Publication Ethics Statement

JCLEL is committed to the following ethical guidelines.

All Submissions must be previously unpublished manuscripts and currently submitted only to JCLEL. By submitting a work for consideration, the authors affirm that them manuscript will not be submitted to another venue while under review with JCLEL. At submission, authors must confirm that the submission is their origial work and copyright has not been breached in seeking its publication. All authors who contributed to the work must be fairly acknowledged.

All subjects of case studies must be fairly acknowledged or their wishes for the use of any information related to real persons and events should be considered. In all cases in which human subject-related information is shared, relevant institutional review board approval and subject approval for the release of information will be required.

The Editorial Board is responsible for selecting which articles will be accepted for publication. The Editorial Board will evaluate the content of each manuscript without regard to the author's race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, disability, religious beliefs, or political philosophy.

Reviewers should inform the Editorial Board if they are aware of a conflict of interest with the content or authors of a manuscript.