This research article reports results of a study centered on an undergraduate instructor who facilitated a practice- based field experience with undergraduate preservice teachers (n=125) in an urban museum setting, working with middle school students with a public museum school. In addition to exploring this practice-based field experience, we also examined ways the setting functioned as a third space for teaching and learning. Also discussed are some of the changes the instructor made to maximize student learning in this third space. Results indicate that implementing practice-based learning in undergraduate education serves to extend and support teaching and learning. Moreover, practice-based learning experiences provide additional learning opportunities, including connecting undergraduates’ chosen careers with professionals working in the field. The outcomes of this study also indicate that when implementing and facilitating practice-based learning opportunities there are some pedagogical shifts instructors will need to make, including increasing one’s flexibility and adaptability as well as intentionally utilizing the additional third space(s) as text and teacher, when and where possible.

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