Zhao

Asymptotic Behaviors of Positive Solutions to a Class of Elliptic Equations With Large Diffusion, Chunshan Zhao


Spectral Calculus for Schrödinger Operators in One and Three Dimensions, Shijun Zheng


Spectral Multipliers for Schrödinger Operators, Shijun Zheng

Superquadric Modeling in Computed Tomography Simulation, Jiehua Zhu

System Generated by Strip-Based Projections in Discrete Tomography, Jiehua Zhu


Approximating Haar Measure by Measures Concentrated on Very Thin Sets, François Ziegler

Submissions from 2005


The Spectral Properties of Row-Stochastic Leslie Matrix With a Near-Periodic Fecundity Pattern, Mei-Qin Chen and Xiezhang Li

The elastodynamic Poynting vector bridges the gap in student understanding of complex wave phenomena, Cleon Dean and James P. Braselton

A Local Variational Approach to Four-Point Interpolatory Subdivision, Scott N. Kersey


Applications of Best Approximation in Hilbert Spaces, Scott N. Kersey


Geometric Variational Subdivision, Scott N. Kersey

A Class of Large- and Small - Update Primal-Dual Interior-Point Algorithms for Linear Optimization, Goran Lesaja

Fractal Laplace Operators on Bounded Open Subsets of Euclidean Spaces, Sze-Man Ngai

Fractal Laplace Operators on Open Subsets of Rd, Sze-Man Ngai

On a Class of Laplacians Defined by Fractal Measures, Sze-Man Ngai

Bounds and Inequalities for Length-Biased Distributions with Monotone Reliability Functions, Broderick O. Oluyede

On the Exponential Approximation of Weighted and Transformed Distributions with Applications, Broderick O. Oluyede

Some General Results on Variability Orderings via Probability Weighted Moments and Vitality Measures, Broderick O. Oluyede

A Comparison of Mixed-Enhanced Finite Elements, Reinhard E. Piltner and Lixin Li

Image Based Modeling of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms, Reinhard E. Piltner and Lixin Li

Integration of Traditionally Different Topics Based on New GPS, Marshall R. Ransom


A Study of Smart Growth Initiatives Using GIS: The Case of Austin, Texas, Wei Tu, Lixin Li, and Reinhard E. Piltner

Computed Tomography Simulation With Superquadrics, Jiehua Zhu

A Very Short Introduction to Geometric Quantization, François Ziegler

Cotangents of the Skies: An Introduction to Symplectic Geometry, François Ziegler

Submissions from 2002

Zome Tools and Euler’s Theorem, Sharon Barrs and Keith Jacob Barrs

Plinko: A Calculator and Web Demonstration for a Mathematics Classroom, Sharon Barrs and Susie M. Lanier

Plinko: Probability from a TV Game Show, Sharon Barrs and Susie M. Lanier

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words, Deborah A. Bell

College Algebra Computer Lab – Friend or Foe?, Deborah A. Bell

The Predator-Prey Model of Kolmogorov Type, James P. Braselton and Martha L. Abell

Technology: Are We There Yet?, James P. Braselton, Martha L. Abell, and John A. Rafter

Visualization of the Energy Flow for a Guided Forward Wave in and Around a Fluid Loaded Elastic Cylindrical Shell: Color Coding of the Poynting Vector Field, James P. Braselton and Cleon E. Dean

A Host-Parasite Relationship With a Lethal Host, James P. Braselton and Patricia B. Humphrey

Derivation of an Integral Equation Used to Determine the ARL of a One-Sided CUSUM Chart, Charles W. Champ

Designing Phase I Shewhart Charts for Variables, Charles W. Champ

Making Sense of 'Real' Data, Susie M. Lanier and Sharon Barrs

Plinko: A Calculator and Web Demonstration, Susie M. Lanier and Sharon Barrs

Plinko, Probability, and Pascal, Susie M. Lanier and Sharon Barrs

The Superiority of (2,2)-Step Iterative Methods Over the Related Chebyshev Methods, Xiezhang Li

A Note on the Relative Perturbation Bounds of the Eigenvalues of a Diagonalizable Matrix, Xiezhang Li and Yimin Wei

The Error Bounds of the Perturbed Drazin Matrix, Xiezhang Li and Yimin Wei


The Representation and Iterative Methods for Drazin Inverse with Complex Spectrum, Xiezhang Li and Yimin Wei

Minimizing Consecutive Sums on a Wheel, Keith Morris and Sharon Barrs