This issue of The International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 13(3) presents nine research articles and one essay on SoTL. The disciplines considered in these studies are disparate: Interior Design, Civil Engineering, History, Architecture, Computer Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, and Preservice Teacher Education. One study offers a multi-disciplinary analysis of “competence” in ten different professions. The sole essay here discusses the interstices of SoTL and the promotion of social justice on campus. As editors, we have strived to offer you a wide variety of subject disciplines in which studies take place, but we insist that authors firmly ground their work not merely within the pedagogy of their field, but within the discipline of SoTL itself. We are always heartened by the quality and quantity of work that reflects on our instructional practices, both in and beyond our disciplines. But we’re especially excited when SoTL itself can be connected to particularized historical moments and movements, as it is in the essay here on social justice interventions.

With this issue, IJSoTL concludes our transitional volume (13). We’ve now officially moved from publishing in July and January to publishing in May and November. So our next volume (14) will contain our usual two issues, published within a timeframe that is more aligned to the traditional academic semester schedule. When we were planning this issue, over a year ago, we worried that pushing out three issues in one volume might cause us to dip too deep into our pool of submissions, and we would thus be forced to accept work of lesser quality just to fill the volume. But our fears were unfounded, as is evidenced by the articles in this issue.

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